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Launching a Successful SMS Launching a S& Mobile Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Launching a Successful SMS Launching a S& Mobile Campaign

Launching a Successful SMS Launching a S& Mobile Campaign

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Launching a Successful SMS Launching a S& Mobile Campaign

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  1. Text Message Marketing Harnessing the power of mobile for your business

  2. Welcome to the age of mobile • In coming years, daily mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop browsing. Mobile web traffic increased 27% in 2012 alone. • 91% of people in the United States keep their mobile device within reach at all times, day or night.

  3. It’s all about communication • Companies should seek to drive business by creating open lines of communication with consumers. • SMS marketing is the simplest way to create a dialogue, as solutions are scalable to businesses of any size and shape. • There are many ways to harness the power of SMS marketing.

  4. Finding the right partner • EzTexting is a service designed to empower your business with user friendly mass texting solutions serving clients such as Pepsi, AllState, Public Storage, and many others. • Our text message marketing services are free to try, easy to implement, and designed to grow with your business.

  5. Using your contacts • Upload your pre-existing contacts instantly and organize them into different messaging groups if desired. • Send text messages to all contacts or only specific groups to announce sales, drive promotions, or simply say ‘thanks for your business.’

  6. Your message will be heard • Text messages on personal mobile devices have a 95% open rate, and are 10x more likely to receive a response than an email. • Responses can be viewed immediately in real time, and can be used to create more specific marketing profiles and communications in the future. • Build your contact list by applying EZ Texting to your website, applications, and social media.

  7. Apply EzTexting to your website or app • Developer APIs allow the functionality of EzTexting to be reproduced in your website or app. • This allows your website/app to send and receive text messages to consumers, and provides perspective on which outreach platforms are yielding results.

  8. Empower your social media • Through the use of widgets, companies can entice consumers to opt-in to mobile campaigns via their website or social media pages. • Any person browsing your site or social media page now has potential for real time communication and data exchange. • A strong opt-in strategy is crucial.

  9. Developing a strong opt-in • A good opt-in is beneficial to the consumer in a way that will catch their attention. • Discount codes, promotional offers, secret sales, and giveaways are common successful opt-in strategies. • Always provide a clear opt-out option; this transparency builds trust in the consumer.

  10. Using keywords to build contacts • Setting up a keyword via short code allows anyone to opt-in via text message, i.e. “Text Joes to 313131” • Use social media and print advertising to promote keyword opt-ins and reach new consumers. • Thousands of keywords are available for use.

  11. The sky’s the limit • Once you’ve built your contact list and outreach strategy, your creativity is the only limit. • Build specific outreach profiles for different types of consumers. • Employ specifically targeted marketing to applicable groups. • Drive business as you grow with scalable SMS solutions.