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Part Two: Sales and Pre-Sales Training Contact Center Express Avaya Mid-Market Business Solutions

Part Two: Sales and Pre-Sales Training Contact Center Express Avaya Mid-Market Business Solutions. Sven Fischer Mid-Market Applications Product Management Lead. Agenda. CCE 4.0 – Selling it Right. CCE 4.0 – Feature & Function Detailed Overview. CCE 4.0 – What’s New Detailed Overview.

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Part Two: Sales and Pre-Sales Training Contact Center Express Avaya Mid-Market Business Solutions

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  1. Part Two: Sales and Pre-Sales TrainingContact Center Express Avaya Mid-Market Business Solutions Sven Fischer Mid-Market Applications Product Management Lead

  2. Agenda CCE 4.0 – Selling it Right CCE 4.0 – Feature & Function Detailed Overview CCE 4.0 – What’s New Detailed Overview Licensing and Pricing FAQs and Contact Info Discussion: Your Feedback

  3. The Customer ExperienceIs a Top Priority Despite Cost Cuts 42% of companies expect an increased focus onthe customer experience despite mostly lower financial outlook

  4. “I don’t have to repeat myself” “They know who I am when I call and have my information at their fingertips” “Now I walk into the store and get expert help via their video kiosk” “I’m mobile most of the time so being able to SMS an expert is a real time saver” “It’s as if they know what I want even before I do” “The experience is the same on the web, on the phone, via chat, It’s great” “They contact me when they have information they know I’ll need right away” “I can get help directly from their web site by chatting with an agent online” “Now when I call and get the automated system, I can just speak and don’t have to hit all those buttons” Your Customer’s Experience is Your Competitive Differentiator Your Customers ARE Your Business

  5. Business Impact of Customer Retention Both Firm A and Firm B have 10% sales growthand similar productivity and cost model After 12 years $300m 5% Customer retention advantage = 75% more profitability $172m 90% Customer Retention 95% Customer Retention In 12 years, Firm B has doubled in size,while Firm A has remained unchanged! Source: Reichheld Loyalty Effect Book (Bain Study)

  6. Issues Facing Mid Size Business Mid size companies facing same issues as Fortune 500 but need more efficient, focused and creative solutions Issues Solutions Match right agent with right customer every time Raise level of customer service Improve agent productivity and effectiveness Uncover and solve problems through targeted reporting Increase Revenue Increase Market Share Reduce Costs Reduce Time to Market

  7. Mid-Market Value Propositions Business Partners need a Mid-Market Contact Center solution… • Easy to train • Easy to install • Easy to maintain • Easy to sell Mid-Market Contact Center Customers need a solution… • Easy to manage • Easy to use Our business partners and customers value what will make their life easier • Easy to finance • Easy to grow

  8. Mid-Market Value Propositions To improve customer responsiveness, loyalty and satisfaction 61% of customers are leaving because of perceived indifference. Source: US News and World Report Typically customers leave at a rate of 10% to 30% per year. Source: Frederick Reichheld - The Loyalty effect Source: Aberdeen Group 2009

  9. Mid-Market Value Propositions To adapt to user environment integrating with business processes Source: Avaya US survey 2009

  10. We know who is calling and have a history of their information providing a personal customer experience Agents are empowered with personal real time statistics Issues can be resolved on the first call with the support of voice presence and IM Benefits: The Contact Center Manager I can maximize the use of agents time with blended inbound and outbound transactions Increased agent retention and flexibility with work at home agents Customer have the option to serve themselves increasing customer satisfaction and reducing repetitive call requests to agents Shorter wait times and fewer abandoned calls with customer call back option 10

  11. I optimize caller to agent match rates generating higher revenue and reducing transaction costs I can reduce staffing costs 10-15% via push work and analytics I can promote self service channels that are 1/10 cost of ACD call Benefits: The CFO I may NOT require a system upgrade! I can reduce ongoing SI costs by using CCE’s robust development suite Outbound call manager can reduce my by costs 10%-20% Slim architecture reduces ongoing administration costs I protect my investment in hardware, software and people I can easily expand in single license units 11

