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Marketing Channels

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Marketing Channels . Where Mission Meets Market Teacher – Shahed Rahman. What is Channel Marketing ?? . Arrangements to make possible delivery of goods to industrial users or customers and to final consumers Bridging Producers and Users

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marketing channels

Marketing Channels

Where Mission Meets Market

Teacher – ShahedRahman

what is channel marketing
What is Channel Marketing ??
  • Arrangements to make possible delivery of goods to industrial users or customers and to final consumers
  • Bridging Producers and Users
  • Marketing Channels can be viewed as sets of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for consumption or use
  • Beneton Group, Italy
  • Ships 80 million items each year
  • 7000 stores
  • 100 countries
  • Order cycle time 7 days
  • Shipped from warehouse
  • Bar code Technology
  • Kodak – 1) Direct sales representatives

2)Brokers and Distributors

3) Components Marketing Organization- Reseller


Marketing channel performs the work of moving goods from producers to consumers.

  • Provides value
  • Performs a function
  • Expects an economic return

Expert channel marketing will encompass

    • strategic solutions,
    • programmed and project management,
    • customer communications
    • database marketing
    • customer value modeling
    • partnership marketing
    • digital marketing
    • CRM systems
    • customer service operations
    • marketing technologies
    • mailing production and distribution.
need to look at
Need to look at
  • The most crucial aspect of channel marketing is in identifying new channels through which to sell and support your services and products.
  • Partners must have the right positioning and market exposure in order to drive up sales in a real and meaningful way and thereby to increase profits.
  • Third party training and support to manage resources to ensure that a channel marketing drive is a smooth running and efficient operation often accompany this.
  • Supplying goods and services at the
    • Right place
    • Right time
    • Right Quantity
    • Right Quality
    • And with a Right price

Marketing channels can stimulate the demand through promotional activities

roles of marketing channel in marketing strategies
Roles of marketing channel in marketing strategies
  • Links producers to buyers.
  • Performs sales, advertising and promotion.
  • Influences the firm's pricing strategy.
  • Affecting product strategy through branding, policies, willingness to stock and customizes profits, install, maintain, offer credit, etc
emergence of marketing channel structures
Emergence of Marketing Channel Structures
  • Intermediaries arise in the process of exchange because they can improve the efficiency of the process
  • Channel intermediaries arise to adjust the discrepancy of assortment thorough the performance of the sorting process
  • Marketing agencies hang together in the channel arrangements to provide for the routinization of transactions
  • Channel Facilitate the searching process
need to confirm with the intermediaries
Need to confirm with the intermediaries
  • Channel Distribution evolve to serve customer needs
    • Shipping Time
    • Ordering
    • Technical Support
    • Repair Service
    • Variety
    • Branded Product
    • Return Policy