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How to create video

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How to create video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to create video. By Andrea Kalli. Course Summary. The Steps when creating videos Types of Video Optimal video lengths Elements of a video Storyboards and outlines Video creation tools for your computer and online Video cameras Tips for creating and editing videos

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how to create video

How to create video


Andrea Kalli

course summary
Course Summary
  • The Steps when creating videos
  • Types of Video
  • Optimal video lengths
  • Elements of a video
  • Storyboards and outlines
  • Video creation tools for your computer and online
  • Video cameras
  • Tips for creating and editing videos
  • Storage and player options
  • Wordpress options
  • Letting people know it is available
  • Live Demo – creating and uploading
  • Lots of links to resources mentioned during course
the steps
The Steps
  • Create the video
  • Edit the video
  • Upload the video to the internet
  • Display the video in a player
  • Share and promote the video
types of video
Types of Video
  • Talking head video – optimal personalization
  • Screensharing recording – good for tutorials and how-to’s
  • Presentation-style (images and text)
    • Ranges from slow and detailed to movie-trailer style with big impact and drama
  • PowerPoint presentation converted to video
  • Live action video – shot with a camcorder
  • Mix and Match
video length
Video Length
  • The Short Video– Typically under 45 seconds, is perfect as a quick attention grabber, or great used as an intro bumper video to be placed at the beginning or end of a series of videos.
  • The Mid Size Video– Around the 1 minute mark, is the ideal length to relay your message in style without it being too long. When you don’t want to lose the viewers interest, this is the perfect type of video.
  • The Full Length Video – Between 2 and 5 minutes in length, allows you to get into more details on what you’re showing. Ideal when you want to present the viewer with expanded information and interesting visuals showcasing your business. Great when launching a product or service and you want longer transition times between sections. Great to include screen capture video for times when you want to show the viewer a demo.
elements of a video
Elements of a Video
  • Make sure your elements are royalty-free and licensed to use in your production
  • Backgrounds
    • Still images and/or motion backgrounds
  • Images
  • Video Footage
  • Interesting Fonts
  • Music
  • The story it’s telling – the purpose of the video
a storyboard it s your outline
A Storyboard – it’s your outline
  • Here’s an ideal sequence you can follow in your introduction video:
  • introduce yourself and your business mission.
  • identify a typical client’s pain points.
  • show them what you offer as a pain point remedy (your services)
  • show them your products and tell them about the benefits.
  • Include some testimonials from happy clients.
  • show them your friendly team (with plenty of smiles).
  • give them an incentive to buy.
  • do a call to action.
video creation on your computer
Video creation on your computer
  • ProShow – ProShow Producer ($250) and ProShow Gold ($70)
    • Pros – easy to use, full of features, reasonably priced
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint
    • Pros – comes with Microsoft Office and is a familiar interface
  • Camtasia Studio (available now for both PC and MAC)
    • Pros – ideal for tutorial creation, easy to use, fully featured, multiple output formats
    • Cons – can be cost prohibitive ($300)
  • Windows Live Movie Maker (PC)
    • Pros – free, easy to use
  • iMovie (Mac)
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio
    • Pros – affordable, easy to use, versatile, multiple output formats, starts at $45
  • VideoPad
    • Pros – affordable, easy to use, starts at $40
  • PowerDirector9
    • Pros – affordable (starts at $70), fast, free templates and effects
video creation on your computer1
Video creation on your computer
  • Screenflow (MAC)
  • JingProject (Windows and MAC)
    • Pros – free, very easy to use, ideal for on the spot screenrecording, pro version only $15 per year, sits on your desktop for quick access.
    • Cons – limited time allowed for video – up to 5 minutes.
  • CamStudio
    • Pros – free screenrecording software
    • Cons – sometimes audio and video get out of sync, Windows version only
  • Commercial Creation Center
    • Pros – simplifies the creation of media
  • Wink
    • Pros – free tutorial and presentation software
    • Cons – does not record your speaking voice
video creation via web service
Video creation via web service
  • Pros and Cons
    • Pros
      • no software purchase
      • Typically offers a free plan
      • Easy to use
      • Can create from anywhere with internet connection
    • Cons
      • Not fully featured
      • Premium plans at a monthly cost
  • Sites
    • Animoto
    • ProShow Web
    • Stupeflix
    • One True Media
    • Vuvox
    • Screenr
    • GoView
video camera
Video camera
  • What to look for
    • Is it affordable
    • Is it compact enough for your travel needs
    • Is it easy to record
    • Is it easy to get it onto your computer for editing
    • Is it easy to get it published directly to the internet
  • Recommendations
    • Smartphones with video functionality
    • Pocket Camcorders
      • Flip
      • Kodak Zi6, Zi8, or Zi10
      • Sanyo Xacti
tips for h ow to create and edit video
Tips for how to create and edit video
  • Creation
    • Have storyboard or outline ready
    • Gather elements beforehand: images, video footage, music, motion elements
    • Keep on-screen text to a minimum (break up longer paragraphs onto multiple slides)
    • Select only 1 or 2 font types per video.
    • Unless it’s a how-to tutorial: 5-10 seconds for middle slides.
    • 8-15 seconds for intro and exit slides.
    • For marketing videos, include a call to action at the end.
    • Understand the concepts of layering and of keyframes
      • Layering – each layer can be manipulated separately
      • Keyframes – controls sequence timing, animation, and motion for each layered element
    • Match the music with the purpose of the video
    • Keep overall length in check. Too long, and you’ll lose viewers. Short attention spans.
    • About transitions – simpler is better, more professional. Most popular is crossfade.

