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  1. Sherlock-BBC By: Nina Gonzalez

  2. Sherlock Holmes • Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the main character in this series. Sherlock is a demanding, childish, funny character an astonishing photographic memory. He and his partner, Dr. John Watson are always waiting for another case.

  3. Dr. John Watson • Dr.John Watson (Martin Freeman) is Sherlock Holmes partner and friend when it comes to solving crimes. Watson is a semi-normal, more relaxed and calm, and defiantly a character that worries a lot. But he is always by Sherlock’s side on every crime. He blogs about their cases and lives with Sherlock in his flat on Baker Street.

  4. Mycroft Holmes • Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) is Sherlock’s older brother and is part of the British government. He is always asking his brother for help on cases, and even thought the 2 fight every time they see each other, you can tell that Mycroft really does care for his brother.

  5. Mrs. Hudson • Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) is Sherlock’s landlady and “housekeeper” and is always fussing about Sherlock’s work and experiments. She hates it when she sees Sherlock upset or bored, but finds it horrible when there are heads or thumbs in her refrigerator. Both Sherlock and John care for Mrs. Hudson.

  6. Professor Moriarty • Professor Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) is a "consulting criminal’ and the nemesis of Sherlock. Moriarty is kind of a perky character, but he is evil and won’t give up until Sherlock is gone. He was responsible for many deaths in the first 3 episodes and is very dangerous.

  7. Molly Hopper • Molly Hopper (Louise Brealey) is a scientistthat works dead bodies, but mostly with Sherlock and John with some of their cases. It’s very clear that she is interested in Sherlock and many think she had something to do with Sherlock’s illusion of “dying”.

  8. DI Lestrade • Inspector Lestrade (Rupert Graves) is the inspector that is always on a crime scene with Sherlock and John. He tries to be helpful, but he is just usually following Sherlock's lead.

  9. Irene Adler • Irene Adler ( Lara Pulver) is one of the most notable female characters in the Sherlock series. Despite only appearing in one episode , it is made clear that Holmes is only impressed by her resourcefulness and intelligence while Adler is clearly shown as “liking” Sherlock.

  10. Sherlock Quotes!