Animal Project
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Animal Project.

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Animal project

Animal Project

  • As part of our Integrated Topic this term on Animals you will be making a poster to present to the class about an animal of your choice. It will be a research project about the animal which should include facts and information. It is up to you how you set it out on your poster but it must be eye catching and include pictures and/or diagrams. This project is to be done at home and will replace the homework during Weeks 6, 7 and 8.

  • Information that you could include about your animal could include:

  • Scientific name

  • Where can the animal be found? (habitat)

  • What impact do humans have on this animal?

  • What does the animal eat? (diet)

  • The life cycle of the animal?

  • Predators (animals that could eat it)?

  • What family does your animal belong to? (reptile, mammal, insect, fish, amphibian)

  • What doe your animal look like? (appearance)

  • How does your animal move?

  • How does the animal defend/protect themselves?

  • Is this animal in danger of extinction?

  • You may support your child in their project, however we do encourage you to allow your child a level of independence in presenting their learning.

  • You will be presenting your projects to the class during week 10 and 11 of this term so you may like to practise this at home before bringing it in on the due date.

  • The animal that I have chosen is: __________________________________

Your project is due on

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Animal project

Self Assessment Animal Project Rubric

Name: ________________________________ Animal: _________________________