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How To Use Your Flip Camera

How To Use Your Flip Camera. The Flip Camera. By Lisa Dahlgren, HNM. How To Use Your Flip Camera. Power Button. Turning Camera On and Off When you are holding the camera with the lens facing forward the on/off switch is on the right side of the camera. Power Button for on/off.

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How To Use Your Flip Camera

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  1. How To Use Your Flip Camera The Flip Camera By Lisa Dahlgren, HNM

  2. How To Use Your Flip Camera Power Button Turning Camera On and Off When you are holding the camera with the lens facing forward the on/off switch is on the right side of the camera. Power Button for on/off

  3. How To Hold The Flip Camera How To Hold The Flip Camera Hold the camera with the lens facing forward. Be sure to keep the lens and microphone uncovered (by your fingers). (The microphone is next to the lens.) Lens Microphone

  4. Recording Recording To begin recording, press the large red button on the back of the camera. Looking at the screen on the back of the camera, you will see the timer moving – you are recording. To zoom in and out, use the plus and minus buttons. To stop recording, press the red button again. Timer Zoom In/Out (+/-) Record

  5. Playback Playback To play back the video you just recorded, press the Play button (to the left of the red button). If you’ve taken more than one video, you can press the Arrows (right and left of the red button) to select the clip you want to watch. This will show each clip you’ve taken. Stop at the video you want to see and press the Play button. Select Clips Play

  6. Deleting Video Clips Deleting Video Clips To delete any excess clips, you need to press the Trashcan button (to the right of the red button). The latest clip will come up. If that is the clip you want to delete, press the Trashcan again. If it isn’t, press the Arrow buttons to find the clip you want. Once that clip is on the screen, press the Trashcan again, and that video will be deleted. Number of videos Trash/Delete

  7. How To Upload Your Video Clips How To Upload Your Video Clips To upload your clips to a computer, look for the silver slide on the left hand side of the camera. You pull this all the way down, and a USB connector should pop out. When the USB connector is out, plug it into the USB port on your computer. USB Connection USB Slide to Open

  8. How To Connect To The Television How To Connect To The Television To connect the flip camera to your TV, you will need a cable that has white, red, and yellow cable connectors on one end and a single black one on the other (came with your camera). Plug the black end in the TV hole on the side of the camera and the white, red, and yellow ends into your TV inputs (the colors).

  9. Changing The Batteries Changing The Batteries The flip cameras run on two AA batteries. At the bottom of the camera is a lock. Slide the switch to the unlock side and this will allow you to slide the front of the camera off (slide the front panel under the lens down and it should come off). Remove the batteries and replace them. Replace the front panel and slide the switch back to lock. Slide Cover Lock/Unlock Slide Change Batteries

  10. How To Install Camera Software on Computer Installing Camera Software on Work Computer Ask your school Tech Contact to hook up the Flip Camera on your computer and install the software. If you are going to use the camera on more than one computer, you must have the software installed on each computer. NOTE: There are 1st AND 2nd generation cameras. If you are using both, the 2nd generation software must be loaded on different computers from 1st generation. Once your software is loaded onto your machine, you can continue with this presentation.

  11. Loaded Software Screen Shots Once your software has been installed at work, this is similar to what you will see. This is the first screen if you are installing the camera software at home.

  12. Selecting and Saving Video Clips Select the video clips you want to save (hold the CTRL key down and select individual clips or select all). The selected clips will be highlighted with a blue edge.

  13. Where Your Clips Save This is your next screen showing you what the name of your folder will be…

  14. Screen Shot Where The Clips Are Saved The saved videos don’t say “unsaved” now New Folder Tells you that the videos were saved

  15. What Folder Are My Clips In Folder Name Double click to open your new folder These are the videos we downloaded to my folder from the camera… in the June 2009 folder

  16. Exporting Clips From Flip Software Now you are ready to export from the Flip software to another folder(these clips will be used in Movie Maker). Right-click on the clip and choose Export to…

  17. Screen Shot for Exporting Click on Export

  18. Make A Folder For Video Clips Make yourself a folder in “My Videos” and click ok to export your clips into you folder

  19. Using Other Options in Flip Software Other things to do with your video clips using the Flip software…

  20. Sharing Ideas These are different ways of sharing your videos…the following screen shots will show you the first page of each..you will have to follow the prompts for each share.

  21. Screen Shots of Sharing Greeting Cards Create Movies Share Videos Online

  22. Taking Snapshots From Video You can even take a snapshot of parts of you video and save as photographs…you are now on your way!!!

  23. You Are Successful You have now successfully captured video, uploaded from your camera to Flip software and exported from the software to a folder in “My Videos”. You are ready for Movie Making!

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