the south carolina employability certificate crc
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The South Carolina Employability Certificate (CRC)

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The South Carolina Employability Certificate (CRC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The South Carolina Employability Certificate (CRC). Based on WorkKeys System. Employer Message. Today's employers are sending the message that they cannot find qualified applicants for many of their job openings, citing reasons such as poor reading, writing, math and basic employment skills.

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Employer Message
  • Today's employers are sending the message that they cannot find qualified applicants for many of their job openings, citing reasons such as poor reading, writing, math and basic employment skills.
  • A U.S. Department of Education report echoes the finding, indicating that 7 out of 10 students graduate from high school without completing the courses they need to succeed in college or the workplace.
Allendale County Adult Education (AFLC)

All services are tax supported and provided at “no charge”.

Your tax dollars being re-invested in your business.

  • GED Preparation
  • Basic Academic Skills Instruction
  • Family Literacy Programs
  • Online Learning
  • Skill Assessments and Related Instruction, and
Allendale County Adult Education (AFLC)


  • Workplace Essential Skills Instruction

For both Pre-hire Applicants and Current Employees with job-specific customized work situations in subjects of:

~Math ~Writing

~Communication ~Reading

~Teambuilding ~Problem Solving

~Critical Thinking

~Introduction to Computers

~Workplace English as a Second Language

allendale county adult education aflc services cont
Allendale County Adult Education (AFLC)Services (cont)
  • Competency-Based Certifications:
    • South Carolina Manufacturing Skills Standards (SCMSS). Targeted instruction to certify students for the SCMSS assessment based on the academic, employability and occupational skills identified by the Associated Industry of South Carolina as necessary for employment in manufacturing sector.
    • South Carolina Employability Certificate (SCEC)), based on the WorkKeys system. Provides targeted instruction to prepare students to take the SCEC ACT WorkKeys assessments. The attainment of a minimum score qualifies a student for the SCEC which is a standardized credential that validates reading, math and locating information skills for specific occupations applicable to all businesses and industries.
ACT’s WorkKeys

What is WorkKeys?

  • What ACT is to the college community, Act's WorkKeys is to the Business community.
  • Standard system used in the business community created by ACT.
  • Allows business to have a common language regarding workplace skills through job profiling, skills assessment, and instructional support.
  • Compares the skills of workers with the skills required by the job.
  • ACT’s Occupational Profile Database
The South Carolina Employability Certificate (CRC)

What is the CRC?

Created to:

  • Provide skill-based credentials to


  • Provide employers with employees that have documented skills proficiency.
  • Create a pool of certified applicants that employers can hire with confidence.
  • Common metric
CRC – Based on the WorkKeys System

The South Carolina Employability Certificate is based on three WorkKeys skill areas:

  • Reading for


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information
Reading for Information
  • Measures a person’s skill in reading and using work-related information including:
    • Instructions
    • Policies
    • Memos
    • Bulletins
    • Manuals
    • Governmental Regulations
Applied Mathematics
  • Measures a person’s skill in using mathematical reasoning to solve work-related problems:
    • Calculating percentages, discounts and mark-ups
    • Performing multiple mathematical operations
    • Calculate perimeters and areas of basic shapes
Locating Information
  • Measures a person’s skill in using workplace graphics such as:
    • Diagrams
    • Floor plans
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Graphs
    • Forms
How does an individual earn the CRC?

Targeted Instruction


Level 3 and above




Take Assessment

in Three Skill Areas of

Math, Reading and Locating Information


Re-take Assessments As Needed



CRC Skill Levels



Skill Area


of jobs


of jobs

Applied Mathematics



Reading for Information




Locating Information


Vision for CRC
  • Employers recognize the CRC as a meaningful credential and have “confidence” in the skills that credential holders possess
  • Citizens recognize the value of the CRC in terms of making them more employable and documenting their skills to employers
  • Public agencies develop a “pool” of certified workers