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Service Learning

Service Learning

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Service Learning

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  1. Service Learning Devin Linder Professor Tillman Perspectives 2730

  2. What Is Service Learning? • Service Learning is a school program that integrates citizenship values into education by involving students in community service, often as a requirement for graduation.

  3. The Benefits of Service Learning for Students • Using course material for real- life situations. • Engages students in active learning that demonstrates the relevance and importance of academic work for their life experience and career choices. • Helps Increase awareness of current societal issues. • Enhances critical thinking skills. • Improves interpersonal skills • Help for success in professional and personal spheres. • Develops civic responsibility through active community involvement.

  4. The Benefits of Service Learning for The Community • Gives the community human resources to meet educational, human, safety, and environmental needs. • Allows the energy and enthusiasm of college students to contribute to meeting needs. • Creates potential for partnerships and collaboration with the campus.

  5. My Benefits From Service Learning • I’m able to develop communication skills • Having to work with people well. • Always around the right crowd of people and have the chance to endure positive experiences. • Creates a Positive Social Life

  6. Service Learning Activities • Meet the Blazers • VSU Blood Drive • South Georgia

  7. Meet The Blazers • Meet the Blazers is an act of the sports programs of Valdosta State giving back to the community • Traditionally happens yearly. • The Activities consists of the Athletes and bonding with the children that go to the schools around the Valdosta Area. • The Student Athletes experiences the use of the Interpersonal skills as far as bonding with children of younger age.

  8. My experience of Meet the Blazers • Learned how to communicate with people younger than me. • Had plenty of fun putting the children through drills and just playing with them.

  9. VSU Valentines Day Blood Drive • Annually, The Football Program gets involved with the Red Cross Blood Drive. • The idea is to get as many students as possible to donate blood. • Each Player has to get at least 5 people to donate blood. • This year they made a competition of who can get more people to donate blood between the Offense and the Defense which increased the number of people donating blood.

  10. My Experience of VSU Valentines Day Blood Drive • I was overwhelmed by how supportive people were of the Football program as I participated in the activity. • I learned how to communicate with people and use my social skills.

  11. South Georgia Classic • In the South Georgia Classic, all of the Athletic teams of Valdosta had to do voluntary work. • Some people had to carry the signs with the scores. • Some had to manage the parking and some had to drive golf carts.

  12. My Experience of the South Georgia Classic • In my voluntary work, I had to prevent people from making noise while the golfer’s took their swings. • It was a good experience for me because I learned some etiquette about golfing and I also met new people.

  13. Service Learning Impact on me • I’ve developed better communication skills. • My Ability to socialize with people of any age from younger to older people, has developed gradually. • I have learned the importance of the effect the community has on my school and the program that I’m in by doing service learning.

  14. Photo Gallery Kinderlou Clubhouse was the place where I worked for the golf tournament. This is where the Golf tournament was held

  15. Photo Gallery Cont. Going through drills with the children at Meet the Blazers.