Mcahk members exhibition at the trade and industry department the government hksar
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MCAHK Members’ Exhibition at The Trade and Industry Department, The Government, HKSAR. A fast track to more than 30,000 HKSMEs. Presented to you by MCAHK and VentureForge. Introduction. “Success” is a service centre under the management of The Trade and Industry Department.

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Mcahk members exhibition at the trade and industry department the government hksar
MCAHK Members’ Exhibition at The Trade and Industry Department,The Government, HKSAR

A fast track to more than 30,000 HKSMEs

Presented to you byMCAHK



  • “Success” is a service centre under the management of The Trade and Industry Department.

  • It is a place where HKSMEs look for information and assistance to develop their businesses.

  • However, the service provided by “Success” centre could only serve as a starting guide.

  • And for any further assistance, a professional consultant is required.


  • Every day, there are hundreds of SMEs’ directors and managers visiting “Success” centre to look for assistance and advice.

  • Having your company information and services presented in a prompt position will definitely capture their attention.

  • In order to maximize the effectiveness of this event, we will arrange a full-time receptionist to collect the business contact of every visitors and present your company promotional to them during the entire exhibition.

Floor plan
Floor Plan

Exhibition Area

Consultation Area

Exhibition reference photo
Exhibition (Reference Photo)


  • Like other exhibition, seminars of relevant topics will be organized to create a marketing synergy.

  • A large scale seminar form our key strategy to raise the media concern. According to past experience, seminar organized at the Hong Kong Central Library by TID will attract approx. 400 SMEs to participate.

  • And with this given scale, reporters from reputable media like Economics Times, Ming Pao will be present in the event.

Online survey
Online Survey

  • An online survey will be prepared and sent to every SMEs founded in TID database.

  • Every participants will have a quota of 5 questions, to give a total of 30 questions.

  • Only participating members will have access to this information.

  • Survey will be screened and a first-time meeting with your potential client will be arranged at “Success” Centre.


  • Meeting rooms have been arranged at “Success” Centre.

  • Every participating member is entitled to use the meeting room to meet any potential SMEs.

  • There will be SMEs screened after the online survey, as well as walk-in.

  • Participating member will then be registered to be the list of business advisor of Success Centre, and only registered advisor will receive further referral from TID.

Opening ceremony
Opening Ceremony

  • Apart from general SMEs, our event will also target professional bodies, like lawyers and engineers.

  • A cocktail reception will be organized during the Opening Ceremony of our exhibition.

  • Invitation letters will be sent to approximate 50 professional bodies.

  • And which will turn the Opening Ceremony into an incredible networking party.

Book donation
Book Donation

  • Every Participant will be asked to choose a book to donate to the Trade and Industry Department.

  • The book cover will be redecorated with your company name printed on top, and introduction at the back.

  • And the book will be placed at the SMEs’ library of “Success” centre in TID to serve as a long term promotional tool.

  • It will be presented to a Senior Officer of TID during the Opening Ceremony.

Opening ceremony1
Opening Ceremony

  • Date

    • 22 February, 2006

  • Venue

    • 1/F, The Trade and Industry Department, Mong Kok


  • Date

    • 22 February to 7 March, 2006

    • 7 days for each participant

  • Venue

    • 1/F, The Trade and Industry Department, Mong Kok


  • Date

    • to be confirmed

  • Venue

    • Hong Kong Central Library

Consultation session
Consultation Session

  • Date

    • a day of your choice in between 22 February to 7 March, 2006

  • Venue

    • 1/F, The Trade and Industry Department, Mong Kok


  • Invitation Letters

    • will be sent to over 50 professional bodies and associations.

  • Email Circulations

    • to over 30,000 SMEs of TID database

  • Book with your company printed on top

    • will be placed inside the library of “Success” Centre in TID

  • Press Release

    • will be prepared and sent to various media

Market research and client screening
Market Research and Client Screening

  • Online Survey

    • will be sent to every SMEs in TID database

    • every participant will have 5 questions in the survey

  • Meeting with SMEs qualified for your services

    • will be arranged.

    • TID will serve as a witness to protect our members from any liability.


  • Poster

    • will be printed and placed at 1/F, Success Centre

    • participant are responsible for the content and design

  • Receptionist

    • will be on duty during the exhibition to collect business card from visitors and introduce your company to them.


  • A 15-20 minutes presentation will be arranged.

  • We will be responsible to coordinate with the TID regarding the topic and content of your presentation, which are strictly regulated.

  • Reporters from relevant media like Economics Times, Ming Pao etc. will be arranged.

Participant fee
Participant Fee

  • Cash Sponsorship

    • HKD5,500 (Early Bird, before 21, December 2005)

    • HKD7,000 (Regular)

  • Book Donation

    • Please refer to slide with title of “Book Donation”

Number of participants
Number of Participants

  • With the given resources, this event could only accommodate a maximum numbers of 6 participants.

  • Participant must be a member of Management Consultancies Association of Hong Kong.

  • And they will be admitted at a “first-come-first-serve” basis.

Event organizer
Event Organizer

Jonathan Wong

VentureForge Holdings Ltd (a member of MCAHK)

Direct: 8111 4214

Fax: 3186 5732