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Using Primary Sources PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Primary Sources

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Using Primary Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Primary Sources. EIWP Presentation Martinsville HS May 9, 2014. Resources Primary Source Sets Lesson Plans Themed Resources EIU Teaching with Primary Sources Primary Source Analysis Tools. Library of Congress National Archives

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Using Primary Sources

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    1. Using Primary Sources EIWP Presentation Martinsville HS May 9, 2014

    2. Resources • Primary Source Sets • Lesson Plans • Themed Resources EIU Teaching with Primary Sources • Primary Source Analysis Tools Library of Congress

    3. National Archives • Our Documents: 100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives • Docs Teach: The National Archives Experience • Categorized by National History Standards Foundational and Seminal Documents

    4. The Learning Network • Text to Text • 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing • What’s Going on in this Picture? • Teaching with Infographics • Buzzfeed’s28 Maps that Will Teach You The Learning Network

    5. Narratively--click on EXPLORE to search • Life on the Run—series of essays; PE • “Brooke Luu’s Stormy Journey Home”—literary journey; fleeing Vietnam/History • American Dreamless—series of essays; Gatsby • Google Magazines • Life Magazine February 8, 1960 Sources for Various Subjects

    6. It’s No Laughing Matter: Analyzing Political Cartoons on Library of CongressProvides a set of lessons to practice using analysis tools. Library of Congress also provides political cartoons from throughout history (primary sources) • Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoonists Index May be followed on Twitter or have a daily email sent • Cartoons for the Classroom New current event lesson every other week. • Cartoon Analysis Worksheet from National Archives Political Cartoons

    7. the bombing: Alternate viewpoints of Boston bombing

    8. Boston Bombing Contrasting Viewpoints

    9. Art Museums online • Museum of Modern Art resources (PDF downloads) collections • Art Institute of Chicago ( Exhibitions Artwork Resource Packets (PDF downloads)--Teaching activities have IL Learning Standards (not CCSS) • National Gallery of Art ( Online Interactive Lesson Units; for example, Heroes and Heroines with 5 works of art • Smithsonian American Art Museum ( Content Links—online exhibitions Teacher Guides--47 teacher resources with artwork; activities vary Example: “Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell” includes activities for various subjects PLUS a list of primary sources to pair with the artwork Art Museums Online

    10. Help writing a thesis statement for ALL teachers: • FATT sentence (focus, author, title, text type) or TSAT sentence (text type, source, author, thesis): In the ____________________ “__________________________” (text type) (Title) by _____________________________, he/she ______________ (Author) (Focus) ___________________________________________________. **Strong verbs: expresses, discusses, states, disputes, persuades, suggests, advocates, challenges, focuses, supports, presents, emphasizes, provides, argues, claims, attacks, reflects, comments, describes, distinguishes, reveals, implies, refers, displays • Help