  12. I can preserve my five 9’s reliability I have minimal hardware to maintain and can stay with my standard Benefits: The CIO I want to move all my applications to .NET and CCE is already there I can easily build for the needs of my business units using the robust development suite Service Oriented Architecture reduces my exposure to technology obsolescence I can start to communication enable my business processes when the business is ready I’ve finally got some business analytics tools that satisfy the business! 12

  13. The agent is “more helpful” … and in a better mood Agent knows about my previous contacts Benefits: The Customer When the call must be transferred, I don’t have to explain it all again even if I come via the IVR My issue is resolved on the first call I can reach an agent from a web site, a cell phone, or my favorite messenger client Also from any of my x-mail choices (voice-mail, fax-mail, e-mail, web form)…and I actually get a response I get the important stuff, relevant to me, while I’m waiting – so my wait time is productive When I can’t wait in queue any longer they call me back And the next time I call in my service is much better 13

  14. When to position CCE or IC 21 agents 300 agents 400 agents CCE portfolio When lower prices or greater simplicity are needed With room to grow Sweet Spot When more advanced enterprise Features are required (e.g. workflow integration, multi-OS/DB/Switch), sap or siebel integration is required IC portfolio

  15. Mid-Size Contact Center - Competition

  16. EMEA Promotion • Greenfield, Competitive Displacement and Migration Programs • 20% discount of all CCE Voice and CCE Multimedia • Installed Base Communication Manager with Call Center Elite • 15% discount of all CCE Voice and CCE Multimedia • It runs from March 9th through September 30th 2009 • To order go to ASD and run Promotion Eligibility report after finishing the CCE configuration • SAP 227079 CCE MID MARKET PROMO EMEA

  17. Significantly Lower TCO • NEW with CCE 4.0 • AES Trusted Relationship (TSAPI licenses Free of Charge) • Enhanced and Premium Bundles (up to 30% lower than CCE 3.x) • SSU • EMEA PROMOTION – • 20% discount for Greenfield (including Elite licenses) • 15% discount for Installed Base

  18. Agenda CCE 4.0 – Selling it Right CCE 4.0 – Feature & Function Detailed Overview CCE 4.0 – What’s New Detailed Overview Licensing and Pricing FAQs and Contact Info Discussion: Your Feedback

  19. Contact Center Express Overview Application Development Toolkit supports easy scripting and rapid application development, reducing TCO and improving profitabiltiy Management Dashboardfacilitates agent monitoring/coaching & improves performance Flexible, configurable Unified Agent Desktop supports agents anywhere in the world Powerful Multimedia Contact Management leverages channel-aware routing to increase customer satisfaction & improve ROI Enhanced Reporting preloaded multimedia real time and historical reports Designed for easy upgrades Management Dashboard Unified Agent Desktop A full-featured multi-channel customer contact solution • Voice Portal • Proactive Contact • Call Management System Premium Applications Application Development Toolkit Multimedia Contact Management Enhanced Reporting Avaya Call Center Avaya Aura™Communication Manager Platform 19 19

  20. This is Contact Center Express High-powered contact management capability leverages the reliability & native multimedia capabilities of Communication Manager for maximum ROI Contact Management 20

  21. This is Contact Center Express Thick client desktop with custom dashboard supports agent positions anywhere in the world Unified Desktop Contact Management 21

  22. This is Contact Center Express Supervisor dashboard enhances agent monitoring/coaching Unified Desktop Contact Management Management Dashboard 22

  23. This is Contact Center Express Database engine captures relevant transaction and business data on each customer contact Unified Desktop Contact Management Management Dashboard Information Repository & Reporting 23

  24. This is Contact Center Express Rapid application development reduces total cost of ownership and accelerates development Unified Desktop Contact Management Management Dashboard Information Repository & Reporting Development Suite 24

