How to create a flip or camera video
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How to create a flip or camera video recording - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to create a flip or camera video recording. Using a Flip Camera- Step 1:. Insert USB into computer Your computer should automatically register the Flip camera and will install the software that you need.

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Using a flip camera step 1
Using a Flip Camera- Step 1:

  • Insert USB into computer

  • Your computer should automatically register the Flip camera and will install the software that you need.

  • USB sleep and charge information will automatically pop up. Simply click the cancel button (at bottom) or the  on the top right corner. You do not need this.

Step 2
Step 2:

  • Flip video will open.

  • Click on the file you want.

  • Right click – a list of options will be given. Click “export to …” and then click “export” a second time.

  • It will ask you where you want to put it. VIDEOS will be highlighted – click OK.

  • In the bottom left hand corner a line will pop up showing you that it is being exported. Do not disconnect the flip camera while this is happening.

  • You must export it otherwise it will just open as a photo.

1. Click which video you want. Right click. Export to… Export again.

2. Down here is where it will come up that it is exporting the file.

Step 3
Step 3: Export again.

  • Now return to your Alpvideo E: folder

  • Autoplay will open listing “mixed content options.

  • On this list you will find “open folder to view files.

  • Click.

Step 4
Step 4: Export again.

  • Now a list of folders will open. Double click the top folder


  • 100VIDEO will open and here you will find your video.

  • Right click.

  • Open with … windows live movie maker

  • Playback quality may pop up – don’t worry :0) Just close this.

Step 5
Step 5: Export again.

  • Windows live movie maker will open.

You re not finished yet though
You’re not finished yet though… the SAVE button.

  • Finally I click FILE and SAVE PROJECT AS… Another side folder will open up and I type in the same name that I did for the previous save.

  • Now, you will be able to play your video without having to insert the Flip camera :0)

  • NB: RULE OF THUMB - if it saves really quickly, it hasn’t been saved properly.

Using saving video
Using & saving Video the SAVE button.

  • Using a video camera to record and save is just as easy as a flip camera.

  • You can use the following instructions for using a USB cord to your computer or using the SD memory card.

Step 1
Step 1: the SAVE button.

When I insert my USB or my SD card, the Autoplay box will pop up automatically. If it doesn’t, I simply go to MY COMPUTER to find the file there.

I double click this folder

Step 21
Step 2: the SAVE button.

This folder will pop up. Double click DCIM

Once you double click DCIM the 100MEDIA folder will appear.

Double click.

Step 31
Step 3: the SAVE button.

All the files that are on the video via USB or the SD memory will appear.

How do I know which one I want? Simply click on any of the images and down here, it will show you a mini clip/photo so you can choose the one you want.

Step 41
Step 4: the SAVE button.

  • If I double click the video file, it will automatically open using Windows Media Player. But… if I want to do something with it, I will need to right click and open with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Step 51
Step 5: the SAVE button.

  • Finally, to save the file/ clip, I do exactly the same as what I did to save a Flip file using Windows Live Movie Maker.

  • And there you have it :0)