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My magazine pitches

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My magazine pitches
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  1. My magazine pitches Sophie Hoolihan

  2. Frank Sinatra jr Al Jolson Swing Time Bing Crosby Paul Robeson Sammy Davis jr Judy Garland Tony Bennett Jim Reeves Rosemary Clooney Doris Day Nat King Cole Matt Monro Perry Como Frank Sinatra Aretha Franklin Dean Martin

  3. Genre • my magazine focuses on vintage music from 1920s-60s e.g. Al Jolson, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rat pack, Bing Crosby etc. • Music genres- Swing, Early pop, big band. It will also include bands/singers/tribute acts of now e.g. Frank Sinatra Jr , Michael Bùble etc.

  4. Name • The name of my magazine is “Swing time”. I chose this name because in vintage slang, it means to hang out with people you like, sing and have a good time. My magazine is all about bringing people together which have a similar like in music and let them share it and have a good time.

  5. Demographic • The demographic of my magazine is 16-30 well educated, studious young people whom enjoy listening to and/or performing vintage music.

  6. Price and subscription • The magazine retails at £1.99 and comes out once a week. • For subscription you would pay £36 a month, this allows you to get freebies and enter exclusive competitions

  7. Web 2.0 • My magazine will have its own website, YouTube channel and facebook page. Where readers of the magazine will be able to upload their own versions of songs or suggest songs. For readers whom don’t have the internet the best videos uploaded for the last 6 months will be put on a DVD and sent to them if they subscribe to the magazine. Online they will also be able to subscribe to the magazine.

  8. Other Media • There will also be a radio station for the magazine which can either be accessed from the internet or an app on iPod touch, the magazine will also be able to be read and interacted with on an app for iPad.

  9. Events and conventions • The magazine will advertise and suggest by email and in the magazine up and coming events which include the genre of music. • The magazine will also hold its own conventions every year, inviting both surviving vintage singers and tribute artists to perform. • This will be held in serveral countries including UK, USA and Australia.

  10. Swing Time mission statement • Swing Time, will ensure that we appeal to are wide range of readers. From younger readers whom enjoy listening to more modern updates of vintage music, to our more loyal vintage supporters. Each issue will include a variety of different artists both present and past, to make sure we cater for all of our loyal readers and to give the chance for everyone of our readers to be introduced to new updated versions of vintage music.

  11. Swing Time readers profile • Nick,29, loves old music: it informs his choice of fashion sense, attitudes and lifestyles. It encourages him to discuss his like in vintage music with his friends whom are uneducated in it. Above all he is devoted to swing time’s music. He engages with music in the morning, evening and spare time, when he is not listening to music he is working hard for his degree, working hard at work, attending performances by tribute bands or surviving vintage singers and locating and buying old CDs. He is polite, well educated, has a strong morale code and celebrates his individuality. He has his own smart fashion style and hopes to one day be an amateur tribute artist, in-between working in a well paid, challenging career.

  12. Unique selling point • My magazines unique selling point is its genre of music, there is no magazine currently available that covers such a wide spectrum of vintage music. My magazine covers music from 1920s-1960s. 1970 1920

  13. Advertisement Vintage clothes shop Vintage CD online shop I would like to attract advertisers of music events, vintage clothes stores and record and CD sellers of vintage music e.g.

  14. That’s Entertainment!

  15. Genre • My magazine focuses on music from the musicals ranging from stage to screen in the whole period of musicals, but focusing mainly on the last 100 years of musicals from the early 1900s to the present. Richard Harris in Camelot Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls

  16. Name • The name of my magazine is “That’s entertainment!” I chose this because the song is from the 1953 musical film the band wagon Since the movie, the song has become an anthem for Hollywood and theater in general, being used as an opening number in many shows. Therefore is perfect for the genre of musicals.

  17. Demographic • My magazine is for all lovers of musicals music, however there will be sections in my magazine which target different age groups e.g. the type of artists who are interviewed and the type of music discussed may be of interest to a particular age group rather than a collective group.

  18. Prices and subscription • The magazine retails at £2.99 • Subscription is £38 a year. This allows use to access exclusive offers and get freebies.

  19. Web 2.0 • My magazine will have its own website which has links off to cinema and theatre booking services where they will be able to order tickets for musicals. It will also have a sharing page which will allow them to share videos, as well as a forum for complaints and recommendations. Readers will also be able to sign up to the magazine and get discounts for music stores and theatre and cinema bookings for musicals.

  20. Other media • The magazine will have its own radio and channel on freeview. • The channel will play musicals and interviews and documents with the artists from these. • The magazine will also have its own app on iPad where the magazine can be interacted with, videos uploaded by readers will be able to be accessed here.

  21. Events and Conventions • The magazine offers evenings out all over the country where subscribers of the magazine can get together and go see a musical together for half price and have a meal beforehand for half price as well. • There is also regular competitions in the magazine, prizes range from free tickets to travel abroad for shows to free CDs.

  22. That’s entertainment Mission statement • “That’s entertainment”, will ensure that all its readers are entertained by all the different genres within the magazine. For more experience older readers of the magazine both past and present music will be included to keep them interested and for younger readers the most up to date music will be included. Each magazine will have a balance of interviews, reviews and readers comment space.

  23. That’s Entertainment Reader profile • Jane, 33, lives with her husband and children, she used to work in musical theatre but gave up to look after her children, she still enjoys singing and gives regular performances at her local amateur theatre group. The music effects her fashion sense which is loud and confident and her morals which are to live a happy, fulfilled life. when she’s not looking after her children she’s listening to musicals on her iPod or working on her new job as a part time music teacher. She loves “that’s entertainment” because it gives her the chance to reflect on her old career and interact through the magazines facebook account with like minded people, she also gets to upload her old videos to share with others, so she can still keep that part of herself.

  24. Unique Selling point • The unique selling point of my magazine is its genre of music, it deals with all genres of songs from musicals e.g. early 1900s to present.

  25. Advertisement • I would like to attract film companies, DVD companies both shop and rentals and theatre and cinema companies to my magazine.