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“Team Australia April 2010”

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“Team Australia April 2010”
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“Team Australia April 2010”

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  1. “Team Australia April 2010” A Group of Technologies and Products for Communications, Security, Equipping the Warfighter, Simulation and Training

  2. What is “Team Australia” ? • A Collection of Technologies, Capabilities and Products brought together and presented by the Australian Department of Defence (ADoD) This group is focused on: Communications and Cyber-Security Simulation and Training Warfighter Equipment and Technology

  3. The exepcted members of this “Team Australia” are presented here. The Schedule of Events is evolving, but includes the following known events, locations and dates: 5-7 April The US Marine Corps Briefing to Industry, Baltimore, MD- Team Australia will be attending this once every two year event from the USMC. There will be opportunities for meetings with specific companies. Contact for this event and meetings with Team Australia members is by calling 202-797-3385 or email: aurelio.azpiazu@defence.gov.au. 8 April Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC-WD-) Weapons Division, Lexington Park, MD (PAX River) – The Team will present scheduled briefings in the Conference Facilities of SABRE SYSTEMS Expedition Business Park, Lexington Park, Maryland. For additional schedule details and registration contact: 9 April Embassy Presentation, Washington, DC- Team Australia will present a series of schedule briefings on each of the topics in this presentation. The briefings will begin at 1300. Those registered guests will be invited to remain at 1700 for a Business Attire Social Function to permit additional time to exchange ideas with attendees and members of the team. For registration or other information contact: 202-797-3385 or email: aurelio.azpiazu@defence.gov.au. 12 April Present in Tampa, Florida Past Team Australia visits and experience have shown that the specops community has an appreciation and willingness to acquire Aus products.  Because of the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) missions and approach to accomplishing them, the ADF/DMO often has had products developed which closely fit the needs of this community.  The Series of briefings is still in development in collaboration with US DoD personnel for further information check this site late or : 202-797-3385 or email: aurelio.azpiazu@defence.gov.au. 13-14 April and present in Fayetteville, North Carolina at SPECOPSEAST  SPECOPSEAST is a conference and trade show recommended by the Special Operations Community and some of the key contacts in Tampa and elsewhere.   The North Carolina Military Foundation is organizing events and presentations for Team Australia and will also organize individual meetings and discussions with the Australian defense firms as appropriate. For additional information contact: 15 April Huntsville, AL This is a generic reference for the US Army's Redstone Arsenal located there, but also includes the tremendous concentration of military and civilian commands that have and are moving there from all over the US.  Our visit will be hosted by the North Alabama International Trade Association(NAITA). In addition portions of the military community from Redstone and Fort Rucker (Army Aviation/Helicopters) are invited to attend the briefings by Team Australia. For location and schedule of briefings contact NAITA at: Where Can I Meet “Team Australia”?

  4. Team Australia recognizes that your time is limited and that not all portions of the Briefing will be of interest to all attendees. In the interest of efficiency the products and technologies presented here will follow a schedule along the following lines. Variations will be made to accommodate interest based on registrations for the events. 1 Hour Communications and Cyber- Security 2nd Hour Simulation and Training 3rd Hour Warfighter Equipment and Support Guests may come and depart as needs arise General Schedule of the Briefings described in this Presentation

  5. “Team Australia” and The Defence Export Unit

  6. The Office of the Counsellor, Defence Materiel (CONDMAT) Washington, DC- Industry Support Section The Industry Support Section is located within the Defence Materiel Branch at the Embassy of Australia. Its role is to support the Australian Defence Force by assisting Australian firms in establishing business relationships with North American Defense firms. A collateral function is to assist US firms seeking to work in Australia and coordinating visits for US Department of Defense teams traveling to Australia. The Section is also the primary contact for the Defence Export Unit in North America and coordinates “Team Australia” visits and events.

