expanding student achievement the key role of education business partnerships l.
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Expanding Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships PowerPoint Presentation
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Expanding Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships

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Expanding Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Expanding Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships Kyra Kester Special Assistant for Industry Partnerships Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction State of Washington Expanding Achievement In Washington, this is our assignment:

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expanding student achievement the key role of education business partnerships

Expanding Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships

Kyra KesterSpecial Assistant for Industry PartnershipsOffice of Superintendent of Public InstructionState of Washington

expanding achievement
Expanding Achievement

In Washington, this is our assignment:

“to provide students with the opportunity to become responsible citizens, to contribute to their own economic well-being and to that of their families and communities, and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives”

RCW 28A.150.210Basic Education Act -- Goal.

expanding achievement3
Expanding Achievement
  • Moving

from this:

expanding achievement4
Expanding Achievement

To this:

  • Solid thinking skills
  • Foundation content knowledge
  • Basic personal skills
  • Technology literacy
expanding achievement5
Expanding Achievement
  • Education Reform demands high skills
  • Motivation = Performance

Think You Can

Motivation =


Work Hard

Get Smart

expanding achievement7
Expanding Achievement
  • Helping students “Think They Can” means showing them how to:
    • Discover where they want to go
    • Learn what skills they will need
    • Find where and how to get those skills
  • And it means providing opportunities to learn those skills
expanding achievement8
Expanding Achievement
  • Update Technical Education
    • Exploration
    • Preparation
  • Requires: crucial partnerships with industry
expanding achievement9
Expanding Achievement
  • Increase contextual and work-based opportunities
  • Requires crucial partnerships with industry
expanding achievement10
Expanding Achievement
  • Smooth transitions
  • Requires crucial partnerships with postsecondary programs

What does it take to make all these partnerships?

Pictures that help us translate each other’s languages, cultures – even our goals.

it pathway model


IT Fluency: Career Exploration and IT Skills for Work

IT Literacy: Career Awareness and IT Skills for Learning


C A R E E R D E V E L O P M E N T/ L I F E L O N G L E A R N I N G


Examples: Computer/Information Systems Analyst, Computer/Information Scientist,

Software or Hardware Engineer, Programmer



  • Network Systems
  • Network Design & Administration
  • Information Support & Services
  • Database Dev & Admin
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Technical Support
  • Technical Writer
  • Programming & Software Development
  • Programming/
  • Software Engineering
  • Interactive Media
  • Digital Media
  • Web Development & Administration

Grades K-20

Work Based Experience


  • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
  • Employability and Career Development
  • Technical Skills
  • Academic Foundations
  • Communications
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Information Technology Applications
  • Systems
  • Safety, Health and Environmental
  • Leadership and Teamwork

 2001, EDC

expanding achievement15
Expanding Achievement

Successful Strategies for Building an Effective IT Pathway

expanding achievement16
Expanding Achievement
  • Critical Partners
  • Shared Vision
  • Incentives
  • Shared Activities
  • Funding
  • Continuity
expanding achievement17
Expanding Achievement

County-Wide Advisory Panels:

  • 18 Member Panel: 11 Industry; 7 Ex-officio
  • Industry Driven
  • Educators as “Active Listeners”
  • One Panel Serving Multiple


expanding achievement18
Expanding Achievement

Value of County-Wide Collaboration to Industry Partners:

  • Industry leaders engage in dialogue with education leaders (levels must match)
  • Both develop long-term view of

education system

  • Changes support both education

and workforce goals

expanding achievement19
Expanding Achievement

County IT Labor Market Analysis:

  • Created “snapshot” of IT industry in county
  • Established baseline to measure progress/success
  • Offered six recommendations for future county focus
expanding achievement20
Expanding Achievement

Benefits of Articulation:

  • High school to college transition
  • Dual credit
  • Community college to

baccalaureate transition

  • Dual enrollment
expanding achievement21
Expanding Achievement

Common Articulation Standards:

  • Each agreement must meet or exceed the competencies taught at the college/university
  • Agreements reviewed annually by all partners
  • Agreements updated as emerging technologies are identified
expanding achievement22
Expanding Achievement


  • In Washington, to qualify for supplemental state funding, secondary programs must:
  • Articulate with post-secondary programs;
  • Lead to industry certifications (at secondary or postsecondary level)
  • Be based upon industry skill standards
expanding achievement23
Expanding Achievement


Local School Boards:

By high school graduation, all students must have:

  • Completed academic foundations
  • Done some IT career exploration
  • Mastered a cluster foundation
  • Had the opportunity to begin one of the IT career cluster concentrations
expanding achievement24
Expanding Achievement

IT Foundation Courses:

  • Digital Communication Tools (Replaces Keyboarding in 2004)
  • Office User Specialist

(360 Hour Sequence)

  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Computer Repair


expanding achievement25
Expanding Achievement

Tools for Aligning Math, Science, and Technology into an IT Pathway:




expanding achievement26
Expanding Achievement

State and Federal Support and Involvement:

  • H1B Grants
  • NSF Grants
  • WIA Funding
  • State Worker Retraining Dollars
  • State High Demand Grants
  • State Technology Grants
expanding achievement27
Expanding Achievement

For copies of materials and presentation, go to:


expanding achievement28
Expanding Achievement

For a student, it could be a key to the future.