warm up fill in the verbs
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Warm Up- Fill in the verbs

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Warm Up- Fill in the verbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Up- Fill in the verbs.

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warm up fill in the verbs
Warm Up- Fill in the verbs

John was ___________ on a little farm back East. He was happy even though he ___________a harsh life cultivating his field. One day he _______________up by a heavy storm. When the storm let up he ___________that his plantation had been destroyed. He _______________depressed and decided that he could no longer live on the farm. He ___________to move somewhere else. He _______________ the farm and ________________to the city.

review theme

What is the theme of a story?

How can you tell?

Watch the video and answer


eleven theme
Eleven Theme

With a partner, complete the sheet by finding evidence from the story and defending the theme.

Be prepared to share your answers.

ticket out
Ticket Out

I think…

I learned…

I am unclear about…

I still have a question about…

warm up
Warm Up

Vocabulary Quiz

center one
Center One:

Draw a large sketch of Uncle Septimus’ Beard.

On the beard list examples of sensory and figurative language the author uses as the beard grows. Earlier descriptors at the top and later at the bottom.

Answer- How does increasing exaggeration add to the meaning and effect of this tall tale?

center two
Center Two

Uncle Septimus’ Beard

Rewrite the ending of the story in 1-2 paragraphs.

Use at least three examples of figurative language and three examples of sensory language. Underline them.

center three
Center Three

Choose an example of figurative language from Uncle Septimus’ Beard.

Write it out and illustrate it to create a poster.

center four
Center Four


Write an acrostic poem using the word ELEVEN that describes the story ELEVEN.







Each letter should start a new phrase in the poem.

center five
Center Five

Connotation: Scan the text of ELEVEN.

Find 10 examples of words or phrases that show the connotation of the story.

Answer: What is the connotation of Eleven? How do you know?

center six
Center Six
  • Complete the VENN DIAGRAM comparing the language of both stories.
  • Answer:
    • How does the language of each story effect the mood and connotation?
    • How are the two stories alike?
    • How are the two stories different?

3- Things you learned during centers

2- Ways you would improve centers for next time

1- Question about centers