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The Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit: Creating Partnerships for the Knowledge Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit: Creating Partnerships for the Knowledge Society. Christian Mallia 8 December 2008. Content. Background Set up and membership Areas of activity ICT-assisted education & culture Support to research & innovation Regional development Environment

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The Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit:

Creating Partnerships for the Knowledge Society

Christian Mallia

8 December 2008


  • Background

  • Set up and membership

  • Areas of activity

    • ICT-assisted education & culture

    • Support to research & innovation

    • Regional development

    • Environment

    • Social & European issues

  • Projects


Description of the Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit (FTZ):

  • public-equivalent organization officially set up in 2004;

  • based at the University of Malta, it operates as the outreach of the university to the community;

  • acts as a regional development agency (RDA), comprising several municipalities;

  • implements local and transnational projects of benefit to the community;

  • draws key stakeholders together in a collaborative network which serves as the leading multi-stakeholder partnership for regional and sustainable development in Malta.

Background 2
Background /2

  • Initially launched to provide e-learning services and promote educational projects, the foundation’s role has developed to include support for local players embarking on research, cultural and environmental initiatives.

  • FTZ helps to provide the critical mass often required for participation in transnational projects through networking, clustering and capacity-building actions.

  • FTZ brings together expertise from complementary fields and institutions, adopting a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to ensure the most successful project outcomes. The varied interests of its members allow FTZ to play an active role in different areas and participate successfully in several European programmes.

Background 3
Background /3

  • The intention to set up the foundation, named after Sir Temi Zammit, was announced in 2003 by the Minister of Education. Sir Temi (1864-1935) stands out as a Maltese personality who enriched our national identity and achieved international recognition through his scientific research – themes actively promoted by FTZ.

  • FTZ was conceived as an inclusive, collaborative platform to help its members access funding opportunities arising out of Malta’s participation in EU programmes, creating greater social cohesion and contributing to the moulding of tomorrow’s knowledge-based society – “an inclusive society without frontiers to knowledge”.

Background 4
Background /4

Being an umbrella organisation, FTZ seeks to maximize the experience gained by working in close association with the ministries, municipalities, public agencies, NGOs and SMEs, thus multiplying the benefits derived from its participation across the whole spectrum of its membership. It is ideally placed to undertake successfully demonstration and dissemination activities and fulfil the role of a multiplier of information.

Setting up ftz
Setting up FTZ

  • 1999: Avicenna Virtual Campus project idea – proposed to UNESCO by MCST

  • 2000: MoU between MCST & Mediterranean Institute, UoM

  • 2003: Call for partners to join new Foundation

  • 2004: Deed of Foundation signed

  • 2006: Moved from Villa Bighi (MCST) to Ir-Razzett tal-Hursun (UoM)


Membership is free and open to all

The Board consists of representatives of

  • University of Malta

  • Municipalities, national agencies

  • SMEs, NGOs, social partners

    FTZ qualifies as a public-equivalent organization

Main areas of activity
Main areas of activity

  • ICT-assisted education & culture

  • Support to research & innovation

  • Regional development

  • Environment

  • Social & European issues

1 education culture
1. Education & Culture

  • Mandated by the Ministry of Education to set up national centre for eLearning

    => Avicenna Knowledge Centre

    => Avicenna Virtual Campus (UNESCO-led, Euromed network)

    => Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth

  • Operates the Isla Community Technology Learning Centre with the Isla Local Council

  • Member, Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (ALF)

Some of our p rojects
Some of our projects

  • AVC: Avicenna Virtual Campus


  • VUSSC: Virtual Univ. for Small States of the Commonwealth

    W & F Hewlett Foundation

  • DTMp: Differentiated Teaching Module – Primary: Preparing Trainee Teachers to Respond to Pupil Diversity


  • CFL: Centre for Flexible Learning

    UNESCO Participation Programme

  • CKCs: Community Knowledge Centres

    UNESCO Participation Programme

  • Sci-O: Science Online

    UNESCO Participation Programme

2 research innovation
2. Research & Innovation

  • Mandated by the Ministry of Education to set up national centre for the mobility of researchers

    => Research Mobility Centre

    => EURAXESS network (bridgehead organisation)

  • Hosts national portal for research mobility


  • R4A: Art thou Researching?


  • RMC-MT: Research Mobility Centre – Malta


  • IDEALIST 7FP: Support for participants in ICT Priority by network for IST under the transition to the 7th Framework Programme


  • EPRIstart: Stimulating the Participation of SMEs from NMS in IST Activities


  • TOSSAD: Towards Open Source Software Adoption and Dissemination


  • ERA Pilot: ERA Pilot Action in MicroNanotechnology Systems Integration


  • NUPEX: Nuclear Physics Experience


3 regional development
3. Regional Development

  • Public-equivalence status confirmed by Office of the Prime Minister (national authority - ERDF)

  • Often in partnership with Local Councils or national agencies

  • Financial and other contributions given by organizations like the Vodafone Foundation, UoM…

  • Involvement in Local Action Group (LAG) for Leader Approach (EARDF) – Rural Development programme

Some of our p rojects1
Some of our projects

  • iPORTS: Intelligent Port Systems

    Interreg IIIB - Archimed

  • MEDMISSION: Mediterranean Cultural Network of Cities – Stations of the Apostle Paul’s Missionary Path

    Interreg IIIB - Archimed

  • WDCNET: Digital Citizenship developed on wireless network in geographically isolated areas

    Interreg IIIB - Archimed

  • BLEu MED: Bande Large Européenne pour la MEDitérranée

    Interreg IIIB - Medocc

  • MedCOAST.Net: Mediterranean Cooperation for On-Shore Accessibility and Sustainability Themes: Network for managing urban coastal areas

    Interreg IIIB – Archimed

    Projects with University

  • ArcheoMed (Interreg IIIB - Medocc)

  • METIC (Interreg IIIA - Italia-Malta)

4 environment
4. Environment

  • Mandated by the Ministry for Competitiveness and Communications to set up an IEE Energy Management Agency for Malta

    => Malta Intelligent Energy Mgt Agency (MIEMA)

    EMPOK project (IEE)

  • Member, FISPMED

5 social european issues
5. Social & European Issues

  • Accredited EVS (youth) host organisation

  • Member, EuromedInCulture Jeunesse

  • Offering support to Europe Direct - Malta relay (UHM)

  • Offering free courses on EU funding programmes for the EC Representation in Malta

Some of our p rojects2
Some of our projects

  • APPRODI: New Arrivals

    DG Enlargement APESC Programme

  • ECC: European Citizens’ Consultations

    DG Communication – Plan D

  • RWE: Radio Web Europe

    DG Communication – Plan D

  • Say EU… and Action!

    DG Communication – Plan D

  • o9o5o9

    DG Communication – Debate Europe

  • PEP: Promoting European Projects among NGOs and Citizens

    Active European Citizenship

  • Network to Know


  • Be Part of It


  • The World is Only One Creature



Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit

Ir-Razzett tal-Ħursun

University of Malta

Msida MSD 2080

Tel: +356 2340 2189