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public speaking

public speaking. AEMAN Al ABUOD ETEC 644 Dr. Baek. Why we should learn about public speaking. Public speaking is very important skills that can affect our life.

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public speaking

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  1. public speaking AEMAN Al ABUOD ETEC 644 Dr. Baek

  2. Why we should learn about public speaking Public speaking is very important skills that can affect our life. Public speaking is so important that can improve our career development, our business growth and also make the relationships with friends and family strong. Public speaking is a skill worth to learn.

  3. Public speaking is one of the most important instruction problems that can face college students

  4. The purpose of this PowerPoint is to take college student through the steps to improve their body language when they face public speaking and give them steps to make them communicate effectively.

  5. Strategies to improve student’s body languages and movement Facial expressions Eye contact Tone of Voice Posture Nonverbal Signals Body movement

  6. Facial expressions: The facial expressions should be natural and friendly.

  7. Eye contact: Eye contact is very important to keep audience's attention and that is does not mean you focus into someone's eyes.

  8. Tone of Voice: When Speaking is very important to focus on: Tone of voice can carry a treasure of information, ranging from enthusiasm to disinterest to anger.

  9. Posture: Stand straight and relaxed, but don't put your hands in your pockets.

  10. Nonverbal Signals: Nonverbal Signals is something very important: People can get the important information that isn't put into words from, gestures, eye contact and posture, tone of voice and body movements.

  11. Body movement: Body movement is very important to keep audience's attention. Move forward to emphasize on something, move to side to indicate a transition gesture, up and down head motions are movements to indicate importance or acknowledgement, pen or pointer to indicate part or place.

  12. Suggestion to Improve Your Presentation Skills and to make you become a Better Presenter: Prepare yourself Use Visual Aid Dress appropriately Relax

  13. Prepare yourself: Try to practice the presentation on front of your business colleagues or friends and family to hone to perfection. Be sure you have the presentation to hand be sure to have a copy of the presentation on your laptop, and email.

  14. Use Visual Aid: • If you use PowerPoint Don’tput too many words on each slide. • Use the cue cards.

  15. Dress appropriately: Avoid clothing with holes in it or that is overly casual o Avoid clothes that are inappropriately revealing o Wear clothes that fit you, but are not so tight that they restrict your movement o Females: Keep makeup natural & simple o Males: Avoid wearing a hat before giving a presentation

  16. Relax: Relax and Don't sweat. also remember that easy to say does not mean that easy to do.

  17. Video that can help you in your speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJkMZwAXWbY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqqiDw58NSE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tShavGuo0_E

  18. Assessment After the learners did all the suggestion that I mention on the previous slides. They have to practice what they learn from the PowerPoint and then they have to take the Assessment sheet that I made and give it to their teacher to as a grade sheet and then give it back to me to see if they make improvement or not. SPEECH EVALUATION SHEET.doc

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