what is empathy n.
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What is Empathy?

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What is Empathy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(Sympathy is a synonym for empathy.). What is Empathy?. Ania U. The Big Definition.

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the big definition
The Big Definition
  • Empathy is another word for sympathy it means you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. If you have empathy you have a good character. It feels good when someone is being empathetic towards you, this is what happened to me once (2011): when I broke my arm, two of my friends – Hannah and Charlotte – said to me “I know how you feel”, that made me better. When Hannah sprained her ankle, I returned the favor: I told her I knew how she felt.
my empathy poem
My Empathy Poem


Empathy, to feel with another’s heart

And to see with another’s part

Empathy, being in your friend’s shoes

But, only one choice to choose

Another’s voice, another’s view

It will all feel the same to you

Because you understand

-Ania U

how do you show empathy
How do you show Empathy?
  • You can show empathy in many ways for example: if someone is going through pain for any reason you could give them some flowers (for girls), you could empathize with them meaning talk with them about the situation, or you could even give them a sweet hug. This is what I do: I ask them if there’re okay then I switch to a different friendly conversation, It usually works, getting their mind of it.
conclusion a nd credits
Conclusion and Credits

Well, I hope you learned a lot about Empathy. To conclude this I have to stress how important empathy is to the world without it everybody might feel sad, till next time.

Use empathy.

TTYLXOX! Later dudes!


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