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Literary Terms

Literary Terms. 7 th Grade Honors Part A. Click Mouse to Advance. Alliteration. The repetition of initial consonant sounds. Allusion. A reference to a well-known person, event, place, literary work, or work of art. AnALogy. Makes a comparison between two of more

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Literary Terms

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  1. Literary Terms 7th Grade Honors Part A Click Mouse to Advance

  2. Alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds

  3. Allusion A reference to a well-known person, event, place, literary work, or work of art

  4. AnALogy Makes a comparison between two of more things that are similar in some ways but otherwise unalike

  5. Anecdote A brief story or short tale about an interesting, amusing, or strange event

  6. Antagonist An antagonist is a character or a force in conflict with a main character, or protagonist

  7. Atmosphere Often called Mood. It is the feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage

  8. Author’s Influences These influences include his or her heritage, culture, and personal beliefs

  9. Author’s Style Author’s typical way of writing

  10. The story of the writer’s own life, told by thewriter Autobiography

  11. Biography A form of nonfiction in which a writer tells the life story of a another person

  12. Character A person or an animal that takes part in the action of a literary work

  13. Characterization The act of creating and developing a character.

  14. Character traits The qualities, attitudes, and values that a character has or displays---such as dependability, intelligence, selfishness, or stubbornness.

  15. Climax Also called the turning point. It is the high point in the action of the plot

  16. Comedy A literary work, especially a play, which is light, often humorous or satirical, and ends happily.

  17. Concrete Poem Is one with a shape that suggests its subject

  18. Conflict A struggle between opposing forces

  19. Connotations The set of ideas associated with it in addition to its explicit meaning

  20. Denotation Its dictionary meaning, independent of other associations that the word may have

  21. A portrait, in words, of a person, place, or object Description

  22. Dialect The form of a language spoken by people in a particular region or group

  23. Dialogue A conversation between characters

  24. Diction A writer’s or speaker’s word choice

  25. Drama A story written to be performed by actors.

  26. Essay A short nonfiction work about a particular subject

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