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Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Technical Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Technical Presentation

Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Technical Presentation

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Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Technical Presentation

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  1. Oracle Communications Services GatekeeperTechnical Presentation Presenter(s)

  2. Presentation Overview • Market Trends • Service Provider Challenges • Service Exposure Opportunities • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Focused Solutions • Technical Details • Development and Extensions

  3. Cross Industry Collaboration and Innovation … more than 50 carriers have now implemented integrated carrier billing on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront for their customers. - “BlackBerry App World Integrated Carrier Billing Now Implemented with More Than 50 Carriers”, Blackberry website, November 26, 2012 Europe’s telecoms and media companies must embrace innovation in key areas such as mobile, cloud computing and big data, as well as forge strong strategic relationships with other industry players… IDATE’s Didier Pouillot said: “Telcos do have certain leverage to deal with this change, starting with creating more value from network access now that OTT services are increasing user consumption. “NGN technologies allow telcos to increase speeds and to introduce noticeable quality improvements, both of which can differentiate their offerings. But it is clear 2013 is a pivotal year and telcos must embrace innovation. A simple Darwinian case of evolve or die!” “2013 a ‘Darwinian tipping point’ for Europe’s telcos, Jamie Beach, May 31, 2013,” the Wall Street Journal reported that ESPN has talked to at least one major carrier about paying to enable customers to access ESPN Mobile without exceeding their data limits - “Analyst Angle: OTT as a revenue source for carriers”, Jeffery Wang, IBB Consulting, RCR Wireless, May 15, 2013

  4. Industry Service Exposure • Make money • 60% of all listings on added via their APIs • Save money • SmugMug saves > $500K/year with Amazon S3 Storage • Build brand • Google Maps 300% growth vs 20% MapQuest • Go anywhere • Netflix now available on over 250 devices

  5. Service Exposure through APIs Enabling Innovation and Collaboration June, 2013 9,300 Dec, 2005 105 Nov, 2008 1000 Mar, 2011 3000 Feb, 2012 5000 Aug, 2012 7000 “Telephony” 279 “Messaging” 272 Other CSP enable API’s in other categories “Henry Ford said customers would have asked him not for a car, but a faster horse. Similarly, users don’t ask for APIs. They want technology that works and integrates well with other technologies.” - Adam DuVander, Programmable Web, April 30th, 2013 Source:

  6. Telecom Network API’s Becoming the CSP’s second revenue stream • APIs allow carriers to disseminate a wealth of internal information and resources to third parties • Today: • 24% of Web and 15% of mobile apps use APIs • By 2018: • Apps using APIs are expected to exceed 68% Source: MindCommerce: Public advertisement for “Telecom Network API Marketplace: Strategy, Ecosystem, Players and Forecasts 2013-2018”, June 2013

  7. Presentation Overview • Market Trends • Service Provider Challenges • Service Exposure Opportunities • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Focused Solutions • Technical Details • Development and Extensions

  8. Slow time to market with new network & IT services Limited control of service utilization by partners High operational costs due to manual partner management Inefficiently Exposing Network and Service Assets Telco Developer Partner 1 Application N Partner 2 Application 1 Application 2 Application 3 Service Platform 3 Service Platform 1 Service Platform N Service Platform 2

  9. Service Provider Challenges 12-18 months Concept to Launch

  10. Presentation Overview • Market Trends • Service Provider Challenges • Service Exposure Opportunities • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Focused Solutions • Technical Details • Development and Extensions

  11. Service Exposure Market Segments Internal Developers Service Exposure Revenue Partners (MVNOs, Aggregators, etc) Enterprises Core Services 3rd Party Developers Opening to 3rdparties Number of Services/Developers

  12. Network API Revenue Opportunity $115B opportunity by 2015 Source: Alan Quayle Business and Service Development, April 2012

  13. Presentation Overview • Market Trends • Service Provider Challenges • Service Exposure Opportunities • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Focused Solutions • Technical Details • Development and Extensions

  14. Built-In API Management Developers B2B Partners Enterprises 3rd Party Developers • Service Exposure • Simplified access to telecom service infrastructure implemented on standard WebLogic Server platfrom • Policy Control • Enforce service level agreements against traffic flow with the network in a controlled and determined manner • Security • Ensure trusted access of applications to network resources using well defined authorization and authentication models • Partner Management • Automatically on board service and content partners providing intranet and extranet portals to service delivery • Service Creation • Easily develop new applications and extend the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper platform with new value added service features • Service access to secure and protected REST & SOAP based services RESTful/SOAP Interfaces Access Control & Policy Management Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Network Interfaces Operator Services 3rd Party Services

