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Chairman Mao’s. Forbidden Wonton Teahouse. Music by Lai Tran. Oh Great Father Mao, Most Excellent Benevolent leader, Thank you for honoring us today with your presence. These students have experienced your most compassionate re-education program known as “IB the Glorious.”

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Chairman Mao’s

Forbidden Wonton



Oh Great Father Mao,

  • Most Excellent Benevolent leader,
  • Thank you for honoring us today with your presence.
  • These students have experienced your most compassionate re-education program known as “IB the Glorious.”
  • They will now laud you with their praises.

Mao Zedong


nationalist communist civil war chinese civil war 1927 1950
Nationalist-Communist Civil War(Chinese Civil War) 國共內戰1927-1950
  • Oh Great One, you are so brave.
  • You led the Communist Party of China (the CPC) in our great fight for freedom. This will be known in the history books as the Chinese Civil War: April 1927 to May 1950.
  • You defeated the terrible dragon Chiang Kai-Shek and his Nationalists the Kuomintang (KMT).




communists won chinese civil war
Communists Won(Chinese Civil War)
  • For a ¼ of a century we fought ourselves. When you won, Oh Great Leader Mao, you ended 25 years of war.
  • Oct 1, 1949 you declared that we were now the People’s Republic of China (PRC),we celebrated in the streets of Tiananmen Square, Beijing.
mao says
Mao Says:
  • “Communists now rule the most populated country in the world!”
  • “Yes, we can!”
chiang kai shek ran away sum uld gi
Chiang Kai-Shek Ran Away (Sum UldGi)
  • The Nationalist of Chiang Kai-Shekfled to the island of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan just was freed of 50 yrs of Japanese rule and now the Chinese Nationalists take over. 1000s of Taiwanese vanish, are killed, or imprisoned. Feb. 1947, there is severe repression during the 228 Incident.

Ze Dong

Little Dong

chiang kai shek ran away sum uld gi1
Chiang Kai-Shek Ran Away (Sum UldGi)
  • Mao’s win surprised Truman and the Americans who supported Chiang. The USA will help Chiang Kai-Shek with aid, until the 1960s.
  • This also surprised your friend Stalin who did not expect you to win!

Little Dong

imperialist americans @
Imperialist Americans ?&*$#!@
  • Oh Best Beloved, how you frightened the Americans. They wondered if China would become a Soviet state?
  • You kept them up at night and caused them to lose much sleep. You were their “boogey-man.”
  • The powerful “Pro-Chiang” China Lobby in Congress wanted the USA to help the Nationalists in Taiwan.
glorious mao zedong 1949 1976
Glorious Mao Zedong 毛泽东 1949-1976
  • Oh great glorious leader from on high…
  • You wrote the Little Red Book of Maoism (which expressed your form of communism).
  • You became a Cult of Personality (like your Soviet friend, the blessed Stalin)
mao says1
Mao Says:
  • “The New China must ally itself with the USSR.
  • I intend to copy all of Stalin’s rule.
  • (even the famine and death of twenty million)…
the big red dog visits china don t they eat dog in china
The Big Red Dog Visits China(Don’t they eat dog in China?)
  • You were a dedicated communist, Oh Great Red One.
  • Your friend Stalin was quick to exploit (I mean appreciate) your loyalty and idealism.
  • When he visited Beijing in 1949, he apologized for “underestimating his Chinese comrades.”
mao says2
Mao Says:
  • “We must form an international united front”
  • All communist countries must “Lean to one side”

