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Unit 2: Thinking Like a Scientist

Unit 2: Thinking Like a Scientist. Theme 3: What Makes Things Move?. http://globalhealthprogress.org/images/20090424_2.jpg. blowing – air that is moving. The horse’s mane was blowing in the wind.

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Unit 2: Thinking Like a Scientist

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  1. Unit 2: Thinking Like a Scientist Theme 3: What Makes Things Move? http://globalhealthprogress.org/images/20090424_2.jpg

  2. blowing – air that is moving The horse’s mane wasblowing in the wind. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YZF8hY__8ck/ReemW8ZyM2I/AAAAAAAAA4c/fK5SXNCn2DM/s400/DSC_2841--Dudley+do+rite+2nd+head+shot+en+az.jpg

  3. strength – strong, with lots of power Greatstrengthcomes from power and training. http://www.fezzart.com/weight%20lifter%204.jpg

  4. investigate – to study something very carefully; to learn more about it You should investigateto find out the answer. http://www.instructables.com/image/F0K3VBKFBVHECHB/item-6-magnifying-glass.jpg

  5. motion – when something moves When the bus is in motion, we must face forward. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NRsSmc8gBDg/SISwXLPvcbI/AAAAAAAAB1w/keYxzzm7T1Q/s400/SchoolBus.gif

  6. answer – the reason something happens; solution to a problem Raise your hand if you know the answer. http://teacherweb.craven.k12.nc.us/images/A8417FAC4C754A2C8318D1E789414904.jpg

  7. wave – a ridge of moving water The sound of the waveson the beach makes me sleepy. http://fineartamerica.com/images-medium/beach-scene--childhood-lea-novak.jpg

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