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Group Members: Christina Smith  Chad Pritchett Bob Yates Andrew Howe PowerPoint Presentation
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Group Members: Christina Smith  Chad Pritchett Bob Yates Andrew Howe

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Group Members: Christina Smith  Chad Pritchett Bob Yates Andrew Howe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Members: Christina Smith  Chad Pritchett Bob Yates Andrew Howe. Government Censorship Content Ownership Work Issues Pros/Cons References. Government Censorship. Who I share with? What I am sharing? Anonymity?. Who is being banned?. COUNTRY      BANNED WEBSITES

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Group Members: Christina Smith  Chad Pritchett Bob Yates Andrew Howe

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Presentation Transcript

Group Members:

Christina Smith 

Chad Pritchett

Bob Yates

Andrew Howe


Government Censorship

Content Ownership

Work Issues




Who I share with?

What I am sharing?



Who is being banned?


BRAZIL      YouTube, Wordpress

CHINA      YouTube, Wikipedia

ETHIOPIA            Blogger

INDIA      Blogger

INDONESIA      YouTube, MySpace

IRAN      Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, Orkut

MOROCCO      YouTube

PAKISTAN      YouTube, Blogger, Wikipedia

SAUDI ARABIA    Flickr, Orkut

SYRIA      Facebook


TURKEY      YouTube, Wordpress

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Orkut


What is being censored?

Information about protests and clashes with police (China, Syria, Iran)

Suggestive/Provocative sites(Bado )

Bad links/Security risks (US Marines)


The Tweet heard around the World

One Person = One Broadcaster


The Great Fire Wall of China

China: first and best firewall





Chilling effect:

"self-regulation" due to the fear of being watched or supervised


Circumventing Blocks:

Go down a different tube

content ownership
Content Ownership

content ownership15
Content Ownership
  • Terms of Service Agreements
  • Employer IP Contracts
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
facebook s tsa
Facebook's TSA

facebook s tsa19
Facebook’s TSA

You are licensing your content to Facebook.

social networking and your employment
Social Networking and Your Employment
  • Social Networks are a great way to keep in touch with friends and different organizations.

However there are risks

  • Once you put something on the web, it is out there for everyone to see
  • Choose what you post online wisely, or you’ll end up like these guys…

"[redacted] IS PArT-ay-iNG to-NIite“

"[redacted] wishes that ice cream also came in warm“


Besides Potentially Looking Like an Idiot…

  • Interviewers are more and more commonly using search engines to get the scoop on individual applicants.
  • When interviewing for a competitive position employers need to know if they’re making the right choice and will take every measure available to them to ensure they have the right candidate for the job.

That’s Not Right…

  • You could argue that your employer has no business snooping around aspects of your social life.
  • However companies typically want a well rounded and well adjusted individual.

Google This: Fired Because of Facebook

  • Over 10 million articles/websites from the query

Can It Actually Get You Fired or Denied?

  • According to a new study by Proofpoint, an Internet security firm, of companies with 1,000 or more employees, 17 percent report having issues with employee’s use of social media. And, 8 percent of those companies report having actually dismissed someone for their behavior on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • 17 percent disciplined an employee for violating blog or message board policies
  • 15 percent have disciplined an employee for violating multimedia sharing / posting policies
  • 13 percent of US companies investigated an exposure event involving mobile or Web-based short message services

The Right to Free Speech

  • Americans tend to think that the First Amendment means that they can say (or publish) whatever they want.
  • U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that governments can fire employees if their speech harms the mission and function of their workplace.
social networking

Social Networking

Pros and Cons


Social Networking: Pros and Cons



  • Improved communications with friends, family members, and coworkers.
  • Getting in touch with long lost friends
  • Planning parties, reunions, and other gatherings.
  • Identity theft and fraud due to easy access to information such as name, email address, and location.
  • Lack of security protocols lead to serious security problems at work and at home.

Pros Continued

  • Disaster relief
    • After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Facebook and other social networking sites helped raise millions of dollars for Haiti.
    • At one point there were 1,500 Facebook status updates a minute mentioning Haiti
    • Facebook has also helped raise money for the recent earthquake in Chile and many other disasters since it has existed.
  • Iran’s attempted revolution
    • Due to sites like Facebook and Twitter, the protesters in Iran were able to share pictures and stories of their demonstrations and how the Iranian government responded.

Cons Continued

  • Examples of Social Networking Gone Wrong
    • In the workplace
    • At home
  • Ways to Stay Safe
    • Beware of scammers
    • Don’t click on random links or downloads
    • Don’t put too much personal information online

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