Lean to One Side

Sino-Soviet Treaty 1950-1956of Friendship, Alliance, Mutual Assistance &International DRY CLEANING Chains 中苏友好同盟互助条约
  • Oh, Exceptional World Explorer, you had never left China until Dec. 1949, when you visited the USSR for 2 months.
  • You and Stalin signed a treaty of mutual protection-- that if either country was attacked, the other promised to engage.
  • You will not do what Josef Tito of Yugoslavia did- you will stay loyal to Stalin.
mao returns with ideas
Mao Returns with Ideas. . .
  • Oh Great Flatulent One, you transformed China into a major power through your controversial (I mean, most-excellent) policies.
  • Some called you a murderer (I mean a Munificent Leader).
  • Your critics blamed you for severely damaging Chinese culture, economy, society, and foreign relations. Surely it cannot be your fault that during your reign, we suffered enormous loss of lives—tens of millions died in famine during a time of peace.
mao says3
Mao Says:
  • This one needs more re-education!
  • All schools, army units, and public organization must install loudspeakers and radio receivers for the Central People’s Broadcasting Station, as part of “Politics on Demand.”
politics on demand
Politics on Demand
  • By 1960, 70 million speakers reached the rural population of 400 million.
  • And the CPC (or Central People’s Committee) controlled all the media and used it to promote your most Superlative Heroics through the “Central Press and Broadcasting Bureau.”
more on mao
More on Mao…
  • You cleaned up the streets, Oh Most Magnanimous One.
  • You removed the beggars, the criminals and all corruption—by killing anyone who was caught.
  • You also controlled inflation by killing anyone who reported inflation exists. After that, we had no more problems with the economy.
mao purges
Mao Purges…
  • With your cunning and keen intellect you took out businessmen, westerners and intellectuals in a mass purge.
  • You suppressed all counter-revolutionaries and free thinkers with mass executions before large crowds.
  • You also banished all religions and mystic ceremonies.
mao says4
Mao Says:
  • Chinese People…devote yourselves to build & strengthen your country.
changes in society
Changes in Society
  • Oh Most Splendid Deity, you took pesky ankle-biters known as “children” away from their parents and placed them in state-run dorms where you could control their education.
  • Your major social changes did raise the literacy rates and programs like yours, created great Olympic athletes-like Yao Ming
savior of the people
Savior of the People
  • Oh Glorious Divinity, your Socialist Education Movement (SEM) taught young people to love you. Students like us became your greatest supporters.
  • We were taught to hate the Nationalists like Chiang Kai-Shek, and to vilify the USA and Japan.
  • We learned your quotations from the Little Red Book and we praised you in art and song.
mao says5
Mao Says:
  • Women hold up half the heavens!
  • Break the chains, unleash the fury of women as a mighty force for revolution!
women in china sum yung chixs
Women In China Sum Yung Chixs
  • Glorious Father Mao, you made women equal to men and improved the lives of women.
  • You ended prostitution, foot-binding, and child marriages. You ended our opium addiction and you gave us the right to get divorced. You gave us birth control, contraceptives, and planned parenthood. Very planned!
one child policy no yung dongs
One Child Policy(No Yung Dongs)
  • You created the One Child Policy. You told us a boy was the most valuable child to have and allowed us to commit infanticide for any additional children.
one child policy no yung dongs1
One Child Policy(No Yung Dongs)
  • Teacher’s Note: today: you are allowed a 2nd if 1st child is female or disabled) birth spacing should be 3-4 yrs apart, born abroad, doesn’t count if not citizen, large $$ fines, “social maintenance fee,” sterilized, or abortion recommended, girls in state-sponsored orphanages
mao says6
Mao Says:
  • Where shall we invade today?
invasion of tibet 1949
Invasion of Tibet 1949
  • In 1949 your People’s Liberation Army invaded the peaceful and spiritual people of Tibet. These people were ill-equipped and easily defeated.
  • Your men raped the Buddhist nuns and priests, killed thousands, and used public humiliation and oppression in an attempt to reform Tibet’s social and religious system.
  • The spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama was forced to flee into exile.
free tibet
Free Tibet

14th Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso

Reincarnated Buddha

As a child, had to recognize

glasses, personal items

reincarnated Buddha

When this Dalai Lama dies, China is blocking the next one

6 lines of children all connected

occupation of tibet 2009
Occupation of Tibet 2009
  • Oh Great Insidious Pejorative One, The Free Tibet Movement will remain active for 50 years (or until China finally leaves). There will be a movie made about your Pronounced Toadiness on this issue called “Kundun” in which you will be cast as the bad guy.
  • In 2008, China will feel powerful enough to tell people they cannot reincarnate anymore.
mao says7
Mao Says:
  • Stop that reincarnating nonsense!
  • There shall be no more of that sort of thing. . . and no more purgatory or heaven for the rest of you either.
  • And don’t even think of having a jihad against me.
three anti campaign 1951
Three-Anti Campaign 1951三反五反
  • In 1951, in Manchuria you issued a new reform movement in an effort to rid Chinese cities of corruption and “enemies of the state.”
  • This was brilliantly aimed at former Kuomintang (Nationalist) members, bureaucratic officials, and wealthy capitalists.
mao says8
Mao Says:
  • The 3 Antis imposed are:

