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Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) PowerPoint Presentation
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Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD)

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Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) . End of Year Report Academic Year 2008 - 2009. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee provides oversight, direction, and coordination of activities of the committees. Chairs: Pranoti Mandrekar and David Slaga

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council on equal opportunity and diversity ceod

Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD)

End of Year Report

Academic Year 2008 - 2009

executive committee
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides oversight, direction, and coordination of activities of the committees.

Chairs: Pranoti Mandrekar and David Slaga

Members: Andrea Badrigian, Warren Ferguson, Emily Ferrara, Paulette Goeden, Robert Layne, Abraham Ndiwane, Lori Pbert, Danna Peterson, Josh Singer, Valerie Wedge

DEOO Support: Marlene Tucker and Bonnie Bray

  • Established relationship and follow-up process with new Medical School Chancellor.
  • Made recommendations of CEOD initiatives to the Chairs of the Strategic Plan Workgroups 2 & 3 of the FY09-FY12 UMass Academic Health Sciences Center Strategic Plan.
  • Established guidelines and obtained approval from the Chancellor on the initiation of the UMMS Diversity Award, Civility Award and a new mature worker program.
  • Presentation made to Department Heads on the work of the CEOD.
accomplishments continued
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Organized formal presentations and conducted discussions at the CEOD and Executive Committee level on the ADA Accessibility survey, as well as the Diversity and Climate Survey.
  • Initiated discussion with Interim Associate Vice Provost for Diversity to support recruitment and retention of diverse employees.
  • Supported activities and initiatives of the CEOD committees.
  • Explore community involvement and foster networking with the community outside UMMS.
  • Develop initiatives to fit the Strategic Plan Goals 2, 3 and 5 of the FY09-FY12 UMass Academic Health Sciences Center Strategic Plan.
  • Support and implement the Chancellor’s Diversity Award, the Chancellor’s Civility Award and Mature Workforce program
  • Support the Gender Salary Equity project.
  • Collaborate with appropriate departments to assess, develop and implement an educational forum for leadership and managers to learn importance of recruitment, development, engagement, and advancement of diverse talent.
  • Work with the Offices of Associate Vice Provost for Diversity, the Assistant Dean of Diversity and Minority Affairs, Human Resources, and the Workforce Pipeline programs to develop synergies in the promotion of diversity.
disabilities committee
Disabilities Committee

To ensure that UMMS is an inclusive workplace for individuals with disabilities.

Chairs: Angela DiTerlizzi and Shelly Yarnie

Members: Stephanie Collins, John Congdon, Deborah Harmon Hines, Linda Long, Jeffery Matthews, Shawn McGuinness, Jodie Nosiglia, Lori Pbert, Robin Pollier

DEOO Support: Nellie Toney and Marlene Tucker

  • Architectural firm completed a survey of the University campus to ensure that the campus is accessible to individuals with disabilities. The results were presented at the February CEOD meeting.
  • For Disability Awareness Month, in September 2008, the Baystate Wheelers played basketball with UMass employees on the campus basketball court.
  • For National Diabetes Month, in November 2008, Samir Malkani, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Diabetes, presented “Understanding and Accommodating Diabetes in the Workplace.”
  • Continue to offer ADA awareness training.
  • Provide education to the UMMS community through programs and external resources.
  • Continue working relationship with facilities to improve access and remove barriers at University locations.
civility committee
Civility Committee

The Civility sub-committee promotes a sustainable civil culture by raising awareness through events, education, and training. The committee was created in response to a DEOO employee survey that reported that members of our community thought we do not treat each other with enough respect.

