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  1. KEAN UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL How to use an effective ANGLE *DL Coaching Points

  2. S.A.C.K.R.A.T.DL CREEDO • S – stance • A – alignment • C – charge (GET OFF) • K – keys • R – reads • A – assignment • T - technique

  3. VISUAL KEY Shaded NOSE OG 4 tech OG 5 tech OG PRESSURE KEY Shaded NOSE Center 4 tech TACKLE 5 tech TACKLE ALIGNMETS/KEYS

  4. CAVALIER FRONT QB TE S E N E R 9tech 6 tech heavy 6 tech ghost 9 M W 20 tech 20 tech $ J 10 -12 yards 10-12 yards

  5. SLIDE FRONT QB R E N E S Ghost 4 tech heavy 4 tech 9 tech W M 30 tech 30 tech J 10-12 yards $

  6. GAP CONTROL DEFENSE • TECHNIQUES/FUNDAMENTALS for STUNTING with DL PLAY • Stunting/Redirecting big chunk of DL play • We don’t want to play all game, up & in with OL or be landmarked • We try to keep them guessing and keep them on their heels • 3-4 defense but we do NOT 2 gap, slant/angle

  7. Scheme of the 3-4 MIXING IN FRONTS Different directional DL stunts Cross Face stunts SO WE are not always LANDMARKED MIX IT UP FRONTS STUNTS Tandem SOLO Cross Face BLITZ ZONE MAN How to keep them guessing

  8. Slant (vs. RUN) FLAT Change Stance Feet under us more Weight placement Weight on foot/leg opposite of the direction we are going When to we use it Anticipating RUN Run Defenses Penetration (vs. pass) UPFIELD Same stance as Slant Weight placement SAME as SLANT USE this with our BLITZ’S Thinking PASS Want to get after QB ANGLE/STUNT

  9. SLANT TECH With ALL the ZONE Blocking we see – WE DO NOT want to penetrate UPFIELD If you do – YOU get washed down the LOS Because OL will get on your back and it is OVER *they will just keep running you out of the play 1st STEP – FLAT & WIDE This is why we change our stance Now you can go side-to-side better with a stronger push off and not up field initially We want to play the RUN at the heels of OL

  10. Narrow base Everything else is the same Whatever way you are going – put all of weight/pressure on opposite foot Physically/Mentally THINKING ABOUT IT This way you ensure a better/harder Push Off A Quicker initial Movement FIRST STEP FLAT, QUICK , WIDE Staying low in the direction you are going Chest over thigh Pressure KEY – OL you are over Visual KEY – OL you are stunting to Visual KEY – is going to tell you where the play is going and your 2nd & 3rd steps STANCE

  11. WORKING YOUR GAP • That’s what it becomes, keeping your face in your gap • Now the DL Work UP & IN • Separate – with Hands & Arms • JUST GETTING TO THAT GAP BY STUNTING • As opposed to lining up in it and letting those BIG OL know the landmark • Create DECEPTION/make them THINK!

  12. IF Pressure KEY: The man/OL in front of you is blocking you- the 2nd step is up field into the OL We’re talking about cross face – now it becomes the way you teach him to play his gap Attacking straight ahead or up & into his inside 1/2 Pressure key steps into block you (example) SECOND STEP PRESSURE VISUAL KEY KEY E 1st 2nd step

  13. Tighten Alignment up So we try to guarantee the FIRST STEPS effectiveness We talk about ABILITY ALIGNMENT Whatever they have to take to get it there quick enough CP’S 1st step WIDE/FLAT QUICK Weight on opposite foot Stay low – flat back Chest on thigh Hands up by 2nd step ALIGNMENT

  14. Man you ALIGN on is Pressure Always look at the next OL that you are stunting to He is going to tell you where the BALL is going Periph the BALL EXAMPLE 5 tech or DE stunting to B GAP Look at OG KEY OG IF OG zones away or pulls – now we try and get in the hip pocket to beat cut off Without stepping up field with our 2nd step There is still NO need to attack pressure key with 2nd step Work down LOS with key of OG Visual tells you what to do with 2nd step KEYS E ABILITY ALIGNMENT – take what YOU need to get there

  15. 5 tech still stunting B gap OG at YOU Must keep face in the B gap See him on 1st step 2nd step up field NOW to prevent the REACH He can not allow the OG to reach him and he can NOT end up in the A GAP Must see/KEY Visual KEY – stepping up field if he zones at you 5 tech with OG attacking YOU E DE can not get reached

  16. Can NOT LOOK AT HIM! Again next OL inside – VISUAL KEY Visual key will take you to the play and tell you what to do on your 2nd step So, even if the OT Zones you right away (still 5 tech) must play B gap with our face in the gap – b/c our eyes should be where? Man you’re ALIGNED on is PRESSURE – MUST FEEL him… E

  17. 3 tech NO DIFFERENT Pressure Visual T Stunting to A GAP – see the center FEEL the OG – same rule as what we Covered with the 5 tech. Now it is just like a 1 tech (2i) and the rules you would teach them vs. block recognition.