1. Corruption

2. Waste

3. Bureaucracy

  • So in other words, I am…
    • Anti-Corruption
    • Anti-Waste
    • Anti-Bureaucracy
five anti campaign 1952
Five-Anti Campaign 1952
  • In Jan. 1952 you issued a new campaign targeting the capitalist class with vague guidelines. This was a war against the bourgeoisie (wealthy).
  • The 5 antis imposed were:
  • 1. Bribery (Anti-bribery)
  • 2. Theft of state property (Anti-Theft)
  • 3. Tax evasion (Anti-Tax Evasion)
  • 4. Cheating on government contracts
  • 5. Stealing state economic information.
mao says9
Mao Says:
  • That was fun, let’s do it again!
  • Clean up, clean up, now it’s time for clean-up…
results of the antis campaign
Results of the Antis Campaign

Poor Dragon

  • As a result of your Antis Campaigns, over 20,000 citizens began spying on each other.
  • There was no protection for citizens or for private businesses.
  • 15,000 trained propaganda writers were hired and the media encouraged compliance with all government policies.
  • By 1952, citizens went door-to-door to visit business leaders which created intense psychological pressure to behave.

By the 1st week, 18,000 citizens were turned in.

  • By the end of the 1st month, over 210,000.
  • Companies voluntarily made a 1000 confessions a day to try and protect themselves from their own government.
  • Victims of your campaign were terrified, humiliated, killed or sent to labor camps.
  • All those found guilty had to pay fines.
results of the antis campaign1
Results of the Antis Campaign
  • Here is an example of your Obsequious Ignobleness:
  • After invading Tibet and Korea, Chinese businesses had new economic opportunities but first they had to borrow money from the Chinese government to pay the Antis fines back to the Chinese government in a complex financial pattern.
    • Sort of like borrowing tax money from a bail-out to pay your taxes!
mao says10
Mao Says:
  • This is going great!
  • What’s next?
  • I know, I will now end Chinese dependence on agriculture in order to become a world power.
agriculture reform
Agriculture Reform
  • In 1949 you divided us all into “Mutual Aid Teams” of5-15 households.
  • Then you created “Elementary Agricultural Cooperatives” of 20-40 households.
  • By 1956 you had created “Higher Co-operatives” of 100-300 families.
  • While you would hold “Peasants meetings” to hear our complaints, we had to stay for days or even weeks until we all “voluntarily” agreed to join collective.
1 st five year plan 1953 little leap forward
1st Five Year Plan 1953(Little Leap Forward)
  • In an effort to control grain and agriculture, you had the government take control in a supply monopoly.
  • The state would buy from the people at a low price and then sell it back to the people at a much higher price.
  • The money raised would be used for industrialization.
1 st five year plan 1953 little leap forward1
1st Five Year Plan 1953(Little Leap Forward)
  • This was most unpopular with the peasants and took away all of their horses, mules, and farm equipment. Farms were merged into large “People’s Communes” for Collectivization.
  • You also listened to ‘experts’ who suggested new farming techniques such as “close cropping” which were unproven and unscientific.
  • These experts made us put the seeds too close, with the plowing too deep, and you forced us to leave parts of fields empty.
1 st five year plan 1953 little leap forward2
1st Five Year Plan 1953(Little Leap Forward)
  • But your friends, the Soviets help build new industrial factories. This Industry began to produce enough capital that China no longer needed the USSR’s support.
mao says11
Mao Says:
  • This success makes me want to do another 5 year plan!
  • Someday, everything in the world will have a small tag that says “Made in China.”
2 nd five year plan 1958 1962 great leap forward
2nd Five Year Plan 1958-1962(Great Leap Forward) 大躍進
  • Your ideas created a Rapid transformation from a farming (agrarian) society to a modern, industrial society.
  • All private food production was banned. No private ownership of livestock or farm equipment.
  • The government took over complete price control with your “Theory of Productive Forces.”
2 nd five year plan 1958 1962 great leap forward1
2nd Five Year Plan 1958-1962(Great Leap Forward) 大躍進
  • You took land from the landlords by force.
  • You created large industrialization projects and forced the peasants to work on infrastructure projects like iron and steel.
  • You also created a simplified Chinese system of characters so that all peasants could read your instructions and laws.
mao says12
Mao Says:
  • “Let a 100 flowers blossom and a 100 schools of thought contend”
hundred flowers campaign 1955 1957
Hundred Flowers Campaign1955-1957
  • In an incredible ruse, you claimed a “willingness to consider different opinions.” You encouraged liberal, intellectual Chinese to discuss their opposition and to question your leadership.
  • Then, you reversed this policy, and over 500,000 were named the Anti-Rightist Movement. You condemned and silenced them all. What a clever way to root out “dangerous thinking” amongst your people!
great sparrow campaign 1958 1962 four pests
Great Sparrow Campaign1958 - 1962 Four Pests
  • In your Magnanimous-ness, you decided to eliminate 4 pests: rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. This was most brilliant (except that sparrows eat locusts and without them, devastating locust swarms destroyed our harvests). Yet you continued to export grain, even as we suffered widespread famine in the countryside
  • If local officials complained too loudly, they were tried and publicly executed for “giving out misinformation.”
great leap back
Great Leap Back?
  • Everyone exaggerated the grain production. They “fabricated” success to win favor and avoid being purged.
  • You also diverted labor to steel production and infrastructure projects so we had fewer farmers.
  • We experienced the largest famine in history-some say as many as 43 million died, and resorted to cannibalism.
mao says13
Mao Says:
  • Shitake!
  • My ideas didn’t work!
  • Who can I blame?
disaster in china
Disaster In China
  • Oh Most Dubious One, we met your iron and steel quotas but we had to use every scrap metal available. This meant our metal was of poor quality, called “pig iron.”
