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Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Go To Market – Sales Overview

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Go To Market – Sales Overview. James Owens – BDM, Specialist Sales APAC. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT.

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Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Go To Market – Sales Overview

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  1. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Go To Market – Sales Overview James Owens – BDM, Specialist Sales APAC

  2. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  3. CCA Sales Overview • Who: Oracle Partners • What: Oracle Contact Center Anywhere • Why: Sales enablement

  4. We stand Out ! Contact Center Anywhere <Insert Picture Here> • Oracle’s Best Kept Contact Center Secret • Customer Challenges Today • Capabilities and value drivers • Customer Success Studies • Tips to assist qualification • Questions?

  5. Contact Centre Seat Outsourcing Number of Contact Center Agents (Asia Pacific), 2000-2011 Number of Outsourcedcontact center seats (Asia Pacific), 2000 - 2011 Contact Center Market: Attractive Locations Matrix (Asia Pacific), 2004 • Over 2 million Contact Centre Agents in APAC growing to 3 million • Up to 35% of all seats will be Outsourced • High growth markets • (IN, CN, PH, MY, ID, TH) • Source: Frost & Sullivan – Assessment of the Asia Pacific Contact Center Market - 2005 • http://www.enterpriseinnovation.net/article.php?id_article=335&page=3

  6. Customer Challenges Today

  7. Challenges within the Contact Center • Multiple vendors • Difficult to integrate • Multiple databases • Capital intensive • Initial install • Upgrades, moves, adds, and changes • Re-integration required • Communication channels not integrated • Multichannel is the reality today • Lack of channel integration affects customer satisfaction and loyalty • Complex computer telephony integration (CTI) • Static agents • Seamless Customer Communications Require Integrated Channels • Multiple user interfaces (UIs) • Agents working in several different applications and UIs • Disjointed business processes • Lack of consolidated reporting

  8. A Typical Multi-Point Solution Contact Center Source: A Comparison of All-in-One versus Multi-Point Contact Center Solutions – Dr. John Anton, Bruce Belfiore

  9. Pressure for Change • Increase agent productivity to the benchmark 75% utilisation • Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with the contact centre • Support distributed agent workforce • Support multiple campaigns over various time zones

  10. Strategies to Increase Performance • Increased use of Self Service such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Increase support requests via the world wide web • Distribute contact centre to additional locations away from the central hub and/or cater for remote workers • Distribute communication Points of Presence (POP’s) to campaign locales • Centralise communications into single manageable queue

  11. Oracle Makes It Simple! Integrated by Design • Single system Image for all media functions • Common Queue for all media types • Multi-Media support built in to all channels of communication • Skills based Routing for all Media types – Built in. • Right work to the Right Agent maximizes agent productivity • CTI Routing with Customer Information built into all media • Cross media customer interaction history tied to CRM • Integrated Management, Supervision and Recording

  12. Key Findings From Benchmark Portal A Comparison of All-in-One vs. Multi-Point Contact Center Solutions • Integration is simplified, and the ability to leverage the functionality of various applications is enhanced with all-in-one offerings. • The ongoing addition of new technology, applications, and functionality is significantly easier for customers who have deployed an all-in-one solution versus those with multi-point products. • As a whole, contact centers recognize the value of reducing the number of vendors they must deal with in the deployment and maintenance of contact center technology. Source: A Comparison of All-in-One versus Multi-Point Contact Center Solutions – Dr. John Anton, Bruce Belfiore


  14. The Marriage of CIM and CRM Contact On Demand • Contact Centre becomes natural extension of CRM application • Delivered through all Oracle CRM applications: • Oracle E-Business Suite • PeopleSoft • Siebel • CRM OnDemand • Oracle Fusion • Instant computer telephony integration (CTI) and multi-channel capabilities • Single-vendor approach CRM On Demand Telcos & BPOs Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Siebel CRM 7.x or 8.x PeopleSoft HelpDesk PeopleSoft Support Oracle E-Business Suite

  15. Why is it called Contact Center Anywhere? • The system takes communications FROM anywhere • And routes them TO anywhere • Multi-dimensional routing • Multichannel communications • Built-in IVR • Built-in quality monitoring • Instant Provisioning • Multi-site or single-site • Voice Over IP and PSTN • A carrier grade platform • Web services interfaces

  16. Oracle’s Call Center Anywhere Platform Voice Voicemail Email Chat Fax IVR PBX PSTN/ VoIP ACD Computer Telephony Power Dialer Predictive Dialer Recording/ Monitoring Reporting CCA fills a large hole • Oracle Call Center Anywhere Platform • Integrated Multi-Channel Platform (Voice, Email, Chat, Fax, etc) • Leverages Sun’s Java framework and native environment • Implements in months vs. years (lower costs) • The centerpiece of Oracle’s Contact Center Strategy & Fusion Architecture Sales Service Marketing Tele- Marketing Tele- Service HelpDesk Business Requirement CRM Application Integrated Multi-Media Platform Service Provider Multi-Tenant (Outsourcer) Oracle On Demand Multi-Tenant Oracle On Demand Single Tenant On-Premise Deployment Option

