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Our Animal Research Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Animal Research Project

Our Animal Research Project

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Our Animal Research Project

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  1. Our Animal Research Project Mrs. Arant’s - 4th Grade Class 2010-2011

  2. We have worked so hard over the last three weeks to create an animal research project. We were able to spend 3 hours in the library researching our self-chosen animals. We spent an hour using books, an hour using encyclopedias, and an hour using the Internet. Throughout this time we learned so much about our animals!! Mrs. Arant even made us site our resources to give credit to the authors.

  3. After learning about our new animals we created a Power Point slide to present our information to the class. Then our class voted on the most interesting animal project and our class was able to adapt that animal from the World Wildlife Federation. Be on the lookout for when we receive our stuffed animal and information on our newly adapted animal, the __________________!! 

  4. Here is what we created- check it out!!

  5. Painted Lady ButterflyVanessa Cardui *The butterfly starts as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, turns into a chrysalis, and emerges as a butterfly. *The butterfly defends itself by camouflaging into its background. It is also able to fly very fast away from predators such as birds, spiders, and reptiles. *The butterfly lives outdoors in warmer climates. You might find a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower either sipping nectar using their proboscis or laying eggs. By: Mrs. Arant