  • We also had home-made furnaces with no reliable fuel source. We had no coal, and we had used up every tree. Now the countryside was destroyed and so were people’s homes as doors and tables were burned in the furnaces.
disaster in china1
Disaster In China
  • My name is Zhang Rongmei. I am a Geometry teacher from rural Shanghai.
  • “We took all the furniture, pots, and pans we had in our house, and all our neighbors did likewise. We put everything in a big fire and melted down all the metal.”
disaster in china2
Disaster In China
  • The dams, canals and infrastructure projects, that you had us build? Well we had to build them without trained engineers because you killed all of the engineers.
  • They were now all useless. Millions of peasants and prisoners were forced to work and die for useless projects that could never be used.
disaster in china3
Disaster In China
  • Some historians claim 72 million Chinese peasants died during your reign. But you claim only 700,000 killed during 1949–53.
  • Yet you selected “at least 1 landlord, in every village for public execution” which would put the minimum deaths at 1 million.
mao says15
Mao Says:
  • These deaths were necessary to secure power and peace in China.
sino soviet split
Sino-Soviet Split
  • During the Korean War, the Americans placed a trade embargo against you. You were isolated.
  • In 1956, your best friend Stalin died and Khrushchev uncovered his crimes.
  • Stalin’s agricultural policies of collectivization were called a complete failure.
mao says16
Mao Says:
  • Hey!
  • I copied all of those ideas.
  • Y’know, I am better at Marxist ideology. I’ve been here with Stalin since the beginning. I thought I would be the new leader of the Communist world!
khrushchev disagrees
Khrushchev Disagrees
  • But Khrushchev disagrees with you. The USSR is politically and militarily superior.
  • The Soviets argue with you over border disputes, the control and direction of communism, and foreign policy in Korea and Vietnam.
  • Khrushchev withdraws Soviet technical experts and aid.
mao says17
Mao Says:
  • I denounce the Soviets as “revisionists*.”
  • (*People who rewrite history)
liu shaoqi 1959 1969
Liu Shaoqi 1959-1969劉少奇
  • (Loo-Shau-Chi)
  • Oh Eminent One, Your State President Liu Shaoqiand Deng Xiaoping, your General Secretary, tried to challenge you and take power.
  • Liu gave a speech in 1962 called the Seven Thousand Man’s Assembly where he claimed “The economic disaster was 30% nature, 70% human error.”
  • (Psst! He is blaming you!)
four cleanups 1964
Four Cleanups 1964
  • Oh Omnipotent One, in 1964, you changed your Education Movement to the “Four Cleanups Movement” with the goal of cleansing: politics, economics, ideas, and organization.
  • Liu is sent to a detention camp where he died in 1969.
  • Deng is sent for “re-education” 3 times.
cultural revolution 1966 great proletarian cultural revolution
Cultural Revolution 1966无产阶级文化大革命(Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution)
  • Your Holy Scariness, I bow before you. In 1966 youwent after liberal “bourgeois” society.
  • You used teenagers as your Red Guards. They set up tribunals and millions were prosecuted. You closed the schools and ordered young intellectuals (like IB students) to forced manufacture weapons for the Red Army.
  • No police dared stop the teenagers.
  • Adults were afraid of them.
cultural revolution 1966 great proletarian cultural revolution1
Cultural Revolution 1966无产阶级文化大革命(Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution)
  • Oh Great Immenseness, you had all religious buildings and temples looted and destroyed.
  • China’s cultural heritage was ruined.
  • Millions of lives were ruined as Chinese citizens were imprisoned. This created economic and social chaos.
  • Millions died in the violence, and suicides were strongly encouraged.
cultural revolution 1966 great proletarian cultural revolution2
Cultural Revolution 1966无产阶级文化大革命(Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution)
  • On August 16th, 1966: 11 million Red Guards gathered in Beijing to see you on top of the Tiananmen Square gate, they chanted:
  • “Parents may love me, but not as much as Chairman Mao”
  • You declared the Revolution over in 1969 yet it really continued until your death in 1976.
mao says18
Mao Says:
  • Before I die, I would like to name Lin Biao as my successor.
  • He was very helpful in my secret purges.
lin biao
Lin Biao
  • Lin was one of your sycophants.
  • He said, “Chairman Mao is a genius, everything the Chairman says is truly great; one of the Chairman’s words will override the meaning of tens of thousands of ours.”
lin biao1
Lin Biao
  • Yet Lin was planning on killing you in a coup. In 1971, he tried several military and assassination attempts against you. He fled the country and died in a suspicious plane crash over Mongolia.
mao you die sept 9 th 1976
Mao…You Die, Sept. 9th, 1976
  • Some say you die of heart problems. Some claim you had Parkinson’s.
  • You left quite a legacy:
    • Literacy rate of 93%, life expectancy of 70 years.
    • China ended the “Century of Humiliation” from the West & Japanese Imperialism.
    • China was now a major world power (some even compared you to Hitler and Stalin).
mao says19
Mao Says:
  • Thank you!
deng xiaoping 1956 1966
Deng Xiaoping 1956-1966 鄧小平
  • (duhng shou-ping)
  • After Mao’s death, there was a power struggle for control.
  • Deng had seniority over right wing Hua Guofeng, defeated Hua in bloodless power struggle
  • Wanted to overhaul the economy, removed Maoist ideology
    • in 2006, high school history textbooks omit Mao, only 1 mention on etiquette.
    • He ruled from 1956-66, back in the 80s, died 1997
gang of four 1966 1976
Gang of Four 1966-1976
  • Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee
  • After Mao’s death, 4 leaders wanted power and challenged Deng.
    • Jiang Qing (Mao’s last wife, he warned her not to), Zhang Chungiao, Yao Wenyuan, Wang Hongwen
    • Arrested in 1976, and blamed for the Cultural Revolution, “counter-revolutionaries”
    • Death sent, later life in prison, all released later
      • Jiang Qing committed suicide 1991
      • Wang Hongwen died 1992
      • Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan died 2005.
tiananmen square massacre june 4 th incident 1989
Tiananmen Square Massacre June 4th Incident, 1989

