how body language can beat iq n.
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How Body Language can beat IQ? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Body Language can beat IQ?

How Body Language can beat IQ?

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How Body Language can beat IQ?

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  1. How Body Language can beat IQ?

  2. Body language speaks volumes. In our daily communication, non-verbal communication plays a significant role. It is therefore imperative to pay attention to body language. Most often body language is a coefficient of your emotional quotient.

  3. If you find yourself unable to present the right stance, sign up for training in body language skills. You could take up a body language course to understand the finer aspects of using your non-verbal communication to best use. A body language training session could help you to present yourself confidently.

  4. Body language tips • Stand tall and take a stance of confidence and power. Don’t slouch; keep your posture straight. Sitting with both feet on the floor displays a more confident stance. • Avoid speaking in high-pitched voice. Instead cultivate a lower pitch that appears more relaxed, empathetic and confident.

  5. Eye contact is a very vital aspect of body language. It can be a critical factor in your success – be it in an interview, negotiation or even interpersonal relationships. Maintain eye contact but don’t go to the extent of intense gazing. Positive eye contact usually reveals a sincere and trustworthy person. • ‘A smile is one curve that sets most things straight’ and the effect it can have on people is tremendous. A genuine smile makes you appear trustworthy and approachable.

  6. Put your hands to best advantage. Gesture and speech are inter-related. Let your hands flow with your speech. Be open in your gestures. While gesticulating, it is preferable to hold your hands not higher than waist level though. But fidgeting and playing with your hair or jewellery is a strict no-no. • Likewise drumming fingers on the desk or bouncing your feet. Such gestures indicate nervousness.

  7. Learn to get your handshake right. A limp or wimpy handshake can cost you dearly. While you need not squeeze the other hand, keep your handshake firm and powerful.