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Ch. 9 Public Speaking PowerPoint Presentation
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Ch. 9 Public Speaking

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Ch. 9 Public Speaking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch. 9 Public Speaking. S. Hatten. Social Ritual Speech. SHORT SPEECHES THAT FOLLOW A SET PATTERN. Examples : --Announce an award --Introduce an act or speaker - -Eulogy – given at a person’s funeral --Nominate a candidate…. Public Speaking.

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Ch. 9 Public Speaking

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    1. Ch. 9 Public Speaking S. Hatten

    2. Social Ritual Speech SHORT SPEECHES THAT FOLLOW A SET PATTERN Examples: --Announce an award --Introduce an act or speaker --Eulogy – given at a person’s funeral --Nominate a candidate…

    3. Public Speaking • OCCURS WHEN A PERSON ADDRESSES A GROUP FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. • 2 Main Purposes: • To Inform – Teach, give additional meaning to a topic, and demonstrate how to do something. • To Persuade – to get listeners to think or act differently about a topic Formal speeches are usually made to large audiences.

    4. Speech to Inform • DESIGNED TO INCREASE THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LISTENERS --Teacher’s lectures about a subject. --Speaker on the History Channel --PTA sponsors an officer to come tell about “Stranger Danger”

    5. Speech to Persuade • DESIGNED TO CONVINCE LISTENERS TO HOLD A CERTAIN BELIEF OR ACT IN A CERTAIN WAY. --Political Campaign speeches --Public Service Announcements --Anti-Abortion Rally….

    6. Audience Analysis • ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUDIENCE THAT HELPS THE SPEAKER COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY. --Political views --Religious affiliations --age or gender of your audience…

    7. Selecting a Topic 1) Personal Interest – your interest will show through to the audience (If you’re excited, then they will be too!) 2) Audience Appeal – choose a topic that you think the audience wants to know more about.

    8. WHY so important? • Select the right topic or right words to keep their attention.

    9. What you should consider in analyzing your audience: • Basic Data (age, gender, occupation, education & income level) • Beliefs/Opinions (harder to measure) • Knowledge of the topic (sometimes difficult to know the extent of what they already know.) • Expectation of what they expect to hear/learn (helpful to know “up front” so you can include information in your speech.)

    10. Audience Goal • DESCRIBES WHAT THE LISTENERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO AFTER A SPEECH IS COMPLETED. EXAMPLE: At the conclusion of this speech the listeners will be able to determine and list the top 10 differences between a 7th grader & an 8th grader.

    11. … more Audience Goal examples • At the conclusion of this speech, the audience will be able to make a Christmas ornament out of pine cones. • As a result of this speech, the audience will be able to list 3 types of public speaking. • At the end of this speech, the audience will become aware of the consequences of texting while driving.

    12. ARE YOU READY????? TEST next Tuesday, 9/20, over these notes!!!