tissue engineering of the heart n.
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Tissue Engineering of the Heart

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Tissue Engineering of the Heart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tissue Engineering of the Heart. By: Dan Tamayo. Problem Being Solved. Regenerate heart tissues that have been damaged by Myocardial Infarction Help those with heart failure End the need for a heart transplant list. History of Tissue Engineering.

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problem being solved
Problem Being Solved
  • Regenerate heart tissues that have been damaged by Myocardial Infarction
  • Help those with heart failure
  • End the need for a heart transplant list
history of tissue engineering
History of Tissue Engineering
  • 1897-thoughts of growing cells were being discussed
  • 1907- the first cells were grown outside of a living body
  • 1940’s- the ability to specifically grow certain cells was discovered
  • 1970’s- first artificial pancreas was made
  • Mid 1990’s- starting to use direct tissue delivery to the affected area
  • 1998- the development of stem cells really broadened the tissue engineering possibilities
history continued
History Continued
  • 2001-President Bush restricts the funding for stem cell research
  • Mid 2000’s- FDA approves most cells grafting into human bodies
  • 2009-Obama lifts the ban on federal funding for stem cell research.
state of the art technology
State of the Art Technology
  • Today, scientists have been able to use the extracellular matrix from pig or rat hearts to make a new one using a technique called decellularization.
  • In 2011, Columbia University’s Biomedical Engineering researchers developed a new way to patch a heart.

This is the process of decellularization and recellularization.

  • Decellularization is when all the cells are removed except for the extracellular matrix (top)
  • Recellularization is when the new cells are grow in and around the new heart scaffold (bottom)
tissue scaffolds
Tissue Scaffolds

Empty Scaffold

Scaffold with cultured heart cells from a rat

  • Small chance of immunorejection
  • Cost
  • Research
  • Optimal scaffold for cardiac tissue will be found
  • Ability to re-grow a heart from your cells to be transplanted into your body
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