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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

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  1. Public Speaking Victoria Lai, Governor

  2. Fun Facts of Public Speaking Don’t freak out! You are not alone! • Fear of public speaking is the most common phobia in the world - even beyond the fear of death.  • Three of every four persons suffer from speech anxiety.  • Even professional speakers and college professors still get nervous before giving a speech or presentation

  3. WHAT IS PUBLIC SPEAKING? • Put bluntly, it is speaking in public, preferably among an audience of humans. • In essence, it is a conversation, a connection, between you and your audience.

  4. FREIGHTENING THOUGHTS • Forgetting points • Coming across as week • Failing to convince your audience • How you will look • How you sound • Not being as strong at speaking than others

  5. HOW TO PREPARE • Listen to spoken word artists, teachers, political figures • Get excited for what you are speaking about • Read inspirational quotes • As officers you are entitled to do well • Remember that the members believe in you!

  6. ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE • Remember public speaking is a conversation • You may have all the information in the world or a well written speech, but if does not meet their interests, they won’t care to listen. • Hook your audience from the • start

  7. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE • Who is your audience? • What do they like? • Why did they come and listen? • Will they appreciate your jokes? • Will they appreciate your use of SAT words? • You don’t want to offend them or make them fall asleep while you are talking. • Don’t wait until you arrive to analyze your audience!

  8. ACTUALLY SPEAKING • Amplify • Not too loud, not too quiet • You are a leader, so make sure your voice is heard! • Annunciate • Take your time • Make sure your mouth opens so every syllable is heard • Tone • Fluctuate your tone so that your voice captures attention and highlights important points

  9. SHOW YOUR AUDIENCE SOME LIFE! Make eye contact! Your hands are powerful!

  10. BE CAREFUL • Your Audience • Your Jokes • Your Vocabulary • Your Image • Your Sarcasm

  11. BEEYOURSELF • Let your personality shine! It is what you are best at • Do not imitate others; you will come across as awkward or uncomfortable • Try using elements from people you admire • Develop your personal style • In the end this is you presenting the product • I love my flaws, my mistakes, & myself.

  12. JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT • Public Speaking should be exciting and another reason for you to smile! • If you don’t enjoy it, why should your audience? • Smiles are contagious • Your goal is to converse, not whip out a list of jokes you memorized • Let you and the audience… BE ONE.

  13. RESPECTFULSILENCE • Obtaining silence is key to being a successful public speaker • If you can hear me, clap once…If you can hear me, clap twice… • Present right next to the source of the problem • The 3-S Plan: Stop, Stare, Smile

  14. MISTAKES • If you have a typo… • If you run out of breath… • If you forget a point… • If you are so nervous you’re shaking… • Smile, get over it, & keep going. • Remember, your audience won’t notice a mistake unless you tell them or point it out!

  15. Go for the GOLDQuestions? Further Questions: please contact us. Victoria Lai