  25. This is Contact Center Express An exciting platform for Next Gen contact center technology Unified Desktop Contact Management Management Dashboard Information Repository & Reporting Futures Development Suite 25

  26. Contact Center Express on a Page Multimedia Customer Service Framework Channels: Voice inbound, preview outbound,E-Mail, Chat, IM, Fax and SMS Skills based routing Channel prioritization Universal queue for work items Unified Agent Desktop Agent hot seating Supervisor to Agent / Agent domain broadcast Integrated real time and historical reporting Easy to realize screen pop and scripting SIP Support – Trunk and Endpoint on CM with 16CC Phones Integrated Desktop-Wallboard Customer History Presence 26

  27. CCE Architecture Overview CCE Desktop CCE Desktop CCE Desktop CCE Media Director AES E-mail Facsimile Voicemail Web Chat Callback SMS Text IM Yahoo/Google MSN/AOL ICQ Outbound Preview Voice Inbound Avaya Aura Communication Manager Call Center Elite SIP (Trunk & Endpoint) CCE Reporting

  28. Communication Manager Work Item Routed to Agent Voice AES Work Item Requests E-Mail Media Routed to Agent Desktop IM / Web Chat Contact Center Express Media Director Outbound Contact Center ExpressWork Item Flow

  29. Tool bars Plug ins Station Agent Status Bar Plug in Contact Center ExpressUnified Agent Desktop • Contact Center Express Desktop is a new desktop application that unifies agent activity into a single application. • The application is made up of a number of plugins each providing a distinct function that makes up the core functionality of the application. • This is an open architecture that will allow developers to create their own plugins to provide custom functionality.

  30. Tool bars Plug ins Station Agent Status Bar Plug in Contact Center Express Desktop

  31. iClarity Plug-in User Plug-in Voice Plug-in History Plug-in Session Notes Plug-in Spell Check Plug-in Presence Plug-in Contact Center Express Unified Agent Desktop Auto Text Plug-in Telephony Plug-in Directory Plug-in E-Mail Plug-in Printing Plug-in Simple Messaging Plug-in Call Information Plug-in Preview Contact Plug-in Rules Plug-in Close Suspend Work Item Plug-in Work Item Notes Plug-in GN8120 Headset Plug-in Work Item Alert Plug-in Customized Forms Plug-in Wallboard Plug-in Enhanced Dial Plug-in Python Breakout Plug-in Quick Dial Plug-in Tim in AUX Display Plug-in Custom Buttons Plug-in MS CRM GUI Plug-in Contact Mgmt. Plug-in External Apl. Container Plug-in External Apl. Execute Plug-in Save Close Doc. Window Plug-in CCE DesktopPlug-ins • Contact Center Express Desktop plug-ins provide the application with a wide-range of functionality. • Contact Center Express Desktop loads plug-ins based on the settings in Contact Center Express Desktop's configuration. • Contact Center Express Desktop can be configured via a local ini file or the Configuration Server.

  32. CCE Work-Items • CCE is delivering Work-items to Agents. • Work-items themselves are delivered as a tabbed document window. • Work-item types are: • Voice, • E-mail, • Preview Contact and • Simple Messaging

  33. CCE Desktop Work-Item Alert • A notification window appears identifying the incoming message type and originators identification • Speed and location can be configured and the window may be dragged to a new location • Will appear over the top of other applications that have focus • A sound may be associated with the notification

  34. CCE User Plugin Available • User Plugin provides • Agent control with reason codes • Login and Out • Workmodes AuxWork, AfterCallWork and Available modes • User Plugin also provides • Device control • Message Wait Indicator • Call Forward • Send All Calls After Call Message Aux Work Call Forward Login / out Send all calls

  35. CCE Voice Plugin • Voice plugin provides basic telephony control. • The tabbed forms act as the line appearance and the active call can be changed by selecting an available form. • The format of the form may be customised by a developer. • The dialled number dropdown box will maintain a history of dialled numbers, a total of 20 by default.