  17. Customer Advantages with Oracle • Redundancy • Improve System Performance through 99.999% availability of the contact centre • Improve First Call Resolution • 360 View of Customer Interactions and History • Single Agent Interface • Cost Savings + Improved Customer Satisfaction • Measure / Track Agent Performance • Onsite, Remote or Work at Home agents • Expand hours of live coverage • Overflow to Outsourcers • Multi Tenant • Single system instance supports entire organisation or deploy as hosted service • Transactional pricing • Only pay for call consumption per annum, no limit on seat or concurrent users • Reduce Risk • Time to deploy contact centre’s can be achieved in less than 30 days

  18. Financial Services: Insurance: Communications & Others: Education:

  19. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Contact Center AnywhereQualification Questions

  20. Who do you call on? • Anyone with “customer”, “service”, or “support” in the title. • Chief Operating Officer • Chief Executive Officer • Tele-sales manager for companies who get a lot of inbound or make outbound sales calls.

  21. Lead Questions: • How do your customers contact you? Calls? E-mails? Website? • How effective are your agents interacting with your customers? • How do your agents know who is calling in, when was the last time they called, what products do they own, and if this is a high priority customer? • Are you customer interactions suffering as a result of disjointed communications channels and inconsistent service? • Would it benefit your agents to get a screen pop with all of the callers history and information. • Do you currently have telephony equipment that routes calls to your agents based on routing rules? Would that benefit you? • How about the ability to queue calls until the next available agent

  22. Lead Questions if they have an existing call center telephony equipment. • Are you happy with your current call center equipment and capabilities? • Have you integrated your call center telephony to your CRM application? • Would it benefit your agents to be able to have a screen pop of the callers information? • Would it be helpful if your agents could work from home? • Does your current call center support multiple channels (email, voice, and web)? • Would you like to lower the total cost of ownership for your contact center? • Is your current system more than 4 years old? • Do you need to consolidate multiple centers in to one operation?

  23. Elevator Pitches • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a pre-integrated multi-media product that delivers Phone, E-mail, Web Chat, Web Call Back, IVR and other Functions in a single interface. This integration enables you to launch and manage fully functional contact centers far more quickly and at a significantly lower cost, whether you are a small business or a multi-site enterprise. • Bringing multi-media into a contact center can prove cost-prohibitive and resource-intensive for many companies. Yet you’re committed to providing your customers with a personalized multi-channel communications experience across sales, marketing, and service interactions. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere provides world-class support channels without the pain and expense of integrating multiple systems from different vendors to deliver the experience your customers want.

  24. The key business benefits of Oracle Contact Center Anywhere are: • Single Vendor – Oracle • Lower initial deployment, ownership, maintenance, and per call costs. • Reduced Contact Center complexity • No disruption to your existing Oracle CRM investment • Increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity • Cost-effective approach to enabling a virtual call center

  25. More Benefits Contact Center Anywhere with Pre-built Integrations Contact Center Anywhere easily Integrates and seamlessly links call center communications to your Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Siebel enterprise contact center applications Enables you to… • Reduce capital and per-call costs • Eliminate telecommunications complexity • Rapidly deploy call center features • Avoid fragmented customer Interactions

  26. Overcoming Initial Objections - #1 We don’t have an active project for integrating CTI to CRM at this time. • You may not have an active project for integrating your current premise based PBX/ACD as this has historically been very expensive and time consuming. However with Oracle’s end to end solution, we remove the risk and significantly shorten the time to get you the benefits of integration, Faster handle time, better agent information, and ultimately happier customers. • When you remove the risk of multi-vendor decisions that make screen pop expensive to deploy, you can more readily see the value of saving time on every call by pre-fetching customer information to help agents meet customer needs. • With Contact Center Anywhere integrated to the Oracle app your agents are already using in the call center you can add call center features quickly and easily and begin to improve the customer experience and agent productivity.

  27. Overcoming Initial Objections - #2 I don’t want to make any changes to my existing telephone platform. IT /Telecom will never go for this (and may be threatened!) • If you want to keep using your existing equipment for voice delivery, that works fine in our solution. The benefit is you also get chat, e-mail, voicemail, web call back and collaboration along with recording, coaching and quality monitoring applications all rolled in. In many cases implementing Contact Center Anywhere can extend the life of your PBX. • With all the stress placed on IT these days, Oracle is offering with Contact Center Anywhere a way to make their management of infrastructure easier with provisioning for all functions in a single browser based tool. This will make learning and managing faster and easier for IT while potentially leveraging existing equipment. • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is intended to be an empowering technology for end users. If you as a business owner want more control of your day to day operations, this is the product for you. With menu oriented provisioning, you don’t have to be an IT programmer to manage your own environment. We give you back control of your environment.

