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Alvarez Elementary

Alvarez Elementary

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Alvarez Elementary

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  1. Alvarez Elementary Parent Orientation Night 2013-2014

  2. Francisca Alvarez Elementary PURPOSE The purpose of Francisca Alvarez Elementary is to build a strong educational foundation that will empower students to exceed all expectations. VISION Francisca Alvarez Elementary is a diverse community which promotes educational excellence in a safe environment to empower social, moral, self-motivated, and goal oriented individuals who will be academically and physically prepared to become productive citizens and life long learners. MISSION STATEMENT • To develop inquirers who are knowledgeable, caring and who can apply their learning to many facets of life in order to create a more peaceful world. • To create a safe and challenging school with rigorous standards and measurable goals for all students. • To promote a learning environment that embraces intercultural understanding. • To seek college and career readiness through collaborative partnerships that encourage and support lifelong learning.

  3. IB World School • Francisca Alvarez Elementary is an IB candidate school! • Our mission statement is aligned to IB. • Students at Alvarez Elementary are inquirers (they construct meaning of their learning everyday). • Our students possess IB Attitudes which are positive attitudes towards people, the environment, and learning. • Diversity is embracedand a second language is taught and celebrated. • Our learning community has a commitment towards implementing all the standards & practices and programme requirements so that we can meet IB authorization. • Our school will continue to provide parents/community information sessions to learn more about IB and share our students’ achievements. • Our community can see a calendar on our website that reflects how Alvarez Elementary is Learning and Living the Learner Profile. **September Attribute: Caring Attitude: Empathy

  4. School Policies and procedures • Classes begin at 7:50 a.m. • The tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m. • Classes end at 3:30 p.m. • Please have your child at school between 7:30 and 7:50 a.m. • 3 Tardies=1 unexcused absence • Please bring your child to school on time. If they are absent, please send a written excuse the following day or within three days of absence.

  5. Release of Students from School In order to comply with the Compulsory Attendance Laws and MISD Board Policy FEA (Legal), your child should not be dismissed from school early except observance of a holy day or a documented appointment with a health care professional. Each parent must complete a written request for early release of a student. Be advised that we will document early release requests and report unexcused absences to the MISD Attendance Office. Anyone who does not comply with the attendance laws may be subject to legal prosecution under §25.093 of the Texas Ed. Code.

  6. School policies and procedures Doctor’s Appointments • Schedule all appointments and/or therapy after school hours Lunch • All students eat free breakfast and lunch. Your child may purchase ice cream or healthy snacks on Fridays. • Soft drinks and non-nutritional snacks are not allowed. • Bring individual portions only (allergies). Medications • Any medication that needs to be taken by your child while at school MUST be dropped off in the clinic by the parent. No Cell Phones • It is school and district policy that students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school. Emergency phone calls will be handled through the office. FNCE(LOCAL)

  7. Morning drop-off procedures • For your child’s safety, please drop off in the designated areas which is the drive throughs on the west and east sides of the building. • Walking students should cross the street only in the designated areas.

  8. Designated crosswalks

  9. Afternoon pick up procedures • The drive through on the west side of the building is to be utilized for car riders. If your child is a car rider, he or she will be taken to the west side drive through. Parents must stay in their cars. • No one is allowed to pick up students in the front office. Front office doors will be closed from 3:15-3:45p.m. • The pavilion area is for walkers. PK-5th grade students continue to be released as a group by the teacher at the pavilion area. • Students who are enrolled in the City of McAllen Parks and Recreation After School Program will be escorted to the cafeteria. • Bus riders and students being picked up by therapy or daycare services will be picked up in the east side drive through. • Please send a note to the teachers if the method of transportation changes.

  10. McAllen ISDStudent Dress Code: Policy FNCA(Local) Socorro Espinoza, Principal Leticia Sanchez, Assistant Principal Alvarez Elementary School 2013-2014

  11. Purpose: The McAllen School District has determined that appropriate dress and grooming positively impacts the learning environment. The following dress and grooming provisions are established to instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and maintain a safe, secure, and stable school climate. General Guidelines: Students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. The District prohibits any clothing or grooming that, in the principal’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations. All students must conform to the dress code requirements stated in board policy. FNCA (Local)

  12. Alvarez Kids Dress for Success!

  13. #1. Shorts/Dresses/Skirts • Shorts & skorts are permitted (Pk-8th). • Skirts/dresses must be no shorter than 3”above the knee. • Slits in skirts/dresses which open cannot be longer than 3”. • Skirts must be worn at the waist. If the skirt has belt loops, a belt must be worn. • Skirts/skorts shorter than 3” may not be worn over tights/leggings/hose. > 3” Too Short for School!

  14. Nice & Neat! Not too short! Wear Belts!

  15. #2. Footwear Appropriate footwear must be worn. • No steel or hard plastic toes in shoes. • No house slippers, flip-flops, beach sandals or other open-toed shoes that do not have straps tosecure them (safety hazard) • Socks, hosiery, tights and shoe laces should be solid and have no words, print and/or designs.