  36. CCE iClarity (VoIP) Plugin • The iClarity plugin provides Road Warrior (VoIP) or Telecommuter speech modes. • This is the same functionality as that provided by IP Softphone with the User and Telephony plugins providing the Agent and Call functionality.

  37. CCE Work Codes Plugin • Work Codes enable the agent to apply a disposition to the work item. • Work Codes information is written back to the CCE database e.g. for reporting.

  38. CCE Outbound Contact Plugin • Contact and campaign information is now divided into two separate tabbed forms. • Suspend information will now be displayed when a workitem returns from suspension. • Preview dialing today requires the CCE Multimedia license.

  39. Preview Contact Management • Basic Preview Conatct Management is: • Add a program • Add contacts to that program • Create a schedule • Add a schedule to the program • The detailed information that is being added here is the same as PC 2.x with the addition of • Ability to specify holiday periods • Reusable schedules

  40. CCE E-mail Plugin • Once the call has been answered the appropriate workitem plugin capabilities are enabled. • In this case the E-mail capabilities are: • Close E-mail • Reply to sender • Reply to all • Forward • Forward to SME • Suspend • Send • Attach File

  41. CCE Session Notes Plugin • These are agent specific notes that may be used in place of post-it notes and other pieces of paper. • Session notes can be copied and pasted into work items or used to make phone calls from a right click menu. • Session Notes may be auto saved.

  42. CCE Work Item Notes Plugin • Work item Notes are sidebar notes that remain associated with a work item. • Each Agents ID and Date/Time are recorded and enable a history to be built up.

  43. Contact Center ExpressHistory Plugin • The History Plugin provides two views: • Customer History: Displays conversation and interaction history of the customer the Agent is currently dealing with. • Agent History: List of work items a specific Agent has previously worked on. Items can be searched based on type (e.g. E-Mail), age and state (e.g. queued, delivered). • The Plugin allows to: • Open a previously closed work item • Perform actions • View the conversation history

  44. Contact Center ExpressDirectory Plugin • The Directory plugin uses the CCE Contact Database to provide both a telephone number and E-mail directory. • The directory is searchable and enables entries to be grouped for faster searching.

  45. Contact Center ExpressExternal Application Plugin • The External Application plugin allows another application to be hosted within the Desktop. • This can include a command line.

  46. Contact Center ExpressManagement Dashboard • Enhance agent monitoring and coaching • Operational insight on agent performance • Displays data in a simple tree-view, uses color-coding to display information about agents and calls • Desktop application allows • Monitoring of contact activity • Join a call as an observer/coach/participant • See agent request for help • View current state of each agent • Broadcast text-based messages to agents • View call statistics

  47. Information Repository & Reporting • Easy to use reporting application for managers and administrators • Report on Voice and Multimedia contacts • Ready to use report view templates • Real-time and Historical Reports • Various histogram reports for work codes and workitem events

  48. VDN Call Profile VDN Graphical Call Profile Split/Skill Split/Skill Summary Split/Skill Graphical Service Level Split/Skill Graphical Average Speed of Answer System Agent Group Attendance Agent Graphical Time Spent Daily Agent Split/Skill Agent Summary Agent Attendance Agent Login/Logout (Skill) Conversations And Interactions Customer Statistics (Order by agent) Customer Statistics Program Interactions - Date Details (Order by agent) Program Interactions - Date Details Program Interactions Program Schedules - Daily And Weekly Schedules Program Schedules - Monthly And Yearly Schedules Program Schedules Program Statistics Program Status Queue Service Level Work Code - Details (by agent) Work Code - Details (by work code) Work Code - Summary Bar Chart Work Code - Summary CCE Out of the Box Reports A Presentation with detailed informationon reporting is available on the Portal

  49. Development Suite • Powerful application development tools • Complete customization and integration capabilities • Simple and fast wizards for desktop screen pops and routing rules • Framework applications for • Voice Portal Integration • Routing server for external data access

  50. CCE – Unified Agent Desktop

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