  15. Network Protection, Throttling and Policy Control Core functions and principles Applications Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper System Mgmt OSS Service Exposure Policy Control and Budgeting BSS Network Abstraction SCE Oracle RAC Oracle SDP Extensions GMLC Custom … PCRF SMSC Integration Network SDK

  16. @ QOS LOCATION STATUS MESSAGING SIP PRESENCE PROFILE CHARGING Service Facades Simple and secure service access • REST Façade & SOAP Façade • Simplified, Secure, Controlled Service exposure of Network Capabilities and services • Out of the box support for OneAPI (REST) and Parlay X (SOAP) • SOA Façade • Simple integration with business process with Oracle Service Bus • Telecom enable Business Services & promote Loose-coupling (extensibility/flexibility) • Native Façade • Allows Operators to Enforce SLA and Policy Control over Native Clients providing High Availability, Scalability, Security etc. • Allows Operator to attract MVNOs Service Facades Native Facade REST Facade SOA Facade SOAP Facade Network Services

  17. Applications Network Integration and interoperability • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper is integration tested with Oracle’s products in every release including online charging, network policy, mediation, application server, etc. Enabling Oracle to offer complete solutions for many business problems. • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper, being built on standards and engineered for integration with existing network, has succefully been deployed and proven to interoperate with over 50 different network elements from vendors including Ericsson, Nokia, ALU, ZTE, Huawei etc. • Unparalleled support for network elements out of the box Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper PCRF Diameter Access Control & Policy Management Billing Diameter LDAP Communication Services Dir Server Network Plug-ins SMPP MAP MLP LIF SIP MM7 Protocol UCP INAP Parlay PAP WAP GW Parlay GW Location Server SMSC MMSC SMSC MSC X-CSCF HLR Custom

  18. Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Open, standards-based network gateway and policy enforcement platform enabling CSPs to expose network services to deliver innovative and revenue-generating applications and services Key Features • Multiple service facades - SOAP, SOA, REST, Native – including OneAPI support • 24 pre-built communication services • Multi-channel authorization support with OAuth 2.0 • Comprehensive policy, SLA and network resource management • Easily customized and extended including REST to REST and SOAP to SOAP support • Geographically distributed SLA enforcement • Highly available and scalable • Customizable, lightweight SDK Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Authentication & Access Control A OAUTH Service Facades Native Interfaces SOAP Web Services RESTful Web Services SOA Web Services Communication Services Container Services Third Party Call AddressListManagement Storage Providers SMS Policy Bulk Call Notification MMS Email Geo Redundancy Budget WAP SOAP Audio Call USSD A Alarms & Statistics Platform Development Studio & SDK Account Partner Relationship Management REST ACR Subscriber Profile Terminal Status QoS Configuration Store EDR/CDR Terminal Location SubscrMgmnt Payment Device Capabilities Billing OA&M Interceptors Presence Reports Resource Manager MLP SOAP REST SMTP MM7 MAP LDAP Diameter UCP PAP INAP Parlay SIP SMPP

  19. Sync Access n+1 Access n+1 Load Balancer Load Balancer Access 1 Access 1 Network 1 Network 2 Network 2 Network n+1 Network 1 Network n+1 Domain1 Domain2 High Availability, Scalability, & Reliability Fastest, most reliable solution available • High availability through load balancing & session synchronization • Unlimited horizontal scalability • Highly reliable with geographic redundancy Applications Applications

  20. Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper supports geographically-redundant deployment Each geo-graphically dispersed site will host an OCSG domain Domains are deployed and managed independently Efficient Synchronization of Configuration, Runtime Information between geo-redundant domains Failover monitoring Health monitoring mechanisms between the two domains Alarms are fired when health problems are detected App App App App Load Balancer Access n Access 1 Load Balancer Access n Access 1 NT Node n NT Node n NT Node 1 NT Node 2 NT Node 1 NT Node 2 Geographic Redundancy IP Backbone Sync Domain2 E.g. Denver Domain1 E.g. San Francisco

