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Steve Jobs. Classifying a Famous Icon. Outline. Introduction: What did Steve Job do ? Is Jobs a hero? Zimbardian analysis ? My Analysis Conclusion. What did Steve Jobs do?. Please try and list all of his accomplishments on a piece of paper. Founded Apple in 1976.

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Steve jobs

Steve Jobs

Classifying a Famous Icon


  • Introduction: What did Steve Job do?

  • Is Jobs a hero?

  • Zimbardian analysis?

  • My Analysis

  • Conclusion

What did steve jobs do
What did Steve Jobs do?

  • Please try and list all of his accomplishments on a piece of paper.

I mac 1998
imac 1998

Ipod 2001
Ipod 2001

Iphone 2007
Iphone 2007

Ipad 2010
Ipad 2010

Group work
Group Work others…

  • Do you think Steve Jobs can be considered a Hero for his innovations in technology, business and science?

The dark side
The Dark Side others…

  • Jobs never created better conditions for his workers in China and other countries

  • Instead he his behind other industry standards and allowed inhumane conditions to persist

  • These practices where against national laws and against Apple’s own code of conduct

  • Many of these violations continue according to PrakashSethi, Author at the Cargnegie Council of Ethics and affairs

The dark side1
The Dark Side others…

  • Apple uses it’s power to push people around, and accomplish what it needs to

    • Lower prices on materials

    • Larger spaces and more workers

    • Faster production and intense pressure on workers

    • This is not different than other companies in the industry. However, as industry leaders, Steve Jobs had the opportunity to create a better situation for all workers.

What would zimbardo say
What would others…Zimbardo Say?

  • Although Steve Jobs tried to make excellent products for customers, many of his decisions were not for others, but for personal satisfaction, and more profit.

    • This shows Jobs is not motivated to help others, nor was he ready to risk his personal safety

A reluctant hero
A Reluctant Hero others…

  • When given the opportunity to help people in need (his own workers), Steve Jobs was not able to sacrifice some of his income for others

    • Altruism is the trait of helping people just to help them, for no benefit in return

    • Steve Jobs is not altruistic, but egotistical

    • He only wanted to help people (the customer) in order to receive praise, profit, publicity and recognition in the business or technological world

Philanthropy or not
Philanthropy or not? others…

  • Unlike Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Jobs did not sign a “Giving Pledge.”

  • Steve Jobs philanthropy advisor commented:

  • “He’s gotten a lot of criticism for not giving away tons of money,” Vermilion said. “But I think it’s a bum rap. There’s only so many hours in a week, and he created so many incredible products. He really contributed to culture and society.”

Conclusion others…

  • Steve Jobs did a lot of amazing things in business and technology

  • He revolutionized certain kinds of products and created a company or brand that everyone reveres

  • He did not try hard enough to improve conditions for his workers

  • We are unsure of how much money he gave to people who needed it more than him

  • We should be very careful when we discuss what leaders or important Icons do and how they should be perceived by the public.

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