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  2. ADMISSIONS AND CURRICULUM • Admissions Application • Complete online application by February of junior year (Application) • Essay needs to be included & printed for school counselors • Indicate intended major for Year 1 • No application fees required • No teacher or guidance letters required

  3. Majors at Kean • There are dozens to choose from – you are not required to major in your high school academy focus after Year 1. • What are your interests outside of your academy?

  4. College Courses – Fall Semester Fall 2018 Summer 2018: Transition to Kean (last week of August, 3-4 days) All Students English: College Composition Math (By choice) Physical Education (by choice) EDUCATION Speech Communication Science (by choice) SUSTAINABILITY Earth Science Biology DESIGN Visual Form* Visual Technique* Graphic Design* *may be specified to your interest (graphic design, industrial design, interior design, etc.)

  5. College Courses – Spring Semester Spring 2019 All Students English: Research and Technology Critical Issues and Values in Contemporary Health Physical Education (by choice) EDUCATION Field Study Disabled Person in Amer. Soc. Free Elective (by choice) SUSTAINABILITY Ecosystems Science Sustainability Science Free Elective (by choice) DESIGN Visual Form* Visual Technique* Science Lab (by choice) *may be specified to your interest (graphic design, industrial design, interior design, etc.)

  6. REGISTRATION • Please review the courses you will be taking during the Academic Year. In February, you will arrange a meeting with your school counselor during which you will discuss your course selections. • Not all courses will have options: • ENG 1030 – English Composition • GE 2025 – Research and Technology • ID 1225 – Crit. Issues and Values in Cont. Health

  7. Math and Science • If you have completed Pre-calculus or above: MATH SCIENCE • Algebra Statistics Physics Earth Science • Calculus Biology Meteorology • Astronomy Geology STEM program –award-winning faculty and facilities • Calculus and Chemistry • Biology and Statistics • If you have NOT completed Pre-calculus or above: • Math choice at discretion of school counselor, math teachers at UCVTS, and you • SCIENCE: Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Earth Science, Meteorology &

  8. Class Schedules • Schedules are created by the UCVTS Staff, not students. This is so that all of the graduation requirements necessary can be scheduled and monitored. • There are a few requirements we strive to meet when creating student schedules: • Classes during normal high school hours: 8am-3:15pm • Classes 5 days a week • All requirements met – Math, Science, English, Research and Technology, Health, Major Courses, Physical Education

  9. Sample Fall Education Schedule

  10. Sample Fall Sustainability Schedule

  11. Sample Fall Design Schedule

  12. Schedule Possibilities • Please be aware that there are some scenarios that you may find with your schedule. • Scenarios could include: • Once a week, you could have a Lab component to your science course that runs until 4 or 5 pm. This will only be scheduled with permission from the high school and parent • You have very little time in between classes to get from one to the next (15 minutes is the norm, some classes have 5 minutes) • You could have a long break between classes (ie. One class ends at 9:15 am and your next class does not start until 2:00 pm) • You could have classes beginning at 8:00 am every day of the week • You may have days where your first class of the day does not begin until the late morning or early afternoon

  13. Schedule Possibilities, cont’d. • These scenarios are unavoidable, as your schedule depends on the following: • Course availability • Time offerings (between 8 and 3:15) • How the course fits in with your other courses • Your specific course selections • How many sections of a class are available • Choosing your math and science course during your junior year is a very important decision. Once you have selected your courses and your schedule is made, it is extremely difficult to make changes to your schedule. • Once schedules are created, they WILL NOT be altered.

  14. After-school clubs, sport, activities • If you are involved with after-school clubs, sports or activities, and need to be out of class by 3:15, you MUST tell your school counselor when you discuss your math & science choices. • After-school activities cannot take priority over classes, but we can try to craft your schedule to fit. • If we are not notified by March, when schedules are made, we cannot guarantee you will get out by 3:15

  15. Integration with Kean students • You may be with Kean students in the following courses: • Math • Science • Physical Education • Any electives you choose for Spring • You may be in UCVTS-Only classes in some Major courses and: • Health • Research and Technology

  16. College Credit • UCVTS students who wish to continue at Kean will have completed their freshman year of college, earned 29-32 credits and have lots of different pathways available to them. • Students interested in other universities after the completion of freshman year: • Each individual college will have specific guidelines in terms of freshman orientation, transferable credits, and major course requirements. Many students who transfer to another college are able to skip General Education requirements due to their Kean credits (based on their grade).

  17. Kean Supervision and Advisement • Both Kean and UCVTS will provide supervision and guidance throughout your year at Kean (and years beyond should you choose to remain at KU). • Kean will have Michele Mossay and the entire UCVTS at Kean Office Staff as your on-site liaisons to monitor your activities and progress as agreed upon between UCVTS and KU. • Your UCVTS school counselors will also be available to you.

  18. Graduation and Retention at Kean • Successful completion of all courses is required to graduate from UCVTS. • Successful completion of all courses is expected for retention at Kean or transfer to another university. • To continue beyond your freshman year at Kean, you will need to meet with the office housing your intended major, whether that be Education, Sustainability, Design, or something different altogether.

  19. Transportation • Car-pooling • NJ Transit Train to Kean – station on the campus perimeter – Raritan Valley line • NJ Transit Bus • Drive – parking permits will be issued but parking is challenging after 9 a.m.

  20. School Calendar • UCVTS vs. Kean Calendar • 180 day school Calendar • 150+/- day Kean Calendar • 30+ day difference • Internships • Internships to make up for difference in days • On and off campus • Senior Projects • Coordinate with Dr. McNamara

  21. Attendance/Absences • It is the responsibility of the students to attend all of their classes at Kean University. • If a student is going to be absent, please call the West Hall Main Office at extension 884 to report the absence. • The onus for attendance will fall on the student.

  22. Communication with Kean • Final grades for students will still be submitted through PowerSchool at the end of the semester. • Interim Reports will be submitted to UCTECH through liaison office • Communication to Kean University will run through Mr. Lerner and Mr. McCurley and then back to the family.

  23. Meeting with Your Counselor • College advising will be available by appointment with your counselor in order to assure confidential and efficient planning. • Students will be able to contact and consult with UCTECH Counselor in person and via e-mail weekly. • UCTECH Counselors will have assigned days at Kean University

  24. Kean/UCTECH Life • All UCTECH students will have the opportunity to: • Participate in all Kean / UCVTS extracurricular activities & clubs • Utilize Kean / UCVTS facilities • Welcomed back to campus to see teachers, counselors, prom, dances, etc.

  25. Questions & Answers