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Endangered Animal Project Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Endangered Animal Project Presentation

Endangered Animal Project Presentation

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Endangered Animal Project Presentation

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  1. Endangered Animal Project Presentation Joseph Gonzalez & German Tello

  2. Mountain Gorilla Scientific name: Gorilla beringeiberingei Conservation status: Critically Endangered

  3. Mountain gorillas tend to live in forests and mountain areas in Africa.

  4. Mountain gorillas are secondary consumers mainly eating plants and insects. The mountain gorillas only real predators are jaguars and humans.

  5. Food web

  6. Why they matter Gorillas play a key role in maintaining the biodiversity of their forest homes by spreading seeds of plants they eat.

  7. Threats Hunting and trade: In some cultures in Central Africa the killing of gorillas for trophies and food has increased and the animals are frequently killed. Disease: Because gorillas share so many traits with humans they are susceptible to other human diseases. Gorillas that are in frequent contact with humans are very vulnerable to tuberculosis, scabies, and Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Habitat loss: Only 17% of the gorilla population live in protected regions, and vast areas of gorilla forest have already been lost. The destruction continues as different companies and locals clear areas for mining or agriculture fields.

  8. What is being done? Habitat preservation: WWF has worked to designate new protected areas for gorillas. WWF also collaborates with local governments in the Congo Basin to encourage the best environmental practices and promote the adoption of forest certification standards

  9. What can you do? Adopt a Gorilla: Although not everyone may be comfortable with giving out money adopting a gorilla is a very easy and fun way to help gorillas. Not only does your money contribute to conservation but you receive a gorilla bio, photograph, and adoption certificate. Examples of different gorilla adoption funds: The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is a brilliant gorilla conservation charity that are making positive differences to gorillas.