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water cycle

The water cycle starts when rain falls. Next, it goes through filtration into our water system. When we leave water out it starts to evaporate into the air. Once it is up in the air it starts to condense into water droplets. The water droplets turn into clouds , witch blow all around. Until it rains out into a different location then the cycle starts back up again.

weather tools
  • BAROMETER: measures air pressure.
  • THERMOMETER: measures temp.
  • RAIN GAUGE: measures amount of rain that has fallen over a amount of time.
  • WIND VANE: tells the direction of the wind.
  • ANEMOMETER: tells the direction of the wind.
  • SNOW GAUGE: measures the amount of snow that has fallen in a amount of time.
how to make a barometer

To make a barometer, you will need a glass jar , a rubber band, a balloon, tape, a piece of paper , a pencil , and a straw.

To begin, blow your balloon up and slowly let the air slowly come out.[This is to stretch the balloon out.]Next, cut the balloon horizontally and discard the half with the neck. Then, stretch the balloon over the top of the jar and wrap the rubber band around the top to keep the balloon in place. After that, cut the tip of the straw off, and tape the straw on to the balloon. Also, with the paper and pencil tape a piece of paper onto the wall behind it. Draw a line right next to the straw , one space above, and one space under. Put your tool outside and wait two hours. Check to see were your straw is and that is the weather!

how to make a wind vain

First you need a cup, then two straws, a pencil, a piece of clay, some paper, and some scissors after you have all of the tools you can start making your wind vain first you put a hole in the bottom of the cup with the pencil then put the clay on the part of the pencil that you put thru the cup then you put a push pin thru the eraser and put the straws on the push pin then you cut the paper to make it look like an arrow then tape the paper on the ends of the straw then blow and watch the wind vain go

by jj

  • CIRRUS: cirrus clouds are long, wispy, blown by high winds into long strands. They are called the “The Tall Clouds” starting at 6000m {20,000 feet}. Cirrus clouds move from west to east. Usually meaning fair/pleasant weather.
  • STRATUS: stratus clouds are uniformed

layered clouds that are bellow 6000 feet. They

cover the whole sky. They are like fog. No precipitation falls from these clouds but sometimes they may drizzle.

  • ALTOSTRATUS: are a gray-blue middle

cloud that has snow and water in it. They

Cover the whole sky, and usually are before storms.


Blizzards form when it rains and there are below freezing temperature. It turns into snow and when the wind kicks up the snow blows at crazy speeds, into a blizzard.

This storm affects people while it is happening, by causing

frostbite. You can tell if you have frostbite if your hand starts to turn purple. Then, it starts to turn black. In a result of your hand being black, it is dead, not coming back. Blizzards also cause power outages. Witch is bad because you will not be able see telecasts.

This storm blizzards can harm people after, if it was a huge blizzard, which can cause major flooding. Flooding, can cause building, house, and pavement damage.

We can prepare for blizzards by, winterizing vehicles, and homes. Also, maintain heaters and keep gas tanks full.