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Primary Sources. Have you ever… - Read someone’s diary? - Read the newspaper? - Looked at pictures from someone’s vacation?. If you have, then you have used a primary source !. Primary Sources. Why would you use them?. What are they?. What are some examples?. What is a Primary Source?.

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have you ever read someone s diary read the newspaper looked at pictures from someone s vacation
Have you ever…- Read someone’s diary?- Read the newspaper?- Looked at pictures from someone’s vacation?
primary sources1
Primary Sources

Why would you use them?

What are they?

What are some examples?

what is a primary source
What is a Primary Source?
  • The original story of an event given by the person who saw it or experienced it.
  • The story is NOT changed by anyone other than the author.
  • The story can be told in a diary, a newspaper or in pictures.
Can you think of at least 3 examples of primary sources?
  • Did you think of … ?
    • Diaries
    • Newspapers
    • Pictures or photographs
    • Autobiographies
what sources are not primary sources
What sources are notprimary sources?
  • Encyclopedias
  • Non-fiction books
    • Remember: Some autobiographies and biographies ARE primary sources!
  • Fiction books
  • Comic books
why would you want to use a primary source
Why would you want to use a primary source?
  • Information is from a person that was there…
  • Information accurately reports events….
  • Information is from when it happened…
  • Information has not been changed by someone else…
what did you learn
What did you learn?
  • What primary source would you read to find out about Anne Frank’s life?
    • The Diary of

Anne Frank

what did you learn1
What did you learn?
  • If you want to learn about the War in Iraq, what primary source would you read?
    • An article from the newspaper written by a reporter in Iraq
what did you learn2
What did you learn?
  • What primary source would you use to see what an African Lion looks like?
    • Pictures of an African Lion from a book, website, journal, magazine, etc.
  • A primary source is the original story of an event given by the person who saw it or experienced it.
  • Three examples of primary sources are diaries, newspapers and pictures.
  • Primary sources use the most accurate information for reporting events.