  16. Shoes for School

  17. Shoes: Not for School NO Flip Flops or Sandals without straps on back of heels! No skates on shoes! (Safety First!)

  18. #3. Headwear -Not to Wear ! * Headwear such as bandanas, caps, hats headbands shall not be worn unless approved by the principal. * Hoods on shirts/jackets are not to be worn on the head inside the building.

  19. #4. Distractions Any clothing that causes distractions is prohibited. This includes tank-tops, tube-tops, muscle shirts, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, exposed backs ormidriffs (stomach shows). See-through garments without a shell or shirt worn under the garments are prohibited. Students must wear sufficient undergarments. (*Prohibited- means not allowed at school)

  20. #5. Clothing: Size & Shape Do not dress like this for school! • Clothing that is torn, ripped, frayed or cut is prohibited. • All clothing must be appropriately sized (not too big/baggy or not too tight) No torn jeans! Too big & baggy

  21. Dress For Success: Tuck in Shirts! * All shirts and undershirts must be tucked in at all times!

  22. #6. Negative Words/Pictures on Clothing is Prohibited • Clothing with inappropriate advertising or statements that are lewd, offensive, vulgar, obscene or inflammatory (e.g. alcoholic beverages, sex, tobacco, drugs, gangs, etc.) are prohibited. • Clothing with patches, emblems or drawings that cause disruption are also prohibited.

  23. #7. Wear Clothes that Fit Properly! • Oversized clothing shall not be worn to school during normal school hours. No “baggy” or “sagging” pants are prohibited. • All pants are to be wornat the waist. • Tight fitting pants (e.g. tights, bicycle pants or spandex) are prohibited. • Sweatpants, wind pants, pants or shorts with drawstring, warm-ups, over-alls, pajamas, or pajama-like clothing are prohibited. Good Fit!

  24. #8. BELTS • Belts must be put through the belt loops on the pants and must be worn from grades 3rd through 12th. • Over-size buckles (no larger than a credit card), chain or metal belts, lettering on belts or buckles, and stripes, checks or designs, on belts are prohibited.

  25. #9. Key Rings/Chains • Dangling key rings and chains will not be permitted. • This includes but not limited to chains attached to wallets, footwear, backpacks, or worn as a belt.

  26. #10. Jewelry • Body piercing jewelry is prohibited except for rings, studs or other traditional jewelry worn on the ears. • Tongue-rings and tongue studs are prohibited. • “Grills” or temporary decorations on teeth are prohibited.

  27. #11., 12. & 13. 11.Boys may wear mustaches and facial hair as long as they are neatly groomed. 12. Hair must be clean and neatly combed and styled in such a manner that it is not distracting. 13. No gang-related attire will be permitted. This will be designated by individual campuses. **Also no long coats extending below mid-thigh, such as trench coats, shall not be permitted.

  28. Violations to Dress Code(What happens if you break the rules?) Students who violate dress and grooming standards established may be removed or excluded from activities for a period determined by the principal and may be subject to other disciplinary action, as specified in the Student Code of Conduct. (Consequences that may be issued: Verbal Warning, Call to Parents, Loss of Privilege, Conduct Note, Disciplinary Referral to Office, Detention, ISS, Suspension, etc.)

  29. Don’t forget to tuck in your shirts!

  30. Campus wide discipline system • Discipline folders have been issued to every student. • Discipline Folders will provide Parent/Teacher communication. • The Student’s weekly discipline grade will be posted on the folder. • Please sign the folders at the end of each week and return the following school day.

  31. Homework • Homework is given to provide practice on skills learned at school. • Additionally, children are asked to read for a minimum of 15 minutes nightly. • Failure to turn in homework in the assigned due date will be reflected in report card.

  32. Safety in our school • All doors are locked except for the front door • Front Doors will be locked from 3:15-3:45pm • Visitors must report to front office with an ID • Before school drop off/after school pick up • Buddy system • Evacuation drills • Cafeteria procedures

  33. TEXTBOOKS • Policy states that all textbooks must be covered at all times • Please provide a separate area for your child to study away from food and drinks • Approximate costs of textbooks per student • 1st grade $320 • 2nd grade $310 • 3rd grade $300-$580 • 4th grade $300-$550 • 5th grade $300-$500 • Textbooks that are damaged or lost will be charged to the parents

  34. Conferences/protocol • Contact teacher for conference times • Always go to the teacher first • Please schedule an appointment to meet with the teacher during his/her conference time or after school • Issues should be resolved at the campus level

  35. Parental involvement • PTO • Parental Involvement Meetings • Teacher conferences and meetings • Literacy Nights • Special fund raising activities • Parent Volunteers

  36. Thank you for your attention. This concludes this part of our presentation. Teachers will now discuss grading policies and other important classroom information. IT'S GOING TO BE A GRRREAT YEAR!!