Chairs: Eydie Cullen and Tom Hopkins

Members: Susan Fischer, Kathleen Nichols, Clara Orlando, Ranjana Verma, Mary Zanetti

DEOO Staff: Nellie Toney

  • Chancellor’s Civility Award proposal approved by the Chancellor.
  • Participation in International Day.
  • Civility is discussed in employee orientations.
  • Implement the Civility Award that was approved by the Chancellor.
  • Develop a brochure on civility to raise visibility of our work and to distribute to new employees.
  • Define the role of Civility Committee members (Civility Ambassadors).
  • Increase training and educational activities of members.
gay lesbian bisexual transgendered and allies committee glbta
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Allies Committee (GLBTA)

To support the University in its commitment to an environment that is respectful, fair and affirming to all who work and study here, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Chair: David Slaga

Members: Ciaran Dellafera, Emily Ferrara, Stephen Gallant, Charles Labonte, Robert Layne, Charles Lidz, Jodie Nosiglia, Joyce Rosenfeld, Valerie Wedge

DEOO Support: Nellie Toney

  • Two GLBT Rainbow Pride flags were purchased for display at UMMS during Pride months, June and September – one is in the Faculty Conference Room and the other is in the cafeteria at the South Street campus.
  • Sponsored and staffed an information table at Worcester Pride event in September 2008.
  • Reviewed and enhanced GLBTA Committee information and internal and external GLBT resources included on the DEOO Website.
  • Purchased and donated books to the UMMS library collection concerning GLBT health issues.
accomplishments continued15
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • In February 2009, sponsored a panel program, "Aging in America: The Care of GLBT Elders,” featuring three speakers affiliated with the Boston-based LGBT Aging Project.
  • Two GLBTA Committee members (Emily Ferrara and Charles Labonte) serve as members of the GLBTQ Patient Quality Committee of UMass Memorial Health Care, providing linkage between School and Clinical System efforts to enhance the environment for GLBT individuals.
  • Sponsorship of five medical students to attend the “2009 Women in Medicine” annual CME conference and retreat for lesbian physicians, medical students and their families.
accomplishments continued16
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Sponsorship of the “The White Party,” a community-based fundraising event to support the GLBT Partnership Initiative of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. The goal of the Initiative is to establish a permanent philanthropic resource for the GLBT community in Worcester County. Several members of the committee also attended the event.
  • Committee member Emily Ferrara was selected to receive the “Public Service Award” for her work in the Worcester Area GLBT community, including her efforts on behalf of UMMS and UMass Memorial Health Care. This award was presented by Safe Homes, a program of The Bridge of Central Massachusetts.
  • Expand and enhance the GLBTA content on the DEOO website.
  • Sponsor a GLBTA student and faculty social. The goal will be to promote networking opportunities and lay groundwork for development of a GLBTA student-faculty mentorship program.
  • Sponsorship of a GLBTA educational/awareness program. Topic to be announced.
  • Sponsor and staff a table at the community-based Worcester Pride Expo.
  • Provide support to QMass student initiatives.
international committee
International Committee

To welcome and provide support to UMMS international employees and their families.

Chair: Michelle Deignan

Members: Jun Guo, Dawn Kemp, Janice Lagace, Robert Layne, Abraham Ndiwane, Linda Nelson, Naomi Northrop, Mary Ellen Nsiah, Mohan Pahari, Jyoti Ramakrishna, Ashutosh Tiwari

DEOO Support: Nellie Toney

  • The Fourth Annual International Festival of Cultures was held on Friday, May 8, 2009. This group met monthly from September through May with select committees meeting more often (vendor/exhibits, entertainment). With the generous support of Nellie Toney and the DEOO, this year’s festival surpassed all others. We enjoyed the wares of 14 vendors, the musical talent from UMMS and the Worcester community, as well as the delicious food from El Basha’s and Moe’s Southwestern Grill. With the doors to the Faculty Conference Room open, the music flowed into that area where we had over 30 international employees plus regular employees assisting with food. Attendees numbered between 800 and 1,000.
accomplishments continued20
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Subsidized English as a Second Language (ESL) classes through the Literacy Volunteers (Worcester Public Library). Currently there are four classes at different levels being given to UMMS employees and their spouses.
  • The ISSO website has been improved and is extremely up-to-date with information about visas. There are now links to Worcester’s resources which aim to help those first-time visitors to this area.
  • Begin planning for the fifth annual International Festival in May, 2010.
  • Recruit new members to become active in this exciting event by sharing their ideas and talents (organizational if not musical!).
minority academic advancement committee maac
Minority Academic Advancement Committee (MAAC)

The MAAC is committed to increasing the diversity of faculty, residents and students at UMMS. In particular we seek to support the recruitment and academic success of faculty, residents and students from underrepresented minority groups.

