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Dorothy. Studies at K ansas Elite Elementry School * Lives in * Kansas, USA Married * Born on November 14, 1990. Cowardly Lion

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  1. Dorothy Studies at Kansas Elite Elementry School * Lives in *Kansas, USA Married * Born on November 14, 1990 Cowardly Lion All my friends are back home. I would like to thank Dorothy, Tin Wood-man, Scare crow and Toto for always being there and helping me get back on my feet, thanks guys I no longer fell like a Coward that was assuage! (Rule 1 & 3a, Assuage) Tin Wood-man God along with all the rest of my beliefs have now changed after my adventure to the land of Oz, maybe god punished me by taking my heart away for no believing in him but that ardor no longer exists. What do you think Dorothy? (Ardor) I am a small little girl, my name is DorohtyI live in Kansas with My Aunt Em, and my Uncle. We live in a small House in the fields that I love, my best friend is my dog Toto that has always been with me where ever I go in my ups or downs. Jonathan Edward No one is as acrid as my god in any way. I totally accede and support what Tin Wood-man has expressed your on a right path. – with Tin Wood-man(Rule 5, Accede) Dorothy The Scarecrow What does the word agile mean? Sorry for the question. Every person and friend says that word and I do not understand. Dorothy: Sure ask when every you need to it means: Able to move or act quickly, mentally or physically. For example Toto, The Lion, and me are very agile, them physically because their very fast me mentally, I am very smart. Hoped I helped you bye. (Rule 2 & 3a, Agile) Friends Cowardly Lion Toto Hey Dorothy we had an amazing adventure. I feel at the apex of an antediluvian era. I fell like a new person. – with Scarecrow (I would have to acquiesce with your thought, Thank you for helping me being a better and becoming a very astute person. (Apex, Antediluvian, Acquiesce, Astute.) The Scare crow Dorothy Finally back in Kansas, There are a lot of thing that I missed about Kansas but going through this adventure was a good experience. I believe it made me a more affable person. (Rule 6, Affable) Tin Wood-Man

  2. Claude Monet Dorothy Studies at Kansas Elite Elementry School * Lives in Kansas, Usa* Married * Born on November 14, 1990 Basic Info About Dorothy Dorothy: Main character very small girl that gets lost in a cyclone and travels to the world of Oz, she live with her Uncle Henry who never smiles and Aunt Em who are very doll people and are not nice. She has a dog named Toto that is with her in the land of Oz here she goes on an adventure with the scare crow, the cowardly Lion, and the tin woodman. She is sent to the emerald city to get help from the great wizard. She is kissed by the good witch from the North so nobody would dare to mess with her on her way to the city. She is the Main character and her friends will be posting thanks for all the help and several ideas or question with her involved. Friends Philosophy Toto Favorite Quotations "Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill Toto I love you and thank you for always being there. Dorothy Resources Favorite moments Scarecrow Running in the fields, with my dog Toto after coming back from school smelling a wonderful lunch prepared by my Aunt is my favorite moment as I am home in Kansas or sitting on the top of the house roof with Toto as it is approaching to bed time. Now remembering being with my friends The Cowardly Lion, Tin-Woodman, Scarecrow, and my dog Toto through all those adventures that we lived in the land of Oz, as a right in my diary each and single details that I remember of this amazing adventure maybe someday I can turn this into a book of this amazing story. Those are all my favorite moments. Jonathan Edward

  3. Claude Monet Scarecrow: Is very dumb and makes no good arguments. He is found on a pole and Dorothy helps him to get down, then the scarecrow needs help because he does not have brains he is made of hay and he wants to be smart. During the book the scarecrow goes on the trip with Dorothy and Toto in the first place because he is made out of Hay and needs brains to become smarter. He can ask questions based on words or rules on which he does not understand to Dorothy that is a very smart little girl. Cowardly Lion: is a Lion that roars at the group of people and is about to attack at Toto and then Dorothy comes in the way and says that he is nothing but a Coward. The Lion accepts and understand why he is called a coward and says he is the only Lion that does not have courage in the forest. So he decides to join the group to ask the great wizard for courage. The Cowardly Lion will be the one to thank all of his partners using a rule and some vocabulary words. My Friends By Dorothy (Albums) * Updated 1 day ago Tin-Woodman: Is found on the floor make sounds by Dorothy, Toto, and the scarecrow and se he can not move because his tin is rusted and he has been that way for over a year. Dorothy brings him Oil and rubs it all over him that helps his tin work properly again. Then he explains that he has a problem that he used to love but no longer loves because de does not have a heart. So Dorothy invites him on his adventure to ask help back home. Tin-Woodman can say thing based on what he now feels based on beliefs or feelings.

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