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Dorothy Lavinia Brown

Dorothy Lavinia Brown Who is she?. Not a research scientistNot a nurses aidBut

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Dorothy Lavinia Brown

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    1. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Black Women Surgeon By: Lauren Brandl

    2. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Who is she? Not a research scientist Not a nurses aid But… The First Black Women Surgeon in the South who was and is and inspiration to many

    3. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Born on January 7, 1919 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Parents Edna and Kevin Thomas Brown She was placed in Troy Orphanage in New York at the age of 5 months Stayed there until she was 12 years old A tonsillectomy at the age of 5 -she knew she wanted to be a doctor

    4. Dorothy Lavinia Brown At the age of 12 her mother takes her out of the orphanage Worked as a maid, dry cleaner, and in laundry for the Jarrett family Instead of working wants to be educated Reads the books in the Jarrett family library Learns Algebra, Latin, and Chemistry Finished grade school and high school in Troy, New York

    5. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Lives with her “foster parents” Samuel and Lola Redmon Encouraged her artistic talent instead of medicine The Methodists Women’s Group in Troy help her get money/scholarship to go to college She attends Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina Encourage her to teach instead of medicine

    6. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Obtained a Bachelor of the Arts degree in 1941 After college she worked as an inspector for the Rochester Army Ordinance Department In 1944 She entered Meharry Medical School In 1948 she received her Medical Degree Followed by one year internship at Harlem Hospital Wanted to do her residency at Harlem but was rejected 5 years of residency in general surgery at Meharry Medical School and George W. Hubbard Hospital (Nashville Tennessee)

    7. Dorothy Lavinia Brown….Never Gives Up She decided she wanted to finish her surgical residency at Meharry Medical Other male doctors/colleagues did not like the idea of a women on their team Dr. Matthew Walker chief of surgery at Meharry agreed to give her a position He was impressed by her determination Gave her the nickname Dorothy “Mule” Brown

    8. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Chief surgery of Riverside Hospital -1957 Clinical Professor of surgery of Meharry Medical College in 1965 1971-73 Director of Student of Health Service at Fisk-Meharry Other Activities... Consultant for the national Heart-Lung Blood Advisory Council Advisory Board of the Salvation Army

    9. Dorothy Lavinia Brown…Inspiration to many Lectures Nationally Role Model Tells children that “dreams come true and anything is possible”

    10. Dorothy Lavinia Brown…Her Obstacles After working for the Jarrett Family in Albany New York she moves back to Troy and has no place to live and no money Before starting college she has no money to pay for school Teachers, parents and foster parents, and advisors discouraged her from medicine Unaccepted by other male colleagues “Woman-Black-Poor” Not “physically, intellectually, nor emotionally fit to perform surgery

    11. Dorothy Lavinia Brown “There is a first time for everything” Finally in 1954 she became the first black surgeon in the south Other Firsts… First unmarried women in the state of Tennessee to adopt First women to be elected to the Tennessee Legislature

    12. Dorothy Lavinia Brown “The Politician” 1966 was the first black women to be elected in the Tennessee State Legislature Fifth District She wanted to liberalize state abortion laws She wanted to legalized abortion for victims of rape and incest She was criticized be her male colleagues The Bill did not pass but… Promoted a Bill that established Negro History Week in Tennessee Eventually leads to the creation of Black History Month

    13. Dorothy Lavinia Brown Awards American College of Medicine Nashville Academy of Medicine R.F. Boyd Medical Society National Medical Association Award of Outstanding Achievement-Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 1963 Outstanding Citizen Women of the Year Women’s building at Meharry Medical College named after her Honorary Doctor of Science-Russell Sage College-1972 American College of Surgeons

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