Chairs: Warren Ferguson and Danna Peterson

Members: Onesky Aupont, Mattie Castile, John Congdon, Linda Cragin, Philip DeChavez, Sheilah Dorsey, Chyke Doubeni, Deborah Harmon Hines, José Lemos, Kathy Miller, Benjamin Nwosu, Robin Pollier, Yvonne Shelton, Bob Woodland, Shelly Yarnie (ex-officio)

  • All three schools from the UMass-Worcester campus are now represented on this committee.
  • Advocate filling the Associate Vice Provost for Diversity position on an interim basis pending a formal search.
    • Chyke Doubeni was offered and accepted this position ad interim.
  • Participate in UMMS Strategic Planning efforts.
    • Chyke Doubeni, Kathy Miller and Deborah Harmon-Hines have been involved in the planning effort and have participated in ongoing Strategic Plan implementation workgroups.
  • Work with Faculty Affairs to develop a system for self-report of race and ethnicity at the time of faculty appointment or re-appointment.
      • Currently committee members are actively involved or are leading efforts in formulating systems for collecting race-ethnicity information for both UMMS and the clinical employees.
accomplishments continued24
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Further develop and refine the FDSP program in conjunction with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.
      • The FDSP Committee has representatives from all three schools. The application and criteria for funding have been redesigned.
          • There are currently two scholars in the FDSP.
          • There are currently two applications under review.
  • Organized three social events for faculty, residents and students of color in collaboration with the DEOO office.
        • Organized three social events and spin-off networking dinners have occurred.
        • In collaboration with School Services and the Alumni office, there is an event for minority SOM Alumni that will take place on June 28th.
accomplishments continued25
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Assist the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences to increase the diversity within the postdoctoral students and fellows and retain them as faculty.
        • A committee drafted recommendations for the Dean for a minority mentorship program.
        • A post-bac program is under development, led by Deborah Harmon Hines.
        • There are also discussions about creating graduate training programs and developing relationships with institutions training large numbers of minority students that can serve as pipelines for post-doc and faculty positions.
  • Work with GSBS to improve recruitment and retention of diverse postdoctoral fellows. (See above bullet)
accomplishments continued26
Accomplishments (Continued)
  • Review the Resident Recruitment Program (RRP) and make suggestions for improvement.
    • Chyke Doubeni worked with GME to conduct a survey of program directors to understand their needs. As a pilot, data is further being analyzed for the Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine.
    • Improve design and accurate reporting of minority residents. In progress. (See above bullet)
  • Develop and implement a faculty development approach to working with a diverse residency cohort.
    • Committee members conducted focus group studies with learners in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health that have led to faculty development programs and an enhanced resident orientation program in that department. That department’s ongoing aggressive program, spearheaded members of the committee, may, in the future, serve as a model for other departments.
  • The Committee has not finalized the plan for the next academic year. However, some likely objectives will include:
  • To work with UMMS committees on Strategic Planning Goals 2 and 3 to support faculty, resident and student diversity to create a work environment that is engaging and professionally satisfying for all faculty, residents, fellows and students.
  • To work with the GSBS to develop more effective efforts for the recruitment, retention and advancement of a diverse student and postdoctoral population. These efforts should include a more effective mentoring program and opportunities to assess academic progress.
  • To encourage the GSBS, with the help of Deborah Harmon Hines, to develop a new post baccalaureate program charged with increasing the pool of students qualified for further graduate training.
goals continued
Goals (Continued)
  • Create synergies between the Committee, the Office of the Associate Vice Provost for Diversity, the Office of the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Minority Affairs, and School Services to increase and enhance recruitment and career advancement of underrepresented minorities.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to encourage more diverse applicant pools for departments and residencies.
      • Outreach to national minority health professions and organizations.
      • Develop relationships with minority institutions for faculty and student exchange programs.
      • Develop a comprehensive list of resources for reaching underrepresented minorities from a variety of research and clinical areas.
      • Develop standard reporting mechanisms to evaluate and progress the diversity of faculty and resident groups.
mature workforce committee
Mature Workforce Committee

