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BBC Janala

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BBC Janala

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  1. BBC Janala Prepared for: mBillionth Award South Asia 2011 BBC World Service TrustConcord IK Tower, 7th Floor, CEN (A) 2, Gulshan North Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212 Phone: +8802 9890233, +8802 9891147, +8802 9891879 E-mail:

  2. Project Concept BBC Janala uses mobile technology to enable millions of people to learn English in a simple and affordable way. The service was developed in partnership with BBC Learning English and has turned the mobile phone into a low-cost education device offering hundreds of 3 minute audio lessons and SMS quizzes at a cost of just 50 paisa (half a pence) per minute to the 50 million mobile users in Bangladesh today. With the slogan “if you want to, you can do it”, BBC Janala is designed to improve users’ English language skills and confidence to learn. By simply dialling the short code 3000, mobile users can learn with new classes arriving each day ranging from ‘Essential English’ for beginners to ‘Grammar and vocabulary through story-telling’ for those more advanced. The service targets Bangladeshis aged 15-45, living on less than £2 a day. There is a major demand for English skills in Bangladesh. Baseline research revealed that 84% of adults wanted to learn English, but at the time of project inception, English was the most commonly failed exam in the country. BBC Janala is part of English in Action, a major initiative launched to raise the language skills of 25 million people in Bangladesh by 2017, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. The English lessons accessible through mobile phones are also available through audio lessons on the BBC Janala website, WAP site, CD-ROMs and printed lessons in a leading National daily.

  3. Technical Details and configuration • BBC Janala utilizes the following platforms/technology: Mobile IVR and SMS, WAP, Web, CD-ROM and printed media. • Feature list for Mobile services: • IVR • Dial in and listen • Dial in, listen and record feedback • Dial in, listen and order through SMS • Dial in, listen and play language quiz through DTMF • SMS • Play language quiz through SMS push pull mechanism • Send feedback through SMS push pull • WAP • Download audio lessons only through 3 clicks • Play language quizzes in the WAP site • Send feedback directly from WAP site • Available both in xhtml and wml • Home page is in Bangla (although Bangla font is not supported in WAP/mobile browsers) • Content are free to download • Accessible through the simplest WAP enabled mobile handsets • Breadcrumb for easy navigation • Ultra light weight (average page weight 27 kb) for less mobile data consumption

  4. Technical Details and configuration (contd…) • Hosting and Integration mechanism for Mobile service: A mobile solution provider is the technical partner who hosts and manages the services. The platform is easily scalable to support the growing mobile user base. • Integration mechanism: • IVR: handset independent • SMS: handset independent • WAP: available for any WAP enabled handsets • Coverage area: available through any mobile operator across Bangladesh where mobile network is available.

  5. Project milestones Project launched: November 2009. Other milestone: Initially the cost of the IVR and SMS service was BDT 1.00 and 0.50 respectively. In November 2010, the tariff was reduced to BDT 0.50 and 0.40 for IVR and SMS respectively, making the service more affordable.

  6. Target Segments Educated Materialist (2.3 million) Busy Mid Level Merchant (4.8 million) Women at home (2.3 million) Mainstream Youth (10.8 million)

  7. Information on nomination and nominee

  8. Analogy BBC Janala is the first service of its kind anywhere in the world. An Analogy is therefore not applicable at this time.