  28. Overcoming Initial Objections - #3 I didn’t know Oracle was in the ACD (IVR, Chat, e-mail, etc… business? • As you likely have read, Oracle has been buying a number of strategic businesses over the last year to expand our product offerings to customers. This product area is one of them filling a gap between customers inquiry and CRM. Contact Center Anywhere was first deployed in our own Siebel CCOD platform and now we are offering it to Enterprise customers with integration to our other applications. • Oracle feels that providing a more complete end to end solution from a single supplier is what our customers are asking for. To meet that desire, we bought this product to provide CRM extension to the phone call, e-mail or chat – effectively extending CRM to the ringing phone. Knowing who your customers are from the first ring allows Oracle to deliver a higher level of service from that point forward. Your customers will like the higher level of service and your agents will appreciate the ease of use from a single supplier.

  29. Proven Success Communications Service Providers Education State ofWisconsin Financial Services Public Sector Outsourcers Manufacturing Insurance Retail/Consumer

  30. What to look for at your customers Oracle Contact Center Anywhere ACD IVR CTILink Skills Based Routing Outbound Dialing Web Chat Web Call Back Web Collaboration Click to Call Reporting Analytics VOIP Quality Monitoring Agent Coaching Multi-Site Consolidation Trojan Horse

  31. SegmentsWhen you customer is upset with these suppliers – Call us!! Switch Avaya Nortel Aspect Alcatel Siemens Cisco Interactive Intelligence eOn Syntellect E-service Live person Kana eGain IVR Intervoice Periphonics (Nortel) Conversant (Avaya) Genesys Cisco Hosting Five 9’s Echopass UCN Contaxtual CTI Genesys Avaya Nortel

  32. Coopitition • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a premise based or managed service that replaces Avaya, Nortel, Aspect, or other ACD platforms. • Oracle now can sell our own call center switch vs have to hassle with integration the issues that come with that effort. • While we can co-exist with PBX’s, we replace the ACD software with Oracle’s own integrated multi-media, multi tenant, skills based routing engine. • We replace Genesys or other CTI solutions with built in and pre-integrated CTI multi-media features.

  33. Translating Capabilities into Benefits • Link on-premise E-Business, PeopleSoft and Siebel CRM applications for rapid deployment of contact center features • Pre-built integration speeds deployment and realization of benefits. • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere provides the following integrated features “out-of-the-box”:

  34. License Support Availability, License & Support Availability • Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Version 8.1 is current shipping release • Installed base moving from Version 7 to Version 8.1 over the next months • Integration to Siebel via CTI tool bar in Enterprise • Perpetual Right to use license available in two different options • Named Agents • Names in the Agent database @ $2,500 each • Transaction Bundles • Perpetual use transactions bundles of 1000 for $160 per Bundle • Starting pack is 400,000 transaction (US$64K) then 22% annually to maintain 400,000 transaction minimum • Transactions are cross media in any combination • Oracle Consulting and Partners deliver integration and deployment solutions.

  35. Who is a Good Prospect? • Prospects that have 50 agents or More (but solution is fine for 1+) • Prospects looking for phone, e-mail, chat, web blending of customer communications channels • Customers that have more than one Site and want to manage one system covering them all • Customers looking for “Cradle to Grave” reporting • Customers that are looking for a remote agent or virtual agent migration strategy • Prospects considering Voice over IP (VOIP) migrations in their communications infrastructure • Customers that Love Oracle and want to buy more of our products

  36. What Problems Are Customer Trying to Address? • Tight budgets – no money for capital upgrades to the phone system, to buy a CTI product or pay for services to integrate CRM to the phone system • Complexity of CTI integrations • Multiple vendors need to work together • I need to upgrade my phone system • I have to figure out what “CTI Middleware” partner to go with • Does anyone have a pre-built “adapter” or “connector” from my PBX to my CRM app? • Customer satisfaction – are their agents asking customers to repeat information (such as customer ID or service request number) that the customer already entered into the IVR? • IT department has tough time prioritizing these kinds of projects • Fear of multi-vendor finger pointing, Support complexity – you’ve done some of these kinds of projects and all the vendors involved tell you something different • Agent productivity – how much time would you save if your agent didn’t have to search for every customer record or SR? Show them how you solve their problems...

  37. Customer Advantages with Oracle Integrates Communications Systems and CRM into a Single Solution • Intelligently Route Customer Communications to the right place • “Know” who your customer is • Increase Up-sell / Cross-sell • Improve First Call Resolution • 360 View of Customer Interactions and History • Single Agent Interface • Cost Savings + Improved Customer Satisfaction • Measure the Response/Success of Campaigns • Measure / Track Agent Performance • Onsite, or Work@Home agents • Expand hours of live coverage • Overflow to Outsourcers

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