  7. Web Sites of Interest 202-797-3385 or email: aurelio.azpiazu@defence.gov.au. The following Websites are mentioned in this Presentations by the Embassy of Australia Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) www.defence.gov.au/dmo Office of the Counsellor Defence Materiel (CONDMAT) Washington, DC- Defence Materiel Branch www.condmat.com Defence Capability Plan (DCP) Latest Version www.defence.gov.au/dmo/id/dcp/dcp.cfm

  8. Warfighter Equipment and Systems

  9. AVI Pty Ltd designs and develops advanced tactical and military surveillance, detection and control systems. The company also provides a range of services including maintenance and support, design, development, hardware and software engineering and integration. AVI's ICATS® capability includes all the tools required for information collection, compression and transmission. The capability allows complete control of a range of sensors and devices from remote locations, and interfaces with multiple bearers for maximum operational flexibility. The capability is comprised of sub-components, including miniROS™ and FES. miniROS™AVI's miniature Remote Observation System (miniROS) is a gateway product that creates a platform for the integration of sensors, actuators and bearers for the purpose of tactical surveillance, targeting and acquisition. FES The AVI Field Ethernet System (FES) is ideal for military Deployable Local Area Networks (DLAN). The system is designed to provide rugged, durable and reliable networking devices in a small modular form to provide high speed and flexible field networks.

  10. Deployable Structures International is focused on bringing logistically sensible and easily constructed shelter systems to a wide range of customers who need quality facilities in remote, difficult or harsh environments. Many years of living and working in such areas and dealing with the frustrations associated with building structures designed by people not always aware of the issues faced by remote constructors has led to the development of the company's flagship product FLATTS (FLATTransportable Structures). The FLATTS Rapid Construction System is adaptable to a wide range of shelter and general building applications and can be built to two storys with a conventional integrated trussed roof system. A worldwide network of highly skilled and capable manufacturing licensees has been established to address supply chain issues, all building the same product to rigidly controlled specification under QA means your needs in shelter, however significant, can and will be met by the DSI Global Team.

  11. Codan 2110 Manpack series Transceivers are lightweight rugged HF radio systems designed for long distance on-the-move communications. The 2110 is interoperable with military transceivers and offers advanced Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) options. Low current consumption of the 2110 Manpack provides long battery life, and an innovative battery management system provides battery status. A user-friendly interface, integrated automatic antenna tuner and self-test capabilities ensure the radios are simple to operate and maintain. Codan, based in Adelaide, Australia, designs and manufacturers a diversified product range for the international high frequency radio, satellite and digital microwave communication markets. Founded in 1959, Codan has grown to become a globally active company with exports sold into more than 150 countries and a global fielding of over 250,000 radios with a reputation for unsurpassed quality in extreme environments. Codan recently added metal detection equipment and advanced electronics manufacturing to its product group through acquisition of Minelab Electronics Pty. Ltd. With compliance to JITC Certified MIL-STD-188-141B ALE, FED-STD-1045 ALE, interoperability with commercial and other military grade radios, frequency hopping and voice encryption,. Codan’s radios further strengthen Codan’s legendary reputation for quality and exceptional value.

  12. KEY CUSTOMERS • NATIONAL • High Speed Craft shipbuilders • Incat Tasmania , North West Bay Ships, Carnival Cruise Lines, • P&O Maritime Services. • INTERNATIONAL • High Speed Craft Shipbuilders • FBMA Philippines, Bollinger Shipyards USA • High Speed Craft Operators • US Navy, US Army High Speed Craft [ under charter], European High Speed Craft operators : Trasmed, Fred Olsen, Condor Ferries, Bay Ferries Canada • KEY PARTNERS • Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd. • Bollinger Shipyards Louisiana USA • Ayres Composite Panels • Thermal Ceramics CAPABILITIESManufacture & installation of a range of lightweight passive fire protection [PFP] systems for high performance commercial and military craft and or land based vehiclesManufacture & installation of thermal insulation for engine exhaust systems for commercial and military craft and or vehicles.DISCRIMINATORSThe Rapid Access Composite [RAC] products have a lighter installed weight than competitive products resulting in reduced fuel consumption and increased freight payloads for life of vessel. The RAC system is fast to install saving time in the building of the vessel. Reduced spares inventory The RAC system is faster to remove / replace in service providing easier access to shipboard services to undertake maintenance throughout the service life of vessel .Reduction in corrosive exposureQUALITY APPROVALS / CERTIFICATIONColbeck & Gunton complies with ISO 9001:2000 and EU certification for passive fire protection systems. A60 systems have USCG approvals. Marine PFP systems comply with IMO requirements. CONTACTS: Colbeck & Gunton Pty Ltd Noel Richardson, General Manager 11 Bender Drive, Derwent Park, TAS 7009 Tel:+61 3 6272 6105 Fax:+613 62731716 Mobile +61 439 348 710 Email: nrichardson@gunton.com.au Website: http://www.gunton.com.au

  13. PROBLEM Insufficient realism and flexibility of static and rail-based targets. BENEFITS OF ROVER SOLUTION • Realistic & challenging training • Targets have human-like size, shape, speed, and motion • Responsive behavior • Mannequin drops when shot; other targets run for cover • Labor-saving • Single instructor for a team of targets, no joystick required • Minimum infrastructure • No rails or magnets; targets are portable • Flexible usage • Infinite number of possible training scenarios Rover A unique robotic target system for live-fire training TECHNOLOGY • Navigation, positioning & obstacle avoidance • Sensors: GPS and laser range scanner • State-of-the-art software • Robotic platform • COTS Segway, balancing on 2 wheels • Armour • 5mm ARMOX600 from the waist down • Computer & communication • COTS motherboard; high-speed wireless Ethernet • Hit sensing • Acoustic sensors capable of discriminating between head and body shots • Command & Control • Graphical User Interface running on a PC BACKGROUND • Manufacturer • Marathon Robotics Pty Ltd www.marathon-robotics.com • Based in Sydney, Australia • System usage today • System was developed in close conjunction with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) • A system of 8 targets is deployed at a training facility in Western Australia

  14. Marathon Robotics is displaying its free-ranging live-fire target system, "Rover". Rover is a robotic target which emulates human motion. Autonomous operation allows the targets to move in and out of buildings, out of line-of- sight, going anywhere a person could go. Compared to static pop-ups or rail- based targets, Rover provides a step-change in realistic and challenging training, while keeping infrastructure requirements to a bare minimum. With the Rover system, a single instructor can conduct complex long-duration scenarios with multiple targets. No need to use a joystick - just give the command and off they go, following a pre-orchestrated scenario while reporting their positions back to instructors in real-time. When a target is shot, it provides instant visual feedback by stopping and dropping its mannequin. It simultaneously sends a message to other targets, who can react by running for cover.

  15. Metal Storm- a developer of a fast deployment technology that is currently in consideration by the US Marines and others.  The technology is best known for the electronically initiated weapon systems that have variable rates of fire and no moving parts except the munitions.  Metal Storm products are now in consideration with the US Army and Marine Corps as well as requested by other allied armed forces.

  16. Special Operations Research and Development (S.O.R.D) is a Melbourne based manufacturing company exclusively owned and operated by former members of the Australian Defence Force.With backgrounds in various Infantry and Special Forces units, the staff’s diverse skill base enables SORD to provide comprehensive client support by offering advice based on experience and the intimate understanding of user requirements.SORD is an innovative company which maintains the capability to custom manufacture items, from conception through to end user. All SORD tactical nylon products are made in Melbourne Australia, from cutting-edge Mil-Spec materials from the USA, with patents on intellectual property to help prevent imitation. SORD’s extensive range of equipment has been designed, manufactured and produced to provide the operator with a solid platform from which to work in high stress environments. It will meet the demands of your current and future requirements. SORD continues to provide the tactical operator with the best tactical equipment currently on the market or in development and has the capacity to source or produce industry leading, state of the art Police and Military tactical equipment to enhance any operators’ capability. SORD has continued to shape and develop it's capability to ensure that it lives by its phrase; “Innovation, not imitation”

  17. THALES Ammunition

  18. Simulation and Training

  19. Communications and Cyber-Security

  20. MIKOH

  21. Web Sites of Interest Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) www.defence.gov.au/dmo Office of the Counsellor Defence Materiel (CONDMAT) Washington, DC- Defence Materiel Branch www.condmat.com Defence Capability Plan (DCP) Latest Version www.defence.gov.au/dmo/id/dcp/dcp.cfm The following Websites are mentioned in this Presentations by the Embassy of Australia