  21. Typically divided in two tiers. An Access Tier where the service facades resides and a Network Tier where the Service Enables, Policy Control, Container services etc. reside. Firewall usually deployed between Access & Network Tiers for secure access Secure channel protects traffic between Access Tier & Network Tier Nodes The Access tier is optimized for use in the OCSG and hence can provide significant performance improvements AT modules exposing Web Service interfaces are custom built for specific WSDL & resolve XML to native protocol mapping at compile time thereby avoiding expensive runtime XSLT/XPATH transformations Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper access tier nodes do not perform any dynamic data transformation or XML processing (XPath etc) and thereby eliminate message processing overheads Network 1 Network 2 Network 3 Network n Access 1 Access 2 Access n Typical Deployment DMZ Core Network

  22. Core Features Policy Control

  23. Service Provider 1 Service Provider 2 Policy Enforcement Features SLA based policy enforcement Service Provider group 1 • Only allow access to a limited set of traffic paths e.g. only allow access to SMS and Terminal Location. • Restrict traffic rate based on budget • Restrict parameter values e.g. SMS sender name must be “Oracle”. • Filter returned information e.g. remove “phone number” in returning data • High priority request (guarantee) determines what request are rejected at overload • Black list methods e.g. deny sending SMS ring tone • Override network protocol parameters i.e. tunnel parameter to affect plug-in • Time of day contract i.e. date, day of week and time of day Application group 1 Appl. Account 1 Application group 2 Appl. Account 2 Appl. Account 1 Appl. Account 2 Appl. Instance 1 Appl. Instance 3 Appl. Instance 2 Appl. Instance 4

  24. OCSG Policy Roles Network-centric Resource protection Intelligent routing and utilization Application-centric Billing QoS Subscriber-centric Privacy Billing Personalization Application SLA Subscriber Subscriber Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper SLA SLA Network

  25. Composed Service Level Agreement SLA Structure • Features • Allows defining Service Level Agreement (SLA) on virtually defined communication services • For example, define messaging SLA by combining Px SMS, Native SMPP, Native UCP communication services • Can be defined in Application and Service Provider SLAs • Applicable to custom communication services as wells • Functionality • Any traffic request belong to a composed service results in budget increase of individual and composed service rate/quote • Enforced in Geo-redundant fashion

  26. A Service Interceptor is an implementation of a specific interface, that may be triggered during normal traffic flow through the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Enables the modularization of container work flow and provide customization points for extensions Provide the ability to write customizations for network integration through POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) Applicable to both application & network initiated traffic Centralized policy enforcement and management The Interceptor makes a decision whether to permit or deny a request through the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper based on evaluation of a service function Service Interceptors Facade Plugin Manager EJB FilterPlugin RoundRobinList EnforceNodeBudget EnforceBlackList Plugin ProfileInterceptor CommunicationService

  27. Core Features Monitoring

  28. Event Data Records (EDR) are triggered when events happen within Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Type of EDRs Raw EDRs Event Data Records that record activities in the OCSG CDRs Charging Data Records used for charging based on either time used or access of certain services Alarms Records reporting a warning or an issue JMS listener JMS listener Communication Service EDR, CDR & Alarms (no id) EDR Service 7654* JMS Topic 7654* 7654* * ID assigned after filtering

  29. SNMP listener SNMP listener SNMP service xml filters Communication Service SNMP Traps SNMP MIB is generated based on the alarm descriptors MIB file located in $DOMAIN_HOME/snmp/ EDR Service . IANA-registered Private Enterprises BEA Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper alarm identifier SNMP trap generates alarm descriptors MIB file

  30. Turn key solution for On boarding & Partner Management PRM Portal and Reports

  31. Global / Partner Node Partner Relationship Management Comprehensive 3rd party management capabilities Partner Management Registration • On-boards & manages large number of partners & applications rapidly • Automates partner & app registration, service activation & provisioning • All interfaces also available through web service interfaces • Integrates easily with existing partner portals • Provides self service access for account management & service usage statistics • Enables fine grain control of app & partner access & utilization through pre-built SLAs • Protects subscriber privacy through defined user SLA • Delivers highly flexible & extensible policy enforcement through custom SLAs Account Management Reporting SP Group 1 SP Group 2 App Group 1 App Group 3 App App App App App Group 2 App Group 4 App App