  18. Playing from 1 A GAP to the other A GAP CENTER – Pressure OG – VISUAL KEY OG will still tell you where the ball is going REACH block by center in the direction we are going – Must get our face in the gap, fight pressure, keep straining – stringing it out EAST/WEST Run our feet – fight not to get reached (STRAIN) NOSE TACKLE NT

  19. SCOOP/JUMP THRU Zone/Reach opposite the direction we Are going – or right at you NT Visual – must see OG step at you So 2nd step is up field, feel some Pressure by center – try to grab just Enough to slow down – maintain Onside A gap – do not allow OG to Overtake you with his hat/body

  20. Going to create “WHIFFS” OL worst nightmare More frequent with the DRIVE block OL tries to come 100 mph off the ball with the drive block or as hard as they can with the 1-on-1 block right over the ball The deception by alignment with stunting causes the “WHIFF” The reason we stunt is to create confusion Now we get our 2nd step up field & we are making the play in the backfield With the DRIVE… NT

  21. SLANT STEP or FLAT STEP 1st step flat, wide Back Flat Staying low/Chest on the thigh This is vs. the RUN Hands must shoot up Hand placement Step with the hands Thumbs up/palms in Separate on contact We drill this every day in the chutes That is our start to the practice day Get offs – 3-4 x’s R/L handed stance 3-4 x’s Slant stance R 4-5 x’s Slant stance L 4-5 x’s BOTH we do 1/2 bar and then full bar (ability align) Then we do the chutes/slant stance with a key/direction at the end of the chute SACKRATCP’S…

  22. A different technique Up field NOW 45 degree step Want to get off as quick and as hard as possible Key the ball When we bring heat Getting after the QB OL now are a little more ‘Pass’ive Sitting back Weight back Tip their stance Ready to Pass Set We want to get on them QUICK We want to get on them HARD I. PASS RUSH DOWNSII. BLITZING…..

  23. 1st step Up field 45 degrees with it Back flat Chest over thigh Stance does not change from Slant stance 2nd step (BIG Difference) Must come through quick, fast, & hard Bring arm & shoulder, that ½ of the body DIP & RIP Get on the hip of OL STEPS…

  24. If he is blocking you: Getting on him quick is the most important CP Getting on his HIP working the ½ man philosophy on the pass rush The 2nd step is the most crucial part of this – why? b/c the arm/shoulder MUST follow with the DIP & RIP Working on the OL with penetration now IF you do not follow thru – you will not be very successful Working LEVERAGE ..

  25. RE – DIRECTChange of DIRECTION • LEVEL 1 - the football (credit card close) • LEVEL 2 - the hip of the center (1/2 YARD) • LEVEL 3 – the hips of the other OL (1 YARD) • Level 3 is where DL are going to make plays vs. the RUN • Any deeper the DL usually run themselves out of the play • They have to understand that – as well as REP IT

  26. On this Penetration STUNT DL must be able to change direction…vs. the RUN If we call at the wrong time based off: Tendencies (%) Personnel (%) D/D (%) We MUST re-direct DRILL IT LEVEL 3 DRILL GET OFF COACH 2 yards from DL Off stunt – need to react off the coach RUN/PASS Flatten out or get up field RE-DIRECT

  27. DL FOCUS more on the GETOFF To get a GREAT GETOFF – WE NOW KEY the FOOTBALL To be able to get the PENETRATION we want/need Then we get to our Visual key If it is a pass we stay vertical If it is a run – we talk about flatten out and re-directing At least giving us a chance vs. RUN If we stay vertical – we have no shot vs. the RUN PASS RUSH/BLITZ

  28. VIRGINIA/cover 3 R E N E S W M C H $ J N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT R – visual = OT

  29. VIRGINIA/cover 3 R E N E S W M H C $ J N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT S – visual = OT pressure = TE

  30. VIRGINIA/cover 2 E N E S R M W C H J $ N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT S – visual = OT pressure = TE

  31. VIRGINIA/cover 2 R E N E S W M C H J $ N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT R – visual = OT

  32. VIRGINIA/cover 2 R E N E S W M C H J $ N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT R – visual = OT

  33. VIRGINIA/cover 3 R E N E S W M H C $ J N – visual = OG pressure = center E – visual = OG pressure = OT S – visual = OT pressure = TE

  34. We do drills for this everyday • In camp – we start with slower progressions • As we get closer to the end of camp – ALL the drills we do for the DL are FULL SPEED • Simulating how it will be for them in a GAME • Everything happens quick • Doing it ½ speed will not get them ready • Because of the amount of blitzing we do • Because every down we are slanting • Our 4th rusher is predicated on the coverage and the offenses formation they come out in • Every down we could be slanting a different way • So, we do drills everyday for that

  35. COACHx • Level 3 Drill DL DL The drill starts on ball movement. Give the DL the direction of the Penetration. Now ball is hiked and the coach gives them a RUN/PASS Read. On Pass they get vertical. On the RUN the coach makes sure The DL first flatten out with the RUN Direction – let them shuffle in that Direction and then change the direction to finish the drill. Quick/React

  36. KEY DRILL DE NT DE Give the OL direction you want them to Step or work. Give DL your stunt call. Now you Focus on your VISUAL/PRESSURE KEY. Find out where their EYES ARE.

  37. NEXT SESSION… • Tie in, How to CONTROL an Effective Zone Blitz • April 21st Saturday • CLINIC - $10.00 – 6 ½ hours of football • Morning 8-10 am View Spring Practice • 12:00 – 5:00 pm CLINIC • Demonstration Clinic – Drills 1st 2 Hours • 1 hour of Offensive Drills by position • 1 hour of Defensive Drills by position • Hour and a half – Offensive Scheme • Hour and a half – Special Teams Scheme • Hour and a half – Defensive Scheme • JULY 7th 7-on-7 COUGAR CLASSIC • 24 TEAMS (5 GAMES)

  38. KEAN UNIVERSITY • Dan Garrett • Head Football Coach • Defensive Coordinator • 908 737 0628 office • email • 2005 DIII AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year • 2006 NJAC Coach of the Year