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  1. IIRSM Middle East Branch - Committee 2013 Matthew Cox Chairman Matt is a NEBOSH qualified Safety professional with 23 years of professional management experience within both the FMCG and Construction Industry sectors. An IIRSM member since 2010, Matthew is currently active within the IIRSM focus groups working with the UAE Ministry of Labour to review and re-draft the Health & Safety legislation of UAE . Vice - Chairman Frank Higgins Frank holds a BSc in Fire Safety and is a NEBOSH qualified Safety professional with 17 years of professional experience as a consultant (UK) and within the Construction, Heavy Manufacturing & Quarry Industry Sectors. Frank has been a member of IIRSM since 2010. Frank is also active within the IIRSM focus groups, working with the UAE Ministry of Labour to review and re-draft the Health & Safety legislation of UAE. Prior to his HSE career, Frank served 25 years in HM Armed Forces (UK). Treasurer AbdullatifAlbitawi Abdullatifis a Chartered Chemical Engineer holding an MSC in Energy Studies from the University of Sheffield (UK). Abdullatif has 14 years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries with expertise across process control, HSE process and technology, environmental management, QA and energy conservation. Qatar Coordinator Saide Mansur Saide has over 20 years experience in the Oil and Gas sector (8 years in Middle East) and his fields of technical experience include Construction Safety, Environmental Due Diligence, and Construction Risk Management. Saide is also the HSE Advisor to the World Safety Organisation (WSO ) Qatar Chapter and a member of various other professional groups.