  32. Portal and Reports - Business Value

  33. PRM Portal PRM portal includes management of • Registration • SLA • API • Application • Group • Short code • Concept

  34. Life cycle management for applications and service providers • Partner (app developer) creates an application concept (an application for an application) • Api’s and methods are selected • Throughput restrictions can be set

  35. Life cycle management for applications and service providers (cont.) PRM manager reviews an application View details Set/create SLA’s Approve application

  36. Inside the Portal • Total 48 UI pages in Portal • UI Design: ~80 pages • Partner Portal: 14 pages • Partner Manager Portal: 34 pages • 70 web service interfaces • Based on Webcenter 11gR1 Partner Portal Partner Manager Portal Register My Account Partner Partner Group Application SLA My Application My API API Short Code Analytics Customization ADF Engine ADF Faces ADF Controller ADF Binding WebCenter Services WebCenter Framework WebLogic Server

  37. PRM Portal Portal Architecture Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Web Center AT NT MBeans Partner Portal RMI Web services EJB SOAP Partner Manager Portal Storage DB OCSG

  38. Comprehensive analytics/reports over Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper service provider, application, API invocations 360 degree view on application/subscriber requests ROI analysis on application SLA breaches Subscriber usage Rate guarantee recommendation API Analytics Reports providing insight into API utilization • Visibility into usage and activity e.g. revenue division by content type, the most popular applications of the month, API usage per application etc. • Enables insight into underutilized assets, ways to decrease network congestion and increase customer retention.

  39. API business analytics with OCSG and OBI • Based on OBI Suite Enterprise edition Plus • Near real time access to data • Report can be exported to PDF, excel, powerpoint, web archive(.mht), and data file(.csv,.xml)

  40. Analytics Reports • Based on Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper EDRs (traffic history data), it is possible to make data-warehouse level digging and generate useful analytics report for decision making. • Analytics shows different report from different perspective, like best used API and methods, best latency traffics and etc.

  41. Inside analytics • Total 31reports • 16 API reports • 12 Application reports • 3 Subscriber reports • 2 access points • View reports from within PM Portal • View reports and create new ones from the OBI client. • Scalable and performant • Asynchroneous ETL provides scalability and negligable impact on Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Report Dashboard API Usage API Response time API Failure Region Subscriber App Usage App Response time App Subscriber App Failure Oracle BI Dashboard Answers BI Server Oracle Database EDR Raw Data API Data App Data Subscriber Data

  42. Use Case 3 - Analytics Reports API APP Method Parameter .MHT Data EDR • API name • Method name • App ID • Date & time • Subscriber addr • Respond time • Failure rate • No. of req Time period 2 3 Printable .HTML • Usage & trends • Response time & trends • Failure rate • No./region/trends of • subs for each app Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Analytics 1 4 5 Print 6 Export

  43. Analytics value Enable Carriers to: Understand their customers and how they use the APIs • How are the Service providers doing? • How much traffic is it generating? • What services exposed as API’s are making money? Make better business decisions • How about ROI? • Where do they need to expand? • Where do they need to focus?

  44. Portal and Analytics Deployment Analytics Portal Analytics Report PRM Portal PR Portal DB Oracle BI Oracle Web Center EDR raw data Report data SOAP JMS OCSG DB AT Server AT Server NT Server NT Server Service data Management data Account data

  45. Presentation Overview • Market Trends • Service Provider Challenges • Service Exposure Opportunities • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Overview • Focused Solutions • Technical Details • Development and Extensions

  46. Focused Solutions Preintegrated end to end solutions for the following Use Cases

  47. Operators need to boost revenue and protect subscriber base Telecom API Exposure Platform Operators continually try to find new killer app – this is not a sustainable approach! Exposure is the application. Enables web developers to figure out new services and generate the long tail Applications • Secure exposure of telecom capabilities via Web Services • Secure policy controlled access to telecom resources • Partner management and on-boarding • Service Level management for partners • Access to legacy and NGN telecom resources Service Exposure Policy Control Network Abstraction Network

  48. Telecom API Exposure Platform QoS End Users • Solution architecture overview • Increase control and reduce cost of managing partners accessing network services • Enable partners and internal developers to easily create innovative & differentiated services • Establish new revenue streams and enhance customer loyalty Partners Partner & Application Management BI Data Model Analytics Platform Developer Portal Service Exposure Billing Policy Video Network IT

  49. Carrier Billing as a ServiceOracle Communications Services gatekeeper as a Charging Gateway