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Pitch (‘Oxfam, Dividing Issues’)

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Pitch (‘Oxfam, Dividing Issues’) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pitch (‘Oxfam, Dividing Issues’). Idea. The idea of the film is to look at the global issues that we face on a day to day basis and to see if the work Oxfam does with young people can help provide answers and help with resolving these issues.

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Presentation Transcript
  • The idea of the film is to look at the global issues that we face on a day to day basis and to see if the work Oxfam does with young people can help provide answers and help with resolving these issues.
  • I am currently working with John Flaherty from Oxfam in order to help me produce a brief for this film that takes into both of our considerations for the film as a whole. For example I want the film to take a look at global issues and how they be resolved in the near future, whereas John is specialised with work involving young people in local communities – we are trying to find a balance with the films brief.

The idea of the film itself is to examine the impact of Oxfam's work with young people in local communities, and across countries etc. The aim of this project is to highlight the significance of this work and see what impact it can have on a global scale not just nationally.

act 1
  • Look at the current situation in the world as a brief overview, start to mention Oxfam and their work to help resolve these global issues that we face on a daily basis and for many years.
  • Look at how Oxfam's work with young people can link to helping communities with issues on local level and then their work with young people on a national scale.
act 2
  • Look at the actual work of Oxfam and what exactly is the work that they do with young people and what this work aims to do.
  • Briefly explore the ethos and idea behind the work with young people and what is the idea of the impact it has on communities.
  • Start to look at the significance of this work and how it can be applied to the world stage to find a resolution for these issues and see what impact those young people can have.
  • Vox pop – peoples opinions of the organisation
act 3
  • Looks at the problems that Oxfam face globally and the criticism it faces as a international organization- from papers such as ‘the guardian’ and other economic and political groups.

Problems they face and issues of criticism:

  • Many people/groups believe that Oxfam are going against their own ethos and what they stand for as a global charity.
  • Groups see Oxfam as a group that helps support countries that are in poverty and suffer horrid conditions but feel that they are betraying their own mission – place taxes etc
  • Seen to make problems worse in some places
  • Some argue that they use their influence to criticize organizations that are credible and it betrays their own aims.
  • In terms of what my film would offer, I believe that it could appeal to a number of different audiences from different backgrounds to beliefs and morals. I would aim the film at an audience that would be able to relate to the subject so groups like teenage, early adult and adult groups. These suggested groups would be able to help or get involved or they may feel very strongly about the subject.
  • Because it’s a strong subject, I would want to make it appeal to children all that much due to the fact that I’ll be trying to make people more aware of the work that Oxfam does with young people.
people involved
People Involved
  • I'm currently working alongside John Flaherty at Oxfam, we have created a brief in which we look at the impact of Oxfam on young people and global issues that young people are experiencing.
  • Im also having help, from a school teacher who represents the other interview and stands for smaller charities – to give a balance to the message of the film
  • As a globally recognized organization, I felt that it was a great opportunity to explore how much of an impact young people could have on the global issues that face us.
the experience i want t o g ive
The Experience I Want To Give
  • I want to be able to show the work that Oxfam is involved with young people and how that benefit them and how this work can benefit the local areas.
  • By looking at this work, within the local area first, and then applying this work and the impact of this into the world/global stage it will allow me to look at each area in good detail.
  • I want to show that this work on a local level (with young people) can be applied to the global stage and can have a global impact on major issues that we face.
functionality aims
  • The main aim of this film is to look at Oxfam’s work with young people and how and what young people mean to positively affecting global issues, i.e. Typhoon hiayan, world poverty, conflict. The film is to explore how and what Oxfam does with young people, how it changes and affects their lives on a personal level and then see if this work could be applied to the global scale.
  • With the world being divided by conflict, poverty, and disease there has to be a need and a possibility that young people could have a significant role in changing the way the world approaches politics and changes towards economic and human rights issues.
limitations constraints
  • The brief I might receive may restrict what I can include and tell me exactly what to place in it and restrict the creativity I experience with this project/ and subject.
  • The film does not wish to show larger charities such as Oxfam in a bad light but rather it chooses to take a stance of acceptance with looking at these critisms – the issue is not misrepresenting the people involved in the film , particularly those that work for Oxfam. You don’t want to knock the work of Oxfam because it is supposed to be promotional. At the same time you cannot only be positive, you need to create a more balanced view on Oxfam which hard to represent with subjects like this i.e. looking at poverty and what people can do to solve it.
business opportunity
Business Opportunity
  • In light of looking at documentary film that have been created about Oxfam in recent years, I've found that there are very few that have been created about their work internationally or at a local level.
  • This provides me with a perfect chance to create a film, with Oxfam, allowing me to explore their work at a local level – with young people and its impact on those young people and looking at how this work has an impact on them and the local area. Because I am working with people in Oxfam I can talk quite freely about what is going to be in the film and there is a real collaborative program where we can do what we want and they can do what they want.

These prices, you see are for the daily going rates in the media industry for each of these positions within a film group.

Camera Assistant -10 hour day:


Camera Operator -10 hour day:


Lighting Camera -10 hour day:


DOP - 10 hour day:


equipment list
Equipment List

These are the key areas that need to be considered when looking at prices for equipment. Its vital that you look at the prices of the equipment and then fit it around the budget that you have for the film project.

Camera – x1

Sound Equipment - TBA

Editing equipment – x1

Travel costs - TBA

I will be using the equipment list to help me budget for the production of my film. I need to know how much of the equipment I can have, can pay for and how much Is needed for the film.

usp unique selling point
USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • There are no films on looking at the criticisms and the work of Oxfam in local communities and the film is able to get the point of view from the smaller charities.
  • It also looks, generally, at the critisms of larger charities.
  • The world needs to be formed and united through faith, art and justice - but most importantly community. This film want to achieves this through its message, its aims and its support of world leading charities against world problems.