qlubbgive video for school fundraisers
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QlubbGive Video for School Fundraisers

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QlubbGive Video for School Fundraisers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QlubbGive Video for School Fundraisers. QlubbGive , a fundraiser superhero . QlubbGive , fundraiser superhero that saves fundraising leaders swamped in fundraising chores. Company: QlubbGive (TBD) Audience:

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qlubbgive video for school fundraisers

QlubbGive Video for School Fundraisers

QlubbGive, a fundraiser superhero

qlubbgive fundraiser superhero that saves fundraising leaders swamped in fundraising chores
QlubbGive, fundraiser superhero that saves fundraising leaders swamped in fundraising chores
  • Company: QlubbGive (TBD)
  • Audience:
    • School Fundraisers: We have tremendous fundraising needs. And every fundraiser demands huge resources in volunteers and time. I want a fundraiser that is easy to execute and supported by parents.
  • Desired Actions
    • I want to start QlubbGive for my school fundraiser.
  • Video Format
    • Animation with voice
Fundraiser Hero :
  • “QlubbGive, the easy fundraiser”
  • Starts like a TV episode
  • Fundraiser Hero: Word Girl-like super hero that helps school fundraising
  • Creation of super hero girl is needed. (Smart, Perky, Cute, and Friendly character like a Word Girl from PBS Kids. Should be differentiated from Word Girl to avoid copy right issue)

The easy fundraiser

Nar. : Amy is a fundraising leader at Einstein Elementary School where her son John goes to.

  • Nar. : Amy wants John and his friends to enjoy a good education with new computers, music classes, PE, library , Science Lab, Field Trips and so on.
  • Along with the narration, show each item.
  • Show happy children with all the facilities
Nar.: However, due to the budget cut, all these are in danger.
  • As the facilities and items disappear one by one, children become shocked in the beginning and more and more disappointed.
  • Amy : We need to raise funds to support the school.
  • Nar.: Amy gathers volunteers and runs many different kinds of fundraisers.
  • Show many volunteers working from preparation to execution of Walkathon for new computers.
  • Nar. : However, Amy is getting tired of gathering volunteers for each fundraiser. And volunteers are getting tired because of the intense work load and time demand.
  • Show dwindling number of volunteers who look tired.
Nar.: Moreover, parents become less supportive due to the unpopular fundraiser items such as pop-corn, wrapping papers, cookies, over-priced magazines and so on.
  • Parents’ faces getting annoyed along with the fundraiser items.
  • Amy : Ah, I am tired and parents don’t seem to like the fundraiser. What should I do?
  • Super Hero.: Don’t worry. You have QlubbGive.
  • Super hero girl flies down to Amy.

Amy. : what is QlubbGive?

Super Hero: QlubbGive is a new way of fundraiser using online group buying method.

Amy: Honey, we don’t have any more resources to run another fundraiser. Our volunteers are busy with other tasks and we don’t have time.

Super Hero.: That’s why you need QlubbGive. QlubbGive is easy and simple. QlubbGive sources great deals on products and services from local businesses - some up to 70% off! All you need to to is choose the ones that your school community would like. From ski lift tickets to restaurants to art classes to museums- QlubbGive works with local businesses to select and craft the perfect offer for families like yours.”



It is a really good deal

Super Hero: Then QlubbGive takes your offer selections and builds deal a fundraising page and email just for your school.You forward the email to your school community. And parents share with friends and family.


  • Super Hero: At least 20% of the proceeds from each deal purchased by parents goes to your school.
  • As parents buy deals, the fundraiser thermometer goes up.



Super Hero.: Children can enjoy the new computers and music class and many more.
  • All the activities, facilities are restored
  • John is smiling again.

Super Hero: It's a win-win. Your school wins because it's easy, doesn't require a legion of volunteers, and generates substantial money. Parents love it because they are actually getting something of value that they really want and helping the school at the same time.

Super Hero: Let QG rescue you from magazine drives, candy sales, frozen cookie dough, and overpriced wrapping paper! Contact your QlubbGive superhero today

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