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  1. SOCIAL JUSTICE The goals of the workshop • Foster a clearer understanding of human rights • Learn about human rights advocates from one another's tradition • Train participants in the use of non-violent communication and interaction

  2. The Participants 51 college women, faculty, and community leaders of various faith traditions– Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame, IUSB, Bethel College, Purdue, Ohio Northern, Universal School Ivy Tech, Girl Scouts of America, and others Facilitators: Linda Wolf and CWIL Planning Team

  3. What are Human Rights? Human life is sacred and the dignity of each person is the foundation of a moral vision for society

  4. Meal of Liberation Each person is not only sacred but also social. How we organize our society—in economics and politics, in law and policy directly affects human freedom and dignity

  5. We hear the cry for justice from people throughout the world Viewing of the Saint Mary’s production of Kerry Kennedy’s play Speak Truth to Power directed by Professor Katie Sullivan, Department of Communication Studies, Dance, and Theatre, Saint Mary’s College SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER

  6. HUMAN RIGHTS • Civil and Political Rights • Social, Economic, Cultural Rights Our sacred traditions call us to secure all rights for all people Right to Food Right to Work Rights of Women Rights of Refugees Rights of Children Environmental Rights Right to Development

  7. Human Rights Advocates Each of our traditions have models and leaders who teach us the pathway to peace and justice

  8. Next Steps • The participants developed action plans for ongoing education about human rights and advocacy for human rights. • Each person renewed her commitment to continue the dialogue and proposed that the 2005 session be devoted to “Compassionate Listening Training.”

  9. Living as Women of Faith