To serve as an advocate to identify issues and concerns of the mature worker at UMMS and to develop resources and programs to address these issues and concerns.

Chair: Pat Keith

Members: Jennifer Carey, Karin Fitch, Michael Gregory, Janet Hirsch, Philip Merriam, Wendy Miller, Robert O’Connell, Robin Pollier, Josh Singer

CEOD Support: Marlene Tucker

  • Submitted Mature Workforce Proposal: “A New Program for Mature Workers” to Chancellor Collins. The proposal was positively received.
  • Co-sponsored a four-part series in October 2008 with the Work Life Office – “Issues in Caring for Elders”:
    • What to do When Your Aging Parents Can’t Stay at Home
    • Caring For Your Parents
    • Legal and Financial Issues in Elder Care
    • Retirement Planning
  • Sponsored Older Americans Month – May 2009:
    • “What Mature Workers Want: Popular Myths and Successful Models” - Carol P. Harvey, Ed.D., May 13, 2009.
  • Initiate the implementation of the Mature Workforce Proposal: “A New Program for Mature Workers.”
  • Complete and submit the AARP 2010 application/survey for the AARP Best Employers for Workers over 50 Program.
  • Continue to look at issues, concerns, new options and opportunities for mature workers at UMMS with emphasis on issues identified in the Climate Survey specific to the mature worker.
  • Plan and schedule timely and relevant programs aimed at our mature workforce.
professional women s committee pwc
Professional Women’s Committee (PWC)

The goal of the PWC is to improve the lives of professional women at UMMS through provision of a variety of mechanisms and supports.

Chair: Audrey Smolkin

Members: Andrea Altomari, Andrea Badrigian, Sheila Baker, Linda Benson, Sheilah Dorsey, Mary Handley, Janet Hirsch, Mary Ingamells, Kristin Mullins, Christine Pimentel, Kathleen Trumpaitis, Randi Wasik, Valerie Wedge, Susan Young

DEOO Support: Nellie Toney and Marlene Tucker

  • The PWC held three networking events at key locations (University, South Street, Schrafft Center). Over 200 women attended to hear four UMMS professional women speak and share their stories and lessons.
  • Drafted mission statement – to be approved.
  • Sponsored members to attend relevant conferences to obtain information and report back to the group.
  • Established work groups on:
  • Information gathering: Created list of reference books that will be helpful to UMMS professional women. These books will be located in the UMMS library.
  • Explore the development of a newsletter for electronic distribution to PWC list serve.
  • Continue planning networking events through FY2010.
  • Initiate speakers program potentially in partnership with Women’s Faculty Committee.
  • Distribute electronic newsletter three times per year.
outreach committee
Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee will ensure successful recruitment and representation efforts for the CEOD.

Chair: Andrea Badrigian

Members: Karin Fitch, Bob Grant, Josh Singer

DEOO Support: Bonnie Bray

  • The Outreach Committee was ad hoc at its formation and for its term; in 2008, the Committee ceased and in its place was formed the standing Outreach Committee.
  • The ad hoc committeedrafted a document called “Proposed Recruitment Committee Mission, Role and Responsibilities.” This document serves as a guide for the standing Outreach Committee.
  • The Outreach Committee will have its first formal meeting in the fall. Committee membership drive will take place over the summer of 2009.
  • The Committee will then determine plan for 2009-2010 academic year at its initial meetings.