100,000 students and intellectuals, protesting corruption in the Communist Party, wanted democratic reform

  • Movement lasted for 7 weeks-April-June
  • The military cracked down, civilians dead, injured, soldiers set on fire, students “Why are you killing us?”
  • “Tank Man” taken away, police executed him (??)
  • June 4, US Soldiers witnessed vehicles and people crushed under the tanks. Live TV feed-1st time!
  • 200–300 (PRC), 400–800 (NY Times) 2,000–3,000 (Chinese Red Cross) As high as 8000? Video: Metacafe
chairman mao s cha cha song mr c the slide man
Chairman Mao’s “Cha Cha Song”Mr. C-The Slide Man

Lean to the left3 Antis back now ya’llLittle leap forwardGreat leap forwardInvade TibetCha Cha now ya’ll

  • Clap once for Mao now.Lean to the left 3 Antis back now ya’llOne 5 year plan4 Pests, let’s stompSparrows, let’s stompCha Cha now ya’ll
chairman mao s cha cha song mr c the slide man1
Chairman Mao’s “Cha Cha Song”Mr. C-The Slide Man

Five Antis this time4 CleanupsHave a Cultural Revolt!Can you revolt down low?All the way to floor?Can you bring it the topLike you never, never stop?

chairman mao s cha cha song mr c the slide man2
Chairman Mao’s “Cha Cha Song”Mr. C-The Slide Man
  • Lean to the rightLean to the left3 Antis back now ya’ll
  • 5 Antis right now.Little leap forwardGreat leap forwardFollow Stalin, Reverse, ReverseFollow Mao, Reverse, ReverseCha Cha now ya’ll
  • China Video: Comparison 50 min.
  • Walmart China Video 10 min. (drywall, paint, lead in toys, rat poison in dog food)