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BBC Mundo (BBC World) News Website PowerPoint Presentation
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BBC Mundo (BBC World) News Website

BBC Mundo (BBC World) News Website

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BBC Mundo (BBC World) News Website

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  1. BBC Mundo (BBC World)News Website Presentation 02/06/14 LIS 688 Yvonne LaRoche-Pardo

  2. ● This is one of 33 foreign language outputs provided by BBC World Service. It is an offshoot of BBC World. ● It is written in Spanish for Latin Americans. ● It contains links to BBC news, sports, weather, and radio. ● It contains a link to subscribe. ● In each news article there are links to e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube,RSS feeds, and Google+. ● Each article also contains a section on the bottom for related content and links.

  3. Latin America is a region of the Americas where any of the romance languages are primarily spoken. The romance languages include Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Latin America covers approximately 3.7% of the surface of the earth. It is comprised of three regions: South America, the Caribbean, and Middle America (Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies).

  4. This is a news website but it was also a news broadcast between 03/14/38-02/25/11, though it was stopped because of budget cuts. See link to audio to the final BBC World Service transmission in Spanish at


  6. Also contains its own sections for the following: • Noticias (news) • Ultima hora (last minute) • America Latina (Latin America) • Internacional (international) • Economia (economy) • Tecnologia (technology) • Ciencia (science) • Salud (health) • Sociedad y Cultura (society and culture) • Curiosidades (curiosities) • Video (video) • Fotos (photos)

  7. Some recent tweets include: 1. Conejo, la isla de la discordia entre El Salvador y Honduras (Rabbit Island contention between El Salvador and Honduras) 2. Es bueno pasar el fin de semana durmiendo? (Is it is good to spend the weekend sleeping?) 3. Desde dejar de respirar a tomar agua inclinado: ¿realmente funcionan los remedios contra el hipo? (From stopping breathing to taking water inclined: do remedies for hiccups really work?

  8. From the Google search engine it is possible to translate this website from Spanish to many, many other languages.

  9. Here’s how the YouTube page looks:

  10. Reliability Because this news website is hosted by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), it can be considered to be very reliable. The BBC has been providing reliable news for over 90 years. It is the world’s largest broadcast news organization. It has 3,500 staff members in its news department. It covers news events as well as documentaries.