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  1. BBC Our visit to the BBC studios. Nina and Alina live

  2. Introduction • On the 3rd of May our school paid a visit to the BBC studios in central London. The studios have been operating since 1960, and we were very lucky to get close to the history of that establishment and to realize its role in the lives of the British.

  3. Interesting facts There turned out to be a lot of interesting facts about the BBC that we didn’t know. For example, the shape of the BBC building is a question mark. We can say that the shape has a symbolic meaning – people that work in the centre are constantly answering the questions of the modern world.

  4. Interesting facts • BBC Studio One is one of the largest studios in the world. It’s very well equipped according to the latest technologies, most of the cameras are not even manually operated. One camera weights approximately 96 kilos. When hundreds of cameras are operating simultaneously, it gets quite hot in the studio. Special pipes in the walls are meant to keep the studio cool.

  5. Interesting facts • Tina Turner, the famous singer, had a birthday party in the studio one. Of course, she had to pay an enormous amount of money to celebrate her birthday in style. If you have some spare ca$h() in your wallet (though it has to be a pretty huge wallet), you can throw yourself a party in the studio one just like Tina Turner.

  6. Do you know how the weather program is made? A trained meteorologist is to stand in front of a blue (or green) screen and wave his hands around like a fool. But as soon as the required background is added by the computer, we realize that the meteorologist is not a fool, but a very skilled person who can successfully coordinate his motions with the actual picture.

  7. Our impression • The thing that impressed us most is the number of members of the BBC crew working together like a well-oiled machine. The fact that confused most of us was that BBC journalists look through people’s Twitter messages to pick up some news. I wonder what they thought when they came across our tweets?

  8. Feeling disappointed • It is such a pity that we only saw one part of the BBC centre, because the trip was so interesting that we didn’t want it to end so soon. As well as that, we didn’t have a chance to meet any celebrities or famous presenters. We were really looking forward to chasing them down the corridor a asking for an autograph and a photo.

  9. Conclusion • The trip to the BBC centre was FUNducational. We are looking forward to visiting it again and learn more about the British Broadcasting Corporation.

  10. The End