Live Demo – ProShow Producer

    • Layers and effects
    • Keyframing and timing
  • Editing and output
    • Using the options of your video editing software, produce the video into a format matching its final destination
      • Will the video be on the internet? Your website?
      • Will the video be for mobile and smartphone viewers?
      • Will the video be for a DVD?
      • Will the video be for TV?
      • Will the video be for viewing on a computer?
    • Terminology: To render a video = to produce the video into a final format
    • Sufficient computer power? Processor intensive activity
storage and player options
Storage and player options
  • Amazon S3
    • Amazon S3 is very affordablestorage for the Internet.
  • Viddler
    • Viddler is a friendly video platform for professional and personal use
  • Vimeo
    • Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make.
  • YouTube
    • YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos.
  • EZS3
    • eZs3 is a media service for independent producers who have their own Amazon S3 account and want to spend more time deploying their video & audio and less time programming
  • Hipcast
    • Hipcast lets you create and manage audio and video podcasts from the cloud, and post them to your blog.
  • Audio Acrobat
    • Create and broadcast on-demand audio and video. Hosts your media for you and offers easy-to-add audio and video players and embed code for your website.
  • JW Player
    • The JW Player is a popular open source Flash & HTML5 video player on the internet.
  • Easy Video Player
    • addsinternet marketing elements, allows you to add opt in forms and payment buttons right into your videos. Upload and embed videos hosted with Amazon Web Services.
wordpress options
Wordpress options
  • Straight embed code
    • All you need to do to embed something into a post or page is to post the URL to it into your content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).
    • For example:

WordPress will automatically turn that into a YouTube embed when the post is viewed. (use [embed] [/embed] if needed.)

  • Embed code from video sharing sites
    • All video sharing sites offer embed code for you to copy/paste into your site.
  • Plugins
    • Viper’s Quicktag
    • SmartS3 Video Plugin
letting people know it is available
Letting people know it is available
  • Channel on YouTube
  • TubeMogul – video syndication service to share your video to multiple video sharing sites at once.
  • Traffic Geyser - a tool used to submit your video to several video hosting websites such as YouTube and Google Videos
  • Post on your blog ->> push out to your social networks.
  • Slideshare -SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.
proshow web demo
ProShow Web demo
  • Live demo
    • Create a video on Proshow Web
    • Produce a video into a web-ready format
    • Download a video from Proshow Web
    • Upload a video to Amazon S3 service
    • Show sample Wordpress page displaying videos using various embed techniques.
resources video creation tools
Resources – Video Creation Tools
  • ProShow
  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Commercial Creation Center
  • Camtasia Studio (available now for both PC and MAC)
  • iMovie (Mac)
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio
  • VideoPad
  • Screenflow (MAC)
  • JingProject (Windows and MAC)
  • CamStudio
  • Wink
  • PowerDirector9
resources web based video creation tools
Resources – Web based Video Creation Tools
  • Animoto
  • Pro Show Web – 3 plans: Free, Plus ($30/yr), Premium ($150/yr)
  • Stupeflix
  • One True Media
  • Vuvox
  • Screenr (web-based)
  • GoView (web-based)
resources storage and player options
Resources - Storage and player options
  • Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Viddler
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • EZS3
  • Hipcast
  • Audio Acrobat
  • JW Player
  • Easy Video Player
  • Wordpress direct embed
resources letting people know it is available
Resources - Letting people know it is available
  • TubeMogul
  • Traffic Geyser
  • Slideshare
resources elements of a video
Resources - Elements of a Video
  • Backgrounds, still images and/or motion backgrounds, video footage
  • Interesting Fonts
  • Music