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Post War / Civil Rights Study Power Point

Post War / Civil Rights Study Power Point. The victory helped lead to the re-election of President Lincoln in 1864. What was most significant about Union Gen. Sherman’s capture of Atlanta ?. When was the first bow and arrow used?. Woodland.

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Post War / Civil Rights Study Power Point

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  1. Post War / Civil RightsStudy Power Point

  2. The victory helped lead to the re-election of President Lincoln in 1864. What was most significant about Union Gen. Sherman’s capture of Atlanta?

  3. When was the first bow and arrow used? Woodland

  4. What did Oglethorpe call the group of GA colonists that were upset about the Charter of 1732 ban on slavery and alcohol? Clamorous Malcontents .

  5. During the Three Governors Episode, where did Governor Ellis Arnall set up his office? Capitol InformationBooth

  6. What was the Supreme Court decision called that declared the separate-but-equal policy unconstitutional? Brown v. Board of Education

  7. According to Georgia’s Charter of 1732, which group of people could not become colonists? Blacks, Lawyers, Alcohol Dealers, and Catholics

  8. Who’s plans for Reconstruction would most likely have included the importance of Northern support of policies that would help the South recover as quickly as possible? PresidentLincoln

  9. Ellis Arnell, _____________ and Melvin Thompson were all involved in Georgia’s infamous Three Governors Episode of 1946. Herman Talmadge

  10. Who favored bringing about social change through nonviolence? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  11. After Lincoln’s death, which political leader believed that former Confederate states should be restored to the Union.   President Andrew Johnson

  12. Which GA Gov. felt that the state flag of 1956 represented the past instead of looking toward the future, damaged Georgia’s tourist industry, and was a symbol of slavery, so he pushed through a change in 2001. Roy Barnes

  13. Radical Republicans most likely would have supported a plan for Reconstruction that included ________________ demands on ex-Confederates in the South?   HARSH

  14. Alexander McGillivray signed what in 1790, giving away all Creek land east of the Oconee River? Treaty of New York

  15. Who was the first African-American mayor of Atlanta Maynard Jackson

  16. The three major Georgia cities located on the Fall Line are Columbus, Macon, Augusta

  17. TRUE or FalseDe Soto and his men were able to defeat the Native Americans in battle, because De Soto’s men always had the numerical advantage in manpower. . False

  18. Which Supreme Court Chief Justice ruled that Georgia laws did not apply to the Cherokee? John Marshall

  19. What female was one of the first blacks to be admitted to the University of Georgia? Charlayne Hunter

  20. Who signed a treaty that ceded the last Creek land in Georgia? Creek chief William McIntosh

  21. They formed the Sibley Commission What did Georgia do to study the problem of school integration?

  22. In order to provide a buffer state to prevent Spanish and Native American invasions of South Carolina the King of England decided to do what? Create the Colony of Georgia.

  23. After traveling the state, the Sibley Commission did. Who recommended to allow local school systems to decide if they wanted integration or to shut down?

  24. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” What speech associated with the March on Washington, D.C.

  25. Who was a legendary female hero of the Revolutionary War.? Nancy Hart

  26. What action was taken in order to integrate the interstate bus station waiting rooms in Albany, GA? The Albany Movement in Georgia?

  27. Who was Austin Dabney? The former slave / black soldier who was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek.

  28. Which amendment gave Black men the right to vote? The 15th Amendment.

  29. What words are found in both the pledge to the Georgia State Flag and on the 2003 flag itself? Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

  30. What was unique about the term of Gov. Ellis Arnall? He was the first governor of Georgia to serve a term of four years.

  31. Lincoln's presidential election led to a special legislative session in Georgia to consider what? Georgia’s seceding from the Union.

  32. In what area did Herman Talmadge make his greatest contributions as governor? Education

  33. The Liberty boys were formed in Savannah as a form of protest to what? The Stamp Act

  34. The Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education (1954) struck down which practice that had been in place since Reconstruction? The practice of "separate but equal" schools for black and white students.

  35. What were 2 main points from the Proclamation of 1763? A law signed by King George that forbade colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains & moved GA’s southern border to the St. Mary’s River.

  36. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in response towhat? The adoption of laws known as Black Codes by the southern states, and made the former slaves citizens of the US

  37. Which Georgian served as mayor of Atlanta, and was instrumental in bringing the Olympics to Atlanta?   Andrew Young

  38. What were 2 famous accomplishments of Ivan Allen, Jr.? Ending desegregation of City Hall and bringing major league teams to ATL.

  39. Which amendment abolished slavery? The 13th Amendment

  40. Is it true that Lester Maddox integrated the Georgia State Patrol? YES/True

  41. In what document did Lincoln free the slaves from their bondage in those southern states which were in rebellion against the Union. Emancipation Proclamation

  42. In what state did the Albany TRUE or FALSEThe Albany movement was a political movement that attempted to desegregate the bus and train stations in Albany, New YorkMovement Occur? Albany, Georgia

  43. Name the notorious Civil War location in southern Georgia. Andersonville Confederate Prison

  44. Under the administration of William Hartsfield, racial moderation in Atlanta included the integration of what? Lunch counters

  45. Who was Benjamin Mays? The president of Morehouse College, & the spiritual/mentor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  46. Who was the mayor of Atlanta responsible for bringing professional athletic teams to the city? Ivan Allen, Jr.

  47. How did William Hartsfield promote civil rights in Atlanta? Integrated City Hall and hired the cities first black police officers.

  48. Why (give 3 strong reasons) have so many companies moved to Atlanta, GA? Mild Climate Transportation infrastructure (airports, railroads, interstate) Few/weak unions Low Tax Rate

  49. Which law signed by LBJ made segregation and racial discrimination illegal? Civil Rights Act of 1964

  50. What happened to Georgia’s farmers after WWII? Moving towards Industrialization The GI Bill provided for higher education and opportunities to move to suburbs their numbers declined

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