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Keep continue pouring of beer with Fob Draft System & Save Beer

Beer fob dfc 9500 provide continue pouring of beer and keep supply lines full with beer. It helps to save your beer and when your keg is going empty then fob draft system stop flow of beer.<br>Visit: https://doublebeerfob.com/

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Keep continue pouring of beer with Fob Draft System & Save Beer

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  1. Get More Brew From Your Kegs Now We all want our draft beer to be fresh and taste good, right? Handling a beer bar is not at all easy! It takes much effort to make a successful bar. It becomes embarrassing when your customers are waiting, and your beer supply lines are dry. You need to manage the beer in the keg so that there is no foam in the beer and the beer lines always remain full. One of the best ways is to use Fob Draft Systems by Double Beer Fob. This helps you get more beer from your kegs. A FOB draft system is made to keep your beer lines always filled with brew FOBs installed in the system will reduce the amount brew wastage and increase beer profits. There Are Interesting Features Of Our Product Easy Installation Easy to Use High Quality Reduce Beer Waste What Makes Our Product The Best Uninterrupted pouring State of the art Fob combined with next generation switching capability Seamless Installation Into any Cooler Room Configuration Easy To Clean

  2. Our Fob Draft System contains Barrel, Coupler, FOB and Faucet. The Barrel- Barrels help in the storage and transportation of beer. It protects your brew from external dust, air and light and also helps in the fast distribution of beer. Some of them are made of stainless steel; some are coated with rubber, aluminum or plastic. It usually has a valve onto which a coupler is attached. Coupler- A coupler is attached with the barrel which allows carbon dioxide to enter the barrel and pushes the beer out. FOB - FOB generally means foam on the beer. In a draft beer system, the FOB stops the beer flow immediately when the barrel gets low on beer. This removes the foam that forms due to an empty keg. Faucet - The Faucet taps the beer into the glass. Most faucets are suitable for both ales and lagers. The tap handle screws on to the tap lever and identifies the type of beer that is being dispensed Contact Us Call at +1-604-517-1223 / 1-888-225-2256 US/Canada to schedule your Fob Draft System!

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