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Marketing Rule Number One (And Two) PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Rule Number One (And Two)

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Marketing Rule Number One (And Two)
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Marketing Rule Number One (And Two)

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Marketing Rule number one [And great examples for following it]

  2. It’s very simple. Satisfy your customers’ needs.

  3. ? A very common content marketing question: How do I create interesting content about... (insert dull category here)?

  4. ? On one hand, it’s a good question. But it’s a bad question. Because it’s the wrong question.

  5. ? A better question: How do I excite my readers?

  6. Develop pathological empathy for your readers. ~ Ann Handley

  7. i Themselves. Their lives. Their work. Their goals. Your customers only care about one thing.

  8. ! They’re fascinating. And your customers aren’t dull.

  9. Understand how to tap into their pleasures and pains. And you’re on your way to creating great content.

  10. I want to show you how it’s done.

  11. I chose a subject we can agree is far from sexy.

  12. Toilet paper is dull.

  13. Charmin’s “SitOrSquat” is not. It’s a smart and useful mobile app.

  14. Diapers are dull.

  15. Pampers’ “Love, Sleep & Play” is not. It’s a website about caring for your children.

  16. Kitty litter is dull.

  17. The “Make Meow a Star” interactive feature is not. It’s one of the many games on the Fresh Step website which enables you to play with your favorite cat photos. [Hey, my kitty, Bo, is the star here.]

  18. Dog poop bags are dull.

  19. “Dispenser Aventure” is not. It’s Earth Rated’s highly engaging Instagram photo contest for dog lovers.

  20. Toilet bowl cleaner is dull.

  21. Clorox’s “Ick-tionary” is not. It’s one of the many funny, interactive features on the company’s “Laugh” website.

  22. Adult diapers are dull.

  23. “The Great American Try-On” is not. It was Depend’s video contest featuring television and NFL stars.

  24. Toilet deodorizer is dull. [Or at least you would expect as much.]

  25. “Girls Don’t Poop” is not. It’s a hilarious and viral video from Poo-Pourri. > Presented on the following slide.

  26. The best content is content so useful that people would pay for it if you asked them to do so. ~ Jay Baer

  27. Marketing Rule number two

  28. Also simple. Have some fun two, too.

  29. Based on the article: “The Web’s Crappiest Content Seven Stinkers.” I’m Barry